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Pure, White and Deadly ~. John Yudkin was Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at the. University of London from to and is now Emeritus. Professor. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. John Yudkin () was a British physiologist and nutritionist. He became internationally famous with his book Pure. John Yudkin - Pure, White and - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Book about negative aspects of sugar.

Pure White And Deadly Pdf

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Pure, White and Deadly - John Yudkin. Ovidiu C. Vishan. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the. The classic exposé on the dangers of sugar, with a new introduction by Robert H. Lustig, the bestselling author of Fat Chance Scientist John Yudkin was the first. But opponents, notably Ancel Keys, high priest of fat theorists, publicly ridiculed Pure, White and Deadly. Others ignored it. When COMA.

Some included sugar among their concerns, but without specific reference to Pure, White and Deadly, or to Yudkin at all. Fat remained the principal issue. A review of international nutrition reports up to [21] found that 70 included quantitative targets for fat and only 23 for sugar.

Keys was referenced but not Yudkin. Similarly, the version of the COMA report on cardiovascular disease [25] lists references, but does not include Pure, White and Deadly among them.

Transition[ edit ] For the general public, the most significant development was the increasing popularity of low-carbohydrate diets from the mids onwards. These created a generalised sense that there was something harmful about sugar and that people should eat less of it. Low-carbohydrate diets at that time were most strongly associated with Robert Atkins , himself a cardiologist who also suffered rejection by his medical peers.

The trend continues in the 21st century in varied forms, including ketogenic and paleolithic diets. Yudkin received little acknowledgement for this development, even though he had published five books on weight loss, all emphasising sugar restriction, from to , before any of the other popular low-carbohydrate diets were written.

See separate Wikipedia entry on John Yudkin for a bibliography. There was a similar lack of recognition in the scientific community.

Also food health advocacy NGOs became more visible during the s, raising awareness of dietary problems. But even these groups made little public reference to Pure, White and Deadly or to Yudkin. Throughout this period, both print and broadcast media gave increasing coverage to sugar.

But the single most influential article was a cover story on the sugar v fat debate by Gary Taubes in The New York Times Magazine in Today, articles, columns and programmes on sugar have become ubiquitous and are too numerous to count. These grounds specifically included obesity. Lustig's contribution was significant in several ways.

First, it drew widespread public attention to the serious scientific case against sugar. It also broadened the nutritional concerns about sugar beyond obesity to all the diseases in the metabolic syndrome.

Finally, it recognised the role that Yudkin had played in this long history, and hence was a major inspiration for the re-publication of Pure, White and Deadly in , for which Lustig wrote an introduction.

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While he came to his clinical understanding of sugar independently, Lustig was more generous than any previous scientific workers in acknowledging his debt to Yudkin. Every scientist stands on the shoulders of giants. For a man of relatively diminutive stature and build, Dr John Yudkin was indeed a giant. Knopf, The results are variable across companies, markets and product categories, and often criticised as inadequate or too slow.

But significant reformulations in foods normally take many years. They have to be done gradually and imperceptibly, so as not to shock people's expectations and so as to carry established customers with them. For example, Heinz UK, an early responder to nutritional concerns, has been cutting sugar gradually across its range since and is still doing so. Sugar reduction in mass market foods is a transformative process that will take a long time. Government plans and policies on sugar are also changing.

Coma has also recently suggested that health educators should attempt to correct the public's misconceptions about sugar.

John Yudkin - Pure, White and Deadly.pdf

The Sugar Bureau has enthusiastically taken up this gauntlet of re-education, hence its investment in the Carmen study which has now produced results. In the supermarket laboratories, shoppers were divided into three groups. The control group browsed as they pleased, and over six months they gradually gained the expected half pound or so which research suggests we will all put on between the ages of 30 and 40 unless we watch what we eat more carefully. After having their diet analysed by a dietitian, the two other groups were given different advice, then left to shop as usual.

In the UK, the average percentage of energy from fat in the diet before the study was Group I aimed for a diet with 30 per cent energy from fat and 10 per cent from starchy foods carbohydrates.

This meant less butter and cooking fat, more bread and potatoes. As expected, this group lost a small amount of weight, slightly reversing their upwards trend. But Group 2 was the one the men with the clipboards, standing behind the stacks of beans, had been waiting for. They were also aiming for 30 per cent of energy from fat, but instead of filling the gap completely with 'healthy' carbohydrates, they replaced half the lost calories with starchy foods, and half with sugar and sugar-containing foods - jam, jelly, soft drinks and sugared-breakfast cereals.

And this group lost weight too, mirroring the losses of the starch group, but with the added palatability of jelly and jam. What this means is that diets that damn us to life without sweetness may be offering false hopes. You may be able to maintain a healthy weight without depriving your sweet tooth though the impact of sugar on teeth is another story.

John Yudkin - Pure, White and Deadly.pdf

Yudkin died in , just as the "diabesity" crisis was visibly growing. At the time Yudkin wrote his work, the sugar consumption in the U. The USDA now estimates that Americans now consume, on average, lbs of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Food for thought indeed!

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I stumbled across Yudkin's work because of watching a medical lecture by Dr. Lustig on YouTube, who cited Yudkin, anyone interested in Yudkin's work should find it of interest. FYI:It's 1.Without their collaboration many of the facts I quote would not have been known.

This suggestion foreshadows the subsequent widespread recognition of insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome , and the condition known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLD. Your body doesn't know the difference. In , Yudkin was mostly ignored by the health industry and media, but the events of the last forty years have proven him spectacularly right.

It will be entirely 'pure' in that it will contain neither protein nor vitamins nor minerals. One is maltose, made up of two units of glucose joined together. The effect has been that these people are able more and more to choose foods that please their palates, and not simply foods that fill their stomachs.

By contrast some animals eat only a very limited range of foods; the giraffe eats little except leaves from acacia trees. Secondly, if only a small fraction of what is already known about the effects of sugar were to be revealed in relation to any other material used as a food additive, that material would promptly be banned. More generally, he argued, excessive sucrose consumption provokes a metabolic disturbance that has several undesirable results.

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