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DEKADA 70 - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Paperity: the 1st multidisciplinary aggregator of Open Access journals & papers. Free fulltext PDF articles from hundreds of disciplines, all in one place. Dekada ' ang orihinal at kimpletong edisyon by Lualhati Bautista; 1 edition; First published in

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Read Online Now dekada 70 by lualhati bautista Ebook PDF at our Library. Get dekada 70 by lualhati bautista PDF file for free from our online library. PDF File. Get this from a library! Dekada ' ang orihinal at kimpletong edisyon. [Lualhati Bautista]. analysis of the Filipino film, Dekada '70, I situate my discussion on women's complex relationship to .. In the film, Dekada '70, how would Amanda Bartolome have hypothetically located Vickers, J.

Puwede bang magpatay muna tayo ng ilaw? Basta ng matapos na siya, natulog na siya. Naghilik na siya. I had to be the one to protect what little dignity I had.

He just slept when he was done. He snored. Nawala na ko pagktapos nyon.

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Sa proseso nito, walang nag-abalang magtanong kung ano na kaya ang mga kaangkinan ko naman. In the span of twenty-seven years of being a wife I never grew as a person.

I gave birth and became a mother then nothing. I stopped there. I was lost after that. In the process, nobody asked me what I have achieved. Even I, I do not know what I am aside from a wife and a mother. Taga-abot ng tsinelas mo, taga-timpla ng kape mo!

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Sa kagaganon, nawala tuloy ako, naging walang klaseng tao ko! Habang panahong nanay na lang!

Habang panahong asawa mo lang! Pinaghubad pag gusto, ginanon kung kelan mo gusto! Napaiyak na ko… Bakit hindi pag gusto ko? Being that person, I lost myself, I became nothing! Forever just a mother!

Forever just a wife!

Stripping when you tell me to, being fucked only when you want to! I started to cry… why not when I want to? These are the thoughts, the experiences of Amanda, wife of Julian, a mother of 5 boys, a Filipina. This shows the suffering of a typical woman experienced in our country back then and still even in a lot of homes today, she is expected to become a housewife, nothing more.

She is boxed, her growth as an individual stunted, she is not given a chance. The parallelism between the two intertwined stories, the mother and the motherland is truly captivating. The two, the woman and the country are subdued, without true freedom.

Dominated, manipulated, chained, one by imperialism and a dictator, the other by a husband and a patriarchal culture. At the start both were as ignorant as babes, as silent as mutes about their rights, about what is theirs.

Both were taken for granted, taken advantage of. But slowly, steadily, they progressed. Filipino viewers tend to be emotional to themes that include family because they can relate to it. The struggle of the family in Dekada 70 inspires many Filipino families facing a crisis in their lives.

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The movie had shown that family life is not all bed of roses but also a path of torn. Viewers of other nationality will appreciate the closeness and bond of a Filipino family, and as well as learn of the history behind what the Philippines is today. Jules was shown to be very patriotic towards his country, participating in rallys as such to express his love for his country while Gani was said to have a lack thereof according to Jules as he what he wanted was to enlist in the US navy.

In the film, freedom was also a central idea due to the declaration of the martial law, leading to the limiting of the citizens freedom. Aside from through the situation during martial law it was also shown in the scene where Amanda and Bingo released two of their own pet birds to fly away for their freedom knowing that they will come back to them, perhaps a hint that they will one day be free again too by the time the birds comes back.

Was the film successful in its objectives?

Dekada '70

Yes, because the film Dekada 70 successfully show what happen during martial law, especially in the part of Jason, he was killed unjustified and not given the chance to say if the accusation of drugs is true and killing Jason is not fair the way the witness said it, the police was brutally killed Jason.

Why do you say so? The strongest element in this film may be its storyline or plot. The plot shows how in one moment can a blissful life turn into a life without peace. It just shows that things can turn around any moment, anything can happen, now or later, no one knows.

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It shows how a family can fall out in desperate times, and how decisions that we make in life affect the people around us. It shows how can society around you affect the development of a child and its family. The story also tells of the brutal walks in life and how in some point in time can those challenges bring a family closer or further apart.

It also shows how can the oppression of the people bring together, for better or for worse.

What is the moral statement of the film? How was this expressed? Production started as early , but was shelved for unstated reason. It was revived in when it passed as one of Metro Manila film festival entries. Nora Aunor was initially offered to star. Was there an underlying social obligation i.

Explain: Yes there was. Because the film showed both the political and social crisis the country and its people were undergoing during Marcos reign including the martial law. The film heavily focused on the political affairs happening during Marcos regime and how it greatly affected the people.

From the curfews, to the numerous deaths, and so much more. Use the following philosophical approaches and explain the film: a. Tolstoys expressionism Tolstoy defined art as a human activity consisting in this, that one man consciously by means of certain external signs, hands on to others feelings he has lived through, and that others are infected by those feelings and experience them.

He has also said that artists are people inspired by an expression of deep emotion, and they use their skill to embody that emotion in art. Successful art stimulates the same emotion in its audience.

The director of this film has succeeded embodying his creative thinking and imagination for he has conveyed the emotions he has through the films creative storyline and dialogues, parred with good cinematics and music, the emotions were amplified and was felt strongly by its viewers. Croces intuitionism - Per croce, art is essentially intuition.

Having an intuition must have consciousness and awareness. The value of an artwork is not just about physical manifestation it is about the effort, talent, and skill of the artist. In the film, dekada 70 almost all the member of the Bartolome family is aware about what is happening in their surrounding in the time of Martial Law. In fact, Jules have a determination to fight and stand out for his dignity.

Bartolome family had their unity and they can express their feelings, they engage their trust in God in what ever happen to Jules. Just like Croce philosophy we need only look at the work itself and can ignore the world beyond the work. Regarding about the director, he is successfully distributed the awareness to the viewers about different kind of situation during Martial law.He stole from his parents. Similar Items. Nirebyu: Disyembre 27, Jules himself met a girl he wanted to marry.

Use the following philosophical approaches and explain the film: a.

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