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Wood Elves have four new army rules. They are A weaker save, but no longer mundane like in the previous army book. Mounts do. Results 1 - 12 of 13 Warhammer Wood Elves Army Book (8th Edition). Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail Signed For® 2nd Class. In "good" condition. Results 1 - 35 of 36 Warhammer Fantasy Battle Wood Elves Army Book 8th edition OOP Hardback. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class.

Wood Elves Army Book

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Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves was the army book for the Wood Elves in parts of the 6th, 7th, 8th editions of Warhammer Fantasy. Warhammer Army book Wood Elves - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online . Warhammer Army Book 6th edition. Results 1 - 13 of 13 Get the best deal for Army Book Wood Elves Warhammer Fantasy from the largest online selection at Browse your favorite brands.

He was the bravest and most handsome of his folk as Ariel was the wisest and fairest of hers. Whilst the council debated how best to oppose the Dwarfs, Ariel and Orion were deep in a conversation of their own, seemingly oblivious to the great matters that were discussed around them. Finally, they slipped away, unnoticed and unremarked. Worse, the seers had determined that the Dwarfs were but the lesser of two nascent threats — a great horde of Greenskins was but a few days from launching their own assault.

It was in that moment of despair that Adanhu finally revealed himself to the Elves. He pledged that the spirits of the forest would fight alongside them if only the battle was brought before winter came. Next day, the great host of Athel Loren brought the Dwarfs to battle.

As Adanhu had promised, the Elves did not fight alone. Colossal Treemen strode amongst the Elven lines, and great hosts of Dryads swarmed about the flanks. Mighty Durthu led the charge, an unstoppable force of nature who sought revenge upon those who had scarred him.

Against this host, the Dwarfs stood little chance. Though they strove with all the stubbornness of their race, they eventually broke and ran, leaving the mountainside heavy with their dead.

Alas, scarcely had the last arrow found its mark in Dwarfen flesh when an icy wind whistled through the boughs of the forest and a chill gripped the land like never before. The cold only hastened the Greenskins onset.

In an orgy of destruction, the Orcs built great pyres in order to warm their calloused hides. The Elves fought with all their might under skies stained with the ashes of living wood, but the Orcs were too many and their forest spirit allies addled by intense cold. Little by little, Athel Loren fell to the invaders. The Elves prepared for their final stand before the Oak of Ages.

Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves

They did so with heavy hearts, for they did not believe that they could win, but knew there was no choice save to fight. The snows were in retreat and blood-red blossoms had pushed through the hard ground. Animals had roused from hibernation and a restlessness could be felt on the air. As the sun rose, the haunting cry of a great horn echoed on the wind.

As the note faded, the mighty form of Kurnous , god of the hunt, crashed through the woods.

A pack of shadowy hounds was baying at his heels, and all the Elves who looked upon him were filled with fresh vigour.

The horn was winded a second time, and the Greenskins met their doom. Kurnous smashed into the Orcs, slaying all before him in an orgy of destruction. Newly awakened Dryads swarmed in his wake, eager to bestow their cruel mercies. By the time the sun set, not a single Orc remained alive. Here they discovered the enthroned figures of Ariel and Orion, now become avatars of Isha , the mother goddess, and Kurnous, the hunter.

Another great council was swiftly called, and there, all the lords and ladies of the forest knelt in worship to Ariel and Orion, now and forever the Queen and King in the Woods.

Determined to discover the truth, the Mage Queen took council with the Elders of the forest, and sent her canniest scouts to scour distant realms.

Little by little, Ariel was able to glean the nature of the creature she sought. No Wood Elf had yet seen the beast and lived to speak of the encounter, but the works it left behind were testament to its unspeakable ways. Where the creature walked, the fabric of the world twisted in hateful transformation: trees writhed into terrible and unnatural shapes, blackened crops bled under the scythe, and flesh reformed like clay in the hands of some crazed sculptor.

Where it passed, sanity became drooling madness, and measured nobility became wanton abandon. By these works did Ariel finally put a name to the foe: Cyanathair, she called it the Corruptor, incarnation of disorder and chaos.

To his own vile kin he was known as Morghur, Master of Skulls. The existence of this being was of great offence to Ariel, for its ruination of the Weave represented everything that she opposed. Desperate to learn how to combat this new foe, Ariel took a great risk. Adopting a spirit form, she went out into the lands where Morghur had known free rein. So lumpen and wretched was the creature that Ariel almost laughed to see it. She had expected some power-addled Mage, or a vengeful sorcerer of the ancient times; what she beheld was a crude and ignorant beast that lacked the wit to understand its own nature.

Without hesitation, Ariel called cleansing flame down upon the Corruptor and its yowling herd. Her task complete, the Mage Queen returned home.

What Ariel did not realize was that Morghur was not so easily destroyed. Worse, Morghur had taken her measure just as she had taken his. The beast had understood little of what he had seen, for his warped mind was a mad spiral in which thoughts and words were alien concepts; but Morghur was not so addled that he did not recognise Ariel for what she was. Having tasted a small measure of her power, he hungered for more. It was at about this time that human barbarians began to cross westward over the Grey Mountains.

The Elves had long abandoned this land, leaving in their passing only abandoned fortresses and settlements.

A great many of these elegant halls had been torn down and burnt, for greenskins had overrun the land as the Elves had retreated. The superstitious and ignorant barbarians avoided these places, fearing that they were haunted, and fought hard to drive the Orcs and Goblins out of other domains.

The Wood Elves looked with amusement upon these battles between primitive tribes, content to let one set of barbarians eradicate the other. Only when the fighting spilled close to the borders of Athel Loren did the Elves take action, driving back the interlopers with spear and bow before vanishing beneath the trees once more. Thus began the tradition of the Wild Hunt.

As time passed, the Elves came to delight ever more in making sport with the lives of Men and Orcs.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Wood Elves

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UK Only. European Union. Updated July Fixed bugs mentioned in the comments. Coming at pages, this book is your ultimate go-to source for everything Wood Elves barring the excellent Defenders of the Forest from WFRP, which you should check out for even more background on them.

Wood Elves

This book contains all the background from all tree editions of the Wood Elves army books as well as additional background from White Dwarfs and some WFRP articles. I have also removed the background on Mallobaude's invasion of Bretonnia, as this is something that is not resolved until the End Times which, as we all know, was just a fever dream caused by inhaling too much plastic glue.

This rule will be given to both High Elves and Dark Elves as well to balance out their current high cost. If you are interested, you can find the forum discussion about it here.

New Special Unit: Sylvan Hunters. Forest Sprits cause Fear by default. Removed beastmasters; their background has instead been transferred to Alters, whom it fits better with. Return of Starfire shafts, forces enemies to re-roll sucessful panic tests caused by them.As Morghur attempted to free himself, Ariel smote the creature.

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Such 'tree-singing' is also used to form great cities in the trees, cities which few outsiders are ever permitted to see. Waywatchers can take Enchanted arrows. Everything has been turned on its head and old Wood Elf players have to adapt to the new changes.

Returns Accepted. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. He was once a cowardly noble who shrunk from battle and only enjoyed hunting.

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