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Megan Scott has cast aside all thoughts of a happy-ever-after - there's only so much heartache a girl can take. But when a cocktail-fuelled hen-do goes wrong. Her first thought: "Who are you?"It's the morning after her cousin's bachelorette party in Vegas and Megan Scott wakes up with the mother of all hangovers. Waking Up Married (Electronic book text, ePub First edition) / Author: Mira Lyn Kelly ; ; Romance, Genre fiction, Fiction, Books.

Waking Up Married Epub

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Title: (Epub Kindle) Waking Up Married EBook, Author: romeocochran, Name: ( Epub Kindle) Waking Up Married EBook, Length: 1 pages. Tequila should come with a fine print label. Warning – Do Not Drink in Vegas. May cause you to wake up married to a domineering billionaire. What do you do when you wake up in bed next to an Adonis god with a Ah, he did say he needed to get married and it would save him all the.

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Review This Product. Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. Description Details Customer Reviews Megan Scott has cast aside all thoughts of a happy-ever-after - there's only so much heartache a girl can take. His wife, Darcy might never wake up, but she would look damned good doing it. Wetness clouded his vision. He leaned down and touched his lips to her cool hand. Would his soon-to-be ex-wife ever wake up? On his good days, he prayed to God, to the gods, to karma, to the fates.

Anyone, anywhere who would bring his Darcy back to him. On his bad days, he prayed she stayed asleep. She couldn't divorce him while she was in a coma. On those days, he cursed himself and drank himself to sleep, waking up with remorse and a hangover, each vying for which was the biggest.

He gazed at their hands together, marveling again at the softness of her skin against his rough, tanned flesh. His mind strung together memories of their love-making, her back arching as his rough palms swept across her lush, smooth torso, bringing cries of passion and heat to his ears.

When their differences were exciting and pulse-pounding. Chase sighed. When had it all gone so wrong? Was it the last few years when complacency replaced racing hearts and raging hormones?

Marriage Mistake by Victoria Snow

Was it the early years of struggling to make ends meet and arguing over every expenditure, struggling with their meager budget? Was it the beginning when an orphan on scholarship met the girl from the heights of fortune and fame who he was never supposed to have? If someone had said this is where it will end would he still have gone along for the ride? He laid his forehead on their joined hands.

A million times yes. In the darkness behind his closed eyelids and in the depths of his mind, he relived every moment he'd shared with Darcy Bennett Thanos and wouldn't have changed a one. Each moment led to the next. Each memory made up the fabric of their twenty years together. The bad, tattered threads of regrets and remorse were still part of who they were today. The gentle glide of the sliding glass door into the ICU room interrupted his thoughts like the abrupt ending of a dream.

He didn't need to open his eyes. The heavy undertones of her perfume and the quiet, hushed tones proclaimed louder than a herald that Darcy's parents have arrived for their nightly visit.

He sat up and pushed his chair back from the bed. Rising, he turned to make way for Steven and Margaret Bennett.

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Chase swallowed his anger and slid the door shut before heading down the hall to the chapel, his refuge from the nightly visits. More than one argument had ensued in their home from Darcy's hovering parents. As an orphan, he'd thought it was wonderful her parents called her each night to say they loved her.

In the early years of their marriage he'd tolerated it, knowing he hadn't been their choice for Darcy and they worried.

Once they'd been married ten years he'd tried to put his foot down. That had led to yelling, crying, and their first separation. After that, he didn't try anymore, just simmered inside until the bubbling anger gave him an ulcer.

Now, they were too busy during the day, but they interrupted each evening with their visits that lasted exactly thirty minutes; no more, no less. The serene quiet of the small chapel calmed him as it did each night. He hadn't been a very religious man before his wife's car accident, but he'd found a peace sitting on the hard, wooden pew and gazing at the patterns of color and light from the stained-glass windows, the tones dancing across the deep-blue carpet from the flickering of the light behind the opaque surface in simulated sunshine.

All his worries faded in the newly-acquired knowledge he was just one small piece in the puzzle of life. The arguments, the failed marriage, his business he'd worked so hard to build, all took a back seat to the idea he was where he was supposed to be right now.

Stealing the Wolf Prince (ePub)

He'd fought it every step of the way, but the tranquility had been worth the struggle. His marriage vows had been words he hadn't given much thought to over the years until the accident. Until he sat in this small, calm room; night after night. Sometimes with just the company of his mind and sometimes with the company of others, searching for the answers just as he was.


In sickness and health. Just words to repeat until you were forced to put up or shut up in a situation you never dreamed would happen. His gaze swept the snowy white cloth on the altar until he turned back in a double-take. Red poinsettias and white lilies sat in shining brass holders. Green ferns stood tall in iron stands. What day was it?

His mind raced as he counted the days since he'd received the call and rushed to the hospital to find Darcy barely alive. The first day had been a nightmare of fear of her dying and arguing with her parents. His days had been taken up with fighting her parents in court for the right to be in charge of his wife's care and his nights at her side in the hospital.

When Steven and Margaret had been unable to prove Darcy had wanted a divorce with any papers filed, he'd been allowed to be responsible for the medical decisions. A move guaranteed to not make them like him anymore than they ever had.

He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and stared at the date. It was a week until Christmas. Coming back to Macgregor's Inn on Main Street was like coming home.

Humming and singing filtered out from the kitchen in the back. He followed the sounds and scents to the doorway. White flour dotted her cheeks to match her snowy-white hair.

He smiled when she wiped her cheeks and put more flour on them instead of getting rid of what was there. Her smile widened when she spotted him in the doorway. Thanos, you are back early this morning," she said in her gentle Scottish lilt.

I'm catching a quick shower and I'll go back. Breakfast will be ready by the time you come back down. We don't need you in the hospital too. Get some meat on your bones. He hummed along with the Christmas tune filling the Inn. His steps slowed as he reached the second floor and his room. He opened the door to be greeted with an impersonal guest room. It had all the touches Mrs.

Macgregor had undoubtedly added to all the rooms; the handmade quilt on the bed and the watercolors on the walls. A bowl of camellia blooms sat on the dresser. All the home-like touches were there, but it wasn't his home.

He'd been here for over a month and it still looked like a hotel room. He had never planned to be here for six weeks.

He shouldn't complain. Macgregor opened her Inn to the families with ICU patients at the hospital for free. Without that perk he would have been traveling two hours one way from home to Darcy's bedside each day. Macgregor's Inn was a blessing he'd been foolish to overlook. He stripped on the way to the bathroom and a shower.Don't have an account? And first on the list? Moreover, the groom is also a genuine rich man! Why am I lost? In , Steve transitioned off the church staff to go full-time with StuMo.

In , Steve also became Director of Mobilization for the U.

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