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Hukum bisnis dalam teori dan praktek buku kedua / Munir Fuady. Code: FUA h. Author: Fuady Download as PDF · Download Hukum bisnis dalam. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Fuady, Munir; Format: Book; xvi, p. ; 21 cm. Buku I: Orang (subyek hukum, hukum perkawinan dan hukum keluarga); Buku Sumber Hukum Kontrak dan Penyelesaian Sengketa Bisnis Internasional, Sinar -BBF1B4D6A//, terakhir kali diakses pada

Buku Hukum Bisnis Pdf

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(KUHPerdata), dan perlindungan hukum bagi konsumen dalam transaksi. beberapa aspek hukum perjanjian dalam Buku Ke III. Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum. Hukum bersifat mengatur ini umumnya terdapat dalam lapangan hukum perjanjian/ hukum kontrak. (Buku III KUH Perdata). Jadi, dalam hal ini, jika para pihak. Ridwan Syahrani, Seluk Beluk dan Azaz-Azaz Hukum Perdata,Alumni, Bandung , Y. Sogar Simamora, Prinsip Hukum Kontrak Dalam Pengadaan Barang.

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See what's been added to the collection in the current 1 2 3 4 5 6 weeks months years. Your reader barcode: This has an impact on the high number of patients who choose treatment to neighbor countries than coming to big cities in Indonesia that provide health services with a good standard.

Especially with the good reputation of neighbor countries in the medical field, closer distance and transportation costs are more affordable. In addition to medical treatment, other purposes of the trip by the patient usually includes for some tours. It is well responded by several hospitals such as Gleneagles Hospital Penang, Malaysia. In addition to serving medical treatment, this hospital also serves the accommodation for the patient's family as well as offer some tourist destinations trip that serve as a package of medical tourism.

Reliability Test The reliability test purpose to determine whether the questionnaire is reliable or provides consistent results after repetition of the subject and under the same conditions. Using the SPSS version 24 program, the results are as follows: Table 4.

Since the value of Cronbach's Alpha is greater than 0. Validity Test To find out whether each item in the questionnaire is valid or not then tested the validity using SPSS program version 24, the results obtained as follows: Time2 - Patients are The r value of r tables in this study is 0.

It can be concluded that the questionnaire items used in this study are valid and can be used as a data collection tool. A valid statement indicates that the respondent understands and experiences what is implied in the statement to the respondent. It is In other study Nazem and Badaruddin showed that woman medical tourist is higher than male too. Origin of Respondents Purpose of this question is to know which provinces the tourist came from Indonesia as Indonesia has five big islands which are Sumatera, Java and Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua.

Variables are show in frequencies and percentages. Based on geographical location, Sumatra has the nearest distance to Penang rather than others islands of Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua. It took approximately 45 minutes by flight from Medan, on of capital city of Sumatera to Penang and there are quite number of flight from Medan to Penang. Therefore, the number of respondents can be higher compare to other provinces of Indonesia. Age of Respondents Age is differentiating into five categories of age range start from 20 - 29, 30 - 39, 40 - 49, 50 and above.

As it might delicate some people to ask their exact age and to ease the data analysis and the characteristic in an extent Dobronte, in Hrdzic, According to result above, most of the 30s who become patients from Indonesia, at that age people are began to realize the importance of health and start doing special treatment for their illness. Occupation of Respondents Frequency and percentage is presented to show current employment status of respondents based on 5 variables including student, self-employed, full time employed, part time employed, and unemployed.

Status of employment able to present a fine comparison from altering the demographic classification Obsurvey, Self-employed respondents with Full time employed respondents is the most popular Indonesian patients that coming to Gleneagles Hospital, this caused of full time employed usually has the insurance benefit from company or they made by their self to cover the expenses during the medical treatment.

This is also supported by the number of insurance companies in Indonesia who has cooperated with the hospital in Penang, Malaysia. Followed by income level of Rp.

From the result above we can get the conclusion that moderate-income level of Rp. This is caused of the budget that they need to prepare not much although is not cheap as well. Chiefly, Indonesian medical tourists from the average income choose Penang for their medical care but slightly different with other group who has more income, that prefer Singapore for their medical purposes Mardiansyah, Statistical Descriptive Analysis 1. Primer Data SPSS, Based on the above data which is the result of the mean variables X1 obtained the highest mean in treatment variable with the value of 3.

Besides, the lowest mean value is in the cost variable with the value of 3. It can be concluded that the most significant changes occur in the treatment variable.

According to the interval scale discussed in chapter III, because the mean value of time 3. Reputatio V. Servic V. Mone n e y N Valid 90 90 90 Missing 0 0 0 Mean 3. Primer Data SPSS, Based on the above data which is the result of the mean variables X 2 obtained the highest mean in value for money variable with 3. Aside that, the lowest mean value is in country reputation variable with the value of 3.

It can be concluded that the most significant changes occur in the variable value for money variable. According to the interval scale discussed in chapter III, because the mean value of country reputation 3.

Primer Data SPSS, Based on the above data which is the result of the mean variables Y obtained the highest mean on social factor variable with the value of 3. Besides, the lowest mean value is in personal factor variable with value 3.

It can be concluded that the most significant changes occur in social factor variables. According to the interval scale discussed in chapter III, because the mean value for social factor 3.

Primer Data SPSS, Table above shown that mean values for push factors motivation, pull factors motivation and purchase decision variable. Average value of push factors motivation that consist of time, cost, treatment and confidence is 3,, the motivation of patients from Indonesia to seek treatment in Penang Malaysia is very strong. Last but not least the average value of purchase decision that consist of social factor, personal factor and psychological factor is 3. Coefficient of Correlation The correlation coefficient is used to find out the strength of the linear relationship and the relationship direction of variables.

Results obtained as follows: Correlation is significant at the 0.

Munir fuady hukum bisnis dalam teori dan praktek buku

Because the correlation value is in the range 0. This means that if the push factors increase, then the purchase decision will increase as well. While the correlation value between pull factors with purchase decision is 0.

Since the correlation value is in the range of 0. Due to lack of tourism facility in Malaysia rather than Singapore and Thailand, the medical tourism patient that put the tourism on their list prefer to choose both of these countries. A positive correlation value signifies a direct relationship. This means that if the pull factors increase, then the purchase decision will increase as well.

Hukum bisnis dalam teori dan praktek buku kedua / Munir Fuady

It means that null hypofinal project H0 rejected while alternative hypofinal project Ha accepted. We can take conclusion from above result that the tested hypofinal project stated that push and pull factors motivation have an influence toward to purchase decision. Multiple Linear Regressions To know how the pattern of variable push and pull factors X to purchase decision Y , then used method of multiple regressions analysis using program SPSS version 24, hence got result as follows: Constant , X1 Source: While Constant , X2 Source: Constant , X2, X1 Source: The effect of push and pull factors motivation toward to purchase decision at Gleneagles hospital in Penang, Malaysia is Increased maturity and productivity, this led to a high level of need for adequate health services.

With special attention from the government such as improving the medical facilities as well as the domestic tourism, it is expected to increase the interest of patients around the age of 30 - 39 years old to take the medical tourism inside the country, reduce the country's foreign exchange expenditure and can increase revenue of the country.

The result of mean variables X1 obtained the highest mean in treatment variable with the value of 3. Lack of skills and hospitality from medical personnel in Indonesia in providing services, has decreased the level of public confidence to medicate in Indonesia.

Providing skills and hospitality training to health workers will be a value that can increase the interest of the community to perform treatment in Indonesia. The result mean variables X2 obtained the highest mean in value for money variable with 3. High cost of treatment in some border areas increases the interest of the Indonesian patients to carry out treatment in neighbor countries. Neighbor country that has a good country reputation, plenty of air transportation offering in cheap rates for international trip also give the addition value for their money.

Addition of subsidies in the health sector will help reduce the cost of treatment, especially in border areas. This is expected to attract the interest of Indonesian patients to seek treatment in the country 4. The result of mean variables Y obtained the highest mean on social factor variable with the value of 3.

Every individual has someone around influencing their purchase decisions. Improvement in medical service will be felt by the people who will eventually recommend it to their closest family or friends. Arikunto, S. Prosedur Penelitian. Rineka Cipta.

subjek hukum bisnis pdf

Prosedur Penelitian: Suatu Pendekatan Praktik. Suatu Pendekatan Praktik Edisi Revisi. Bahadur, Atul S. July, Vol 7, No. Basuki, Sulistyo. Metode Penelitian. Central European University Hungary. Bookman M and Bookman K. Medical tourism in developing countries. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

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Cornell J. United Kingdom: Medical Tourism in Asia: Available from: Ghozali, Imam. Badan Penerbit Universitas Diponegoro. Rochester Institute of Technology. Kardes, Frank R. Consumer Behaviour. Learning Custom Publishing. Khan, M. Consumer Behavior and Advertising Management. New Age International. Kotler, P.

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Metode Penelitian Manajemen. Synder, Jeremy. Medical Tourism. Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Bumrungrad Hospital: A Premier Hospital with growth potential. UOB Kay Hian.

June, Vol. Wright, Ray. Thompson Learning. Wong, Kee Mun and Ghazali Musa. Other Resources Analisa daily. Edition February Edition September Edition 12 May Badan Pusat Statistik. Proyeksi penduduk berdasarkan hasil sensus penduduk, Retrieved 24 April Edition June Retrieved 12 July , from: Edition Edition July Edition November Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia.

Retrieved 22 Februari , from: Kementrian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia. Edition October Edition 14 January Medan Bisnis. Retrieved 21 February , from: Edition March Tidak semua subyek hukum mempunyai.

Af-Subyek hukum dalam kegiatan bisnis 1 - SlideShare ; 11 Jan PDF Subyek hukum dalam kegiatan bisnis 1. Subyek Hukum adalah sesuatu yang menurut hukum yang memiliki hak dan kewajiban yang Seorang manusia sbg pembawa hak subyek hukum dimulai saat ia dilahirkan dan berakhir saat Jakarta Perjanjian Pada Umumnya 1. Kata Kunci : Subjek Hukum, asas penundukan diri, ekonomi syariah dan PP Nomor 14 Tahun SITE ; ini merupakan kepastian hukum dan implikasinya yang dapat digunakan untuk menganalisis suatu kondisi bisnis disuatu negara yang dilihat dari aspek hukum Dapat disimpulkan bahwa Subjek Hukum Internasional adalah semua Selain manusia alami, badan hukum juga dipandang sebagai subyek hukum.

Menurut Prof. Wirjono Prodjodikoro, badan hukum adalah suatu Penerapan metode hukum yang berlaku ini diatur dalam ketentuan Pasal. Hukum dagang - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas ; Hukum dagang adalah hukum yang mengatur hubungan antara suatu pihak Dalam hukum dagang, hal yang menjadi subjek hukum adalah badan usaha.

Objek dan Subjek Hukum Perikatan - Tabir Hukum ; Objek hukum Perikatan yaitu yang merupakan hak dari kreditur dan kewajiban dari debitur.

Yang menjadi objek perikatan ialah prestasi, yaitu hal-hal Bisnis, Bandung: Alumni. Bandung, Keterkaitan Hukum dengan Bisnis c. Hukum d. Sumber-sumber Hukum.How do I find a book? Jelaskan dan berikan dasar hukumnya. Push Factors Motivation According to D. Anna Haritonova, editor of Lambert Academic Publishing - Germany, who has been kind enough to offer the publication of manuscripts so that the authors are motivated, also to my husband and daughter, not forgot to the first author of inspirational guidance counsellors, may this manuscript be a benefit for life and knowledge by Lestari Ningrum 5.

The groups to which a consumer does not belong yet can also influence. This environment offers the possibility to develop attitudes and opinions towards several subjects such as social relations, society and politics. Health system is not well functional and because of the high cost, and low capital became the reason it has been disregard by the community.

Wirtz, Thomas.

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