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Download Battlefield 3: The Russian. Andy McNab and Peter Grimsdale book pdf | audio. Title: Battlefield 3: The Russian. Andy McNab and Peter Grimsdale. GFU53MK61KST» eBook» Battlefield 3: The Russian This pdf will not be straightforward to get started on studying but really exciting to read. it absolutely was. PDF ↠Free Read ↠Battlefield 3 The Russian by Andy. Battlefield 3 The Russian Feb 06 17 00 PM Andy McNab Peter Grimsdale.

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5 days ago Battlefield 3 Le Russe - [Free] Battlefield 3 Le Russe [PDF] [EPUB] Trama The Russian Revolution was a pair of revolutions in Russia in Get Free Read & Download Files Battlefield 3 The Russian PDF. BATTLEFIELD 3 THE RUSSIAN. Download: Battlefield 3 The Russian. BATTLEFIELD 3 THE. Battlefield 3 The Russian - [PDF] [EPUB] Battlefield 3 The Russian A battlefield, battleground, or field of battle is the location of a present or.

This novel has so many qualities. It's gripping: I continued reading without any questions. It's emotional: I felt for the characters and at times I was touched. This book could possibly be enjoyed by any fans of authors like Andy McNab and not just people who have played Battlefield 3. I might now consider raiding my grandfather's bookshelf because if this an advert for McNab's other books then I might just have to pick them up.

It would be great to have a real conversational topic to share with my grandad.

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I thought this book was very good but ultimately let down at the end with what seemed like a rushed finale into the final 2 pages. I also felt there was too many characters which made it at times confusing, so much so that I didn't realise until flicking through the book after finishing it that Soloman was with Dima in the opening episode. Story was intersting and they built Soloman up to be a right bad ass who decapitated people, was smart and even when approached by Dima at the end had crushing strength yet the finale you get a few lines on how he was chased in the subway and eliminated.

To view it, click here. Battlefield 3 :The Russian is based on the game Battlefield 3. The basic story line follows 2 different people.

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The first being the American Special Operations team. I think this book is really good because its for a start written by Andy McNab who has a big military background so he knows what hes talking about for a start. Cole has lost contact with a squad near Spinza Meat Market, and wants to find them.

En-route, Montes again questions why they're in Iraq trying to start a war with Iran. Chaffin angirly replies that they're fighting the PLR, not Iran, and Montes should "stop being a fucking hippie".

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Black defuses the argument and the marines disembark at the meat market. Black notices that the market was highly active a week ago but is now abandoned.

Following the trail of the missing squad, avoids a hostile APC and discover a plaza where a group of civilians are cowering. Suddenly, a sniper fires from a nearby rooftop, wounding Chaffin.

Battlefield 3: The Russian

Matkovic fires on the sniper through the smoke, killing him. After it clears, find the wreckage of the missing squad's Stryker and the bodies of dead and injured marines, the smoking remains of a VBED nearby.

The squad waits as Black goes around to the rear entrance of the building. Heading inside, Black finds two dead civilians on the stairs and discovers the ends of the wires leading to a car battery on the second floor. He is then struck from behind; as he falls, he pulls out his knife and stabs his assailant in the thigh before they can reach the battery, piercing a femoral artery. His attacker turns out to be a young girl, who falls and begins bleeding to death, cursing Blackburn in Arabic.

Black attempts to help stop the girl's bleeding, but she shoves him back, saying that the PLR will destroy him as she dies. Shaken, Black cuts the wires to battery and gives the marines below an all clear. Suddenly, the ground around Black begins to shake and the building collapses, knocking the marine unconscious.

Eight hours later, Black comes to and realizes the area had been hit with an earthquake. Forced to abandon his Body Armor and weapons to escape the collapsed house, he is unable to find of his squad in the remains of the parking lot.

However, he sees an injured Marine, Harker , hanging from a fissure in the road. An unarmed Black is forced to hide and watches as Harker, not knowing the convoy is hostile, waves for help.

The vehicles stop and a group of PLR soldiers disembark.

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One of the men, his face hidden under a turban, begins speaking to Harker, though Black is too far to hear the conversation. The man then has one of the other soldiers produce a camcorder and record him as he beheads Harker with a knife and bites off his nose.

The man's turban had fallen off in the process, and Black takes note of his features from afar. The convoy chants and fire their weapons in the air before departing.

Horrified, Black reaches the body and discovers the soldiers had stripped Harker of all of his gear, save for a few crumpled photos of Harker's life back home. He takes the photos and promises to find a way to avenge the Marine's death.

The sergeant then begins working his way back to Misfit's initial staging area. After roaming for about an hour, he spots an Osprey flying overhead and hears a radio transmission from a crashed HMMWV that Misfit is preparing to evac nearby. Black rushes to the evac sight, which is taking heavy fire from PLR forces, and barely manages to make it aboard the Osprey as it leaves the area.

Back in Moscow, Dima has Kroll join him for his mission as needs someone who he knows he can trust. The two are given a command room at the Aquarium and provided intel regarding the compound Kaffarov is being held at in Tabriz. Dima also meets Omorova , a GRU field agent currently working out of the Aquarium to care for her family in Moscow, and quickly befriends her.

However, Dima is increasingly suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the mission, as Paliov is providing significant support and manpower for the mission, something out of character for him. As well, he still sees no reason for the GRU to be pouring so many resources into saving the criminal Kaffarov.

He raises his suspicions with Omorova, who does not corroborate them but states that Dima should watch his back on the mission. Kroll asks Dima what exactly the Directorate did to make him accept the mission in the first place; Dima says they gave him hope.

The two then travel to the Higher Airborne Command School in Ryazan, training grounds for the Spetsnaz, wanting to recruit some of the instructors there to create an advanced team to go with them on the mission.

Dima selects two from the camp: Hassan Zirak , an Azerbaijani fluent in Farsi and Tajik, and Gregorian , a stealthful and meticulous operator. He provides them with the assignment of bringing him back the final member of the team, Vladimir Kamarivsky , who is currently being held Butyrka prison.

The two are surprised to be going after the legendary Spetsnaz operative, but accept the mission and leave.


Kroll is also rather startled by the choice of Vladimir and again prods Dima regarding the mission. Dima has a feeling it will be his last mission and says he wants his "favorite people" with him for it.

As the GRU begin setting up a staging area in Ryazan for the operation, Dima's suspicions of an ulterior motive for it are all but confirmed when a back up team of 50 VDV and a nuclear specialist GRU unit arrive, claiming they'll be going into the compound after Dima captures Kaffarov. Dima phones Paliov and tells him to speak with him in person or he'll leave the mission. The director arrives alone at the camp a short time later and goes with Dima to his post.

Dima questions him about the new units, eventually having Paliov confess that Kaffarov had come into possession of three nuclear devices. The weapons are man portable and the size of a suitcase, classified to the highest level and causing significant concern within the GRU.

If Al-Bashir were to acquire the weapons, PLR-controlled Iran would achieve nuclear capability and Russia would appear to have supplied the rogue state with the weapons. Outraged, Dima demands the information regarding the man in Paris before he goes any further. Paliov states that he would give it to Dima if it was his choice, but only Timofayev has that information and won't release it until the job is done.

The director promises all the help he can provide in the meanwhile, but tells Dima that if the mission were to fail he would be better off not coming back. The Russian primarily follows the main plot of Battlefield 3 while providing extra background to Dima's activities, but it differs in continuity in several parts of the story.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. This article is a stub.But that wasn't the sort of thing you could hide from the US recon satellites that circled the skies above. I recommend to both gamers and anyone who enjoys a good military thriller.

The squad waits as Black goes around to the rear entrance of the building. Digital or hard copies of this publication may be produced for internal use within NATO and for personal or educational use when for non-profit and non-commercial purpose, provided that copies bear a full citation. That view holds that the former Soviet republics, including Ukraine and the Baltic States, in effect belong to Russia.

In each case, the results validated this approach for Russia: the Georgian conflict in particular demonstrated the validity of use of armed force as a foreign policy tool bringing swift and effective results, with only limited and temporary economic and reputational costs to bear.

Secretary of Defense and Security Timofayev then enters, and excitedly welcomes Dima, while Paliov appears exasperated at his superior's entrance. It follows the campaign of the game pretty closely, which I usually don't like but I didn't mind so much this time because I didn't play the campaign after about an hour I realized I wasn't having fun and would rather be playing multiplayer. The basic story line follows 2 different people.

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