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Show more. Author's Description. Use it with Firefox and Greasemonkey, other browsers have some issues. Watch a tutorial. You can use the Google Book Downloader greasemonkey script. Go to the script page, and install the script. It will add a Download this Book button on the book. Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager, with over 10 million users. called userscripts (sometimes also called Greasemonkey scripts). programs that for example add download buttons to YouTube pages.

Descargar Script Google Book Er For Greasemonkey

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Menggunakan google book downloader user script dan greasemonkey merupakan salah satu alternatif bagi pengguna firefox agar dapat mendownload buku. Greasemonkey-Scripts are to use with Firefox and Firefox-Addon Greasemonkey. If you want to install a userscript now, you have to download it and save it within I would prefer this one: . er, not sure how but i played around with it and now it's working @ [email protected] ;;; Ty. Greasemonkey user scripts files with the name convention you want to change it at all, you will need to download and edit the script locally, . View or install the script from the code archive. .. I'll show you the basic script by making a few er adjustments to Premium Book.

You mean you have tried to install Greasemonkey and it failed? Or you already have it installed, but deactivated in your addon-list! Or did you install Greasemonkey and failed to install a script? Or did you install a script that doesn't work? Is it listed in the greasemonkey userscript-list? Then, whenn you visit your feedback-inbox you should see the icons behind recieved Llamas, watches and favourites.

Does it work so far or is the error already here? Please describe a little more detailed what doesn't work, so I can look into the matter! I have it installed and enabled but it's still not showing up by my llamas, And I had it before the original version broke so I know how it works?

These are two combined screenshots? I think it's also a bit strange as Gresemonkey shows me the version-number there, too You have GM-Version v1. As it seems to work for me and a couple of people, maybe you have conflicting userscripts?

It's a shame you don't know how you solved it I just installed this on Opera, did all those opera options, installed all javascript files, pointed opera in their direction and still the script won't load my deviantwatcher list. When I hover over the button that says "Loading", the alt-text says: I do have over 43 thousand watchers, could that be the problem?

I doubt it though. I let it load for whole half an hour and still the status didn't change. So, I made a version especially for opera now as I couldn't get it working in all browser.

Please tell me whether it works now or not! The big amount of watchers may also require for you to set a higher value within opera: I already had set the quota to from the start. I deleted the old script file and put the new one in the javascript folder, but it's the same deal.

Waited for some good 40 minutes and it is still "Loading" with "Status: I'm really sorry for causing you such discomfort. I tried to fix it now, but you have to go to your own site first and wait for it to be loaded. YOu also don't have so long to wait! In case it won't work because of the site-request-restriction, you should also get an explaining-prompt to update the list on your own profile-page. After you updated it on your page, the list will be available from other pages, too.

Would you please like to test it again? I updated the userscripts-site to v2. I waited in my profile page for quite a long while but it still didn't load anything. There's no indicator anything has loaded from my profile or anything. When I visit someone else's profile, even after waiting for another half hour in my profile, it just says: I'm really confused why it won't work for you I assume you have the latest Opera-Browser As I said, you don't have to wait so long.

If the scripts works, there should be a process displayed in the hint. I have tried to restart Opera, refresh my profile page, open watcher list, etc, nothing works.

Should I get any indication on my profile when the list is loaded? Because whenever I enter other profiles, it just shows that error in a couple of seconds.

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The only thing Error Console shows in other profiles is: There's no error or warning or message on my profile though. Nothing, nothing at all.

So the problem it seems is it's not loading the list in my profile. I noticed however, that you need to set the allocated space not only to but to or above to save the whole list. With DSL I needed about 4 minutes to load your whole list. Also the script is written so that you can break the loading-process by navigating somewhere else and it will continue when you revisit your profile Disregard the location of this comment.

I wanted to post it at here: Bjardy Featured By Owner Dec 28, Well, which browser do you use? I guess it doesn't actually say that in an alert or error-box, but rather doesn't listen any active scripts. This usually means that the installation failed.

Which script are you trying to use? When visiting userscripts. In normal case, you will get a message wether you like to install or see the source. Click on install and reload the page it should work on for it to start working. In Opera you will have to save the file in your opera-script-folder for it to work instead.

That Browser do you use? For Chrome you should install Tampermonkey, go to the install-page [link] and klick install this is the right skript, right?

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After seeing the source-code of this, I don't think it will work properly within Opera Doesn't work. I don't know exactly. Followed the instructions in the journal and video exactly, but nothing has changed, even after I restarted.

I don't quite get the reason though. Have you done every point within the list above? I don't know what went wrong then Maybe you could try to rename the scripts with something higher in the alphabet than "a" Are they appearing but not working fully or aren't they appearing at all?

You just need to visit my deviations about a userscript, follow the install-link and click install there.

Then refresh deviantart and it should start working. This article describes what you have to do when you don't use Firefox. If you do, simply install Greasemonkey-addon, on chrome tampermonkey etc. Prev 1 2 Next. More from Dediggefedde. Tutorials and other helps by RehQuQ. Useful by L-o-ki. View More.

CSS Snippets: Wrapped Header: Although, "limited" doesn't feel like the correct word. To me it's more of a challenge and to persevere through it really gives me a thrill I just can't explain. It's not really a limitation as it forces one to think outside the box and hopefully when you get it just right, you'll get that same thrill.

I think showing you live what happens when. Apart from that, I have one suggestion to make for writing user scripts: Specifically, I try to avoid technologies like XPath, which are not very widely supported and, likewise, non-standard properties like document.

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The syntax is pretty self-explanatory, but the Greasemonkey authoring guide goes into more detail. And so he has. I made a blank template for Greasemonkey scripts that you may find useful; it also includes some handy methods.

Our first example auto-completes a single form element on a specific page.

In this case, the page is the SitePoint Forum homepage, and the value is my username:. Even though the forum remembers me with a cookie, I might not have it, since I clear all my cookies quite often.

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There are plenty of other times where this could come in handy: First we would add the include path to the top of the comments section:. You can add further sites as you like, defining for each an include domain, and a chunk of code to find and complete its form field changing the username to yours, obviously! A user script can do much more than write a single element: View or install the script slashdot-restructure.

As with the auto-complete example, or, for that matter, any user script that modifies a specific page, I only know which elements to change because I looked at the source code. However, we can at least prepare for it by making sure we test for the existence of something before we modify it.

The behaviours come from an onclick handler on the icon, which works with both mouse and keyboard navigation. The use of javascript: But user scripts can be made to run on every Website, and this is perhaps where the idea becomes remarkable: Effectively, you can customise your browser just by writing some simple JS. As such, the scripts in this example are generally more forwards-compatible than previous examples.

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This script uses a single document onclick handler to change the link targets on-the-fly, rather than iterating through all links and changing them in advance.

With a more complex script you could go much further: URIs, even override the open method completely. But with such aggressive measures comes the risk of blocking out functionality you do want: The difficulty with removing ads is that not all of them are unwanted.

The source of the ads may also be relevant: Any ad-blocking program will inevitably have limits to the degree of precision with which it can be customised, but with user scripting there are no such limitations: If you want to extend the list of ad servers, you can add as many as you like to the domains array at the top of the object constructor:.

The principle could be taken much further, to control to the nth degree whether an element is removed or not — you could differentiate by size, for example, images that are x 60 pixels.

This would filter out most advertising, while leaving compliant Websites alone! A study of commonly misspelled words , by Cornell Kimball, analysed Internet Usenet newsgroups to discover the most common misspellings. Using some of that data to construct regular expressions, this script makes text-replacements to correct common errors:. You could extend the idea by adding profanity filters to the list: But do be careful with any words that might also be substrings of other words, such as "ham" is to "gingham".

You could even construct links directly to an online dictionary or other reference source. A site that lacks a search facility can be frustrating to use, but Google allows you to search within individual sites simply by appending site: This script uses that syntax to create a site-specific search box on every page.

The scripting is solid, the idea sound, but it has quite a serious problem: This script compensates for that by creating tooltips that are triggered by focus events:. The scripting is quite straightforward; it creates a single element and writes in the title text if any exists.Step 2 Then simply add Greasemonkey https: Click on the print link in top left corner.

Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? I found a comment on the Greasemonkey page that the userscripts.

Dean Edwards raises a similar point with his interesting take on how Greasemonkey broke his site ; a lively debate follows. Everything about Facebook Flat is better than the default look.

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