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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

FitGirl Detox Review. April 26, Hello, blog world! I know, I have been absent and I promised to give away some gift cards; so first thing first I want to give. Ditch the fads and get back on track the real food way!. So after coming back from a holiday and eating not so terribly, I decided to get back on track with my fitness goals by doing a Fit girl detox.

Fit Girl Detox Pdf

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Download Detox Diet: Fit Girl Now! Click the photo for a Simple, 21 DAY, Proven Weight Loss Detox that safely helps melt inches off your waist without living in. Fit Girls Guide Jumpstart 28 Day Challenge: Fajita Zucchini Boats - This has got to be one of my favorite meals from this whole challenge. The first time I made it. Fit Girls Guide RecipesFit Girls Guide PdfJump Start DietFit Body Guide28 Day DetoxFit Girls Bodies21 Day ChallengeFitness NutritionNutrition GuidePhysical.

So I did the vegan hipster thing and made the whole thing out of zoodles. Gluten-free win! I am so enjoying this glowygoddess! Another green smoothie.

What I like about these is that they keep you quite full until lunch. Ok, these apple banana oat cookies that I made were divine! I had to source gluten-free oats for this from a site called Down to Earth Organic.

For orders above AED , they deliver for free to your doorstep. One thing I gotta say: Sad but true, folks. Because I was just getting sick of all that rice! I ended up substituting kale for spinach. Chia is reallyy expensive, but a worthwhile investment.

I made this stir fry gluten-free by substituting pasta for rice. Another day I used buckwheat pasta. Any ideas? Let me know in the comments below. On the last day as I was out, I ordered from a place that does stir-fry and customised my meal accordingly sans cabbage. This dessert involved a fit version of gelato that was delicious!

I made a vegan gelato with organic peanut butter which was very tasty. No really you can eat this … for breakfast even preferably with a gelato spoon. Tap the link in our bio join the June 27th Group Challenge!

Please check your emails later this afternoon for the official details. Now that I have that topic out of the way, time to have an official post. As I mentioned, I have been absent for some time. Although I realize my blog is small and my subscribers are not fretting over why they have not heard from me, I still feel bad for not posting anything decent.

Fit Girl Detox

I have felt uninspired which is partly attributed to some family issues that have been on my mind. At this point in time, I do not plan to share; those close to me know what is going on and what challenges I have been facing. Please just know that everyone in my life is healthy, and the things on my mind distracting me are of a personal nature.

Regardless of the reasons, I have felt uninspired. I recognized this feeling about two weeks ago and have contemplated ways to find motivation.

One of my favorite post types is reviews. In fact, at the start of the year, my goal was to have one to two various reviews per month. This will count for April, shall we see if I can share another one in May? I also, in case you were unaware, am a year-old woman who does not like her body. Shocker, I know! I have discussed this before, and I know I am by no means overweight. My overall health is great, and I have stretched out my clothes just enough that I do not need to replace my entire wardrobe.

Still, when I look in the mirror I am not happy with the 20 pounds I have packed on over the past three years. It is from my inactive lifestyle and stress eating.

Seriously, I enjoy working out but getting in the mind frame to actually work out takes hours. Am I the only one like this? I sure hope not. What I have needed is a kick-start; something to spark my fitness enthusiasm. Shelby has been using the program on and off for the past year and has seen wonderful results.

However, after some research, I concluded that at this point in time this is not my program. Feeling lost again I turned to the program I never actually followed, FitGirls. FitGirls is an online community which strives to help others achieve their fitness and health goals in a positive manner. The recipes are comprised of whole, nutritious foods. While it has its drawbacks, I personally like the knowledge and resources provided.

Users are required to purchase the necessary e-books to gain access to the various programs recipes and fitness tips. Although I failed horribly at completing the 28 Day Jumpstart I still remember the advice the book provided.

As some of you may know, last year I did a four-day detox. This was something I went at on my own by gathering recipes via Pinterest. I did lose some water weight on that diet, but I was nervous the entire time that I was overdoing it.

This time, I decided to follow a Detox Plan that was not as restrictive, and not meant to suck you dry of all your water weight.

My hope was or still is that this plan will kick-start my commitment to lose some weight and bring fitness back into my daily routine. The FitGirl Detox is a seven-day plan consisting of three meals and three snacks, or three menus. I really can't tolerate the late-night bar scene without some whiskey, so my usual weekend shenanigans were cut short, and I binge-watched Netflix at home instead.

I happily used the detox as an excuse for my lameness. It wasn't just about the food—I got to pamper myself. One of the really great things about the Blood Sugar Detox Solution is that, again, it emphasizes creating a healthy lifestyle.

Just like life is so much more than what we eat, so was this plan. Basically, I was told to pamper myself I think Dr. Hyman and his colleagues even referred to it as a "vacation," but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I was instructed to take a minute walk every morning, which were admittedly curtailed, because the program happened to coincide with two polar vortexes, and I wasn't about to exercise as tears froze to my cheeks.

But one of the best aspects of the plan was that I had to take a relaxing bath infused with baking soda and Epsom salts every night. The salts I found at Duane Reade were infused with lavender, making for the most glorious evening ritual ever.

I had to unplug. This was probably the only part of the program that I really couldn't follow to a T. Hyman proposes that we all use the 10 days to heavily limit our use of social media, the Internet, and electronics in general, and I just couldn't do that since my livelihood depends on my media usage.

Taking two weeks off from work wasn't exactly an option, so I decided to impose a set "turn-off" time: After dinner, I had to turn off my computer. The prospect of kicking my habit of falling asleep to Netflix was daunting, but when I woke up in the mornings feeling that much more refreshed electronic use before bedtime really impacts sleep , I realized I didn't miss it so much.

Plus, it served as a great reminder that after staring at a screen and immersing myself in the Internets all day long, it can be really nice to take a break for awhile, shockingly enough. I had to take stock of how I was feeling. I was instructed to journal every night, answering prompt questions to go with the theme of each day—how I was feeling, whether or not I noticed any changes, the positives and negatives, etc. When I actually had to sit down and think about it, it was a lot easier to stop the "Woe is me, I miss caffeine" babble and tune into the good.

It was a great way to pay attention to my body and mind, and gauge my progress as a result. I had a support system. This was vital, because there's nothing like sloggin' back your Hail to Kale whilst your BFF unsympathetically chows down on a burger. Luckily, Dr. Hyman arranged for me and my fellow detoxers who were testing the program simultaneously to join a daily conference call with a dietician and life coach, during which we could ask questions and ask for advice.

We also had a Facebook group for the same purpose, and it was amazing to see the stories and journeys of the people on the program—all of whom came from different walks of life and were trying it out for different reasons. Plus, if a person posted "I really think I need a cup of coffee; this is so hard," there was a chorus of people who were going through the exact same thing to offer their support.


I've read countless stories about trying out Master Cleanses and soup diets. And while the tales of getting "hangry" and hallucinating cupcakes and Big Macs are entertaining, hilarious fodder, they're usually all told with the same undercurrent: "What the hell did I sign up for?!

It doesn't even have to be synonymous with weight loss.

In this case, it was about "cleansing" the bad, sure, but in a way that emphasized the good with sustainable, lifelong habits. In other words, the day mark wasn't the finish line, but kind of the "restart" mark.

Case in point: Last week, I slept horribly for several days.Call me crazy, but I'm not sure maple syrup, cayenne, and lemon juice provide all the essential vitamins and minerals a functioning adult human needs. Hyman provides a very detailed menu with great recipes to follow on a daily basis, and they didn't taste like lawn or leave me feeling faint.

Fit Girls Guide Detox Pdf Download

Maybe I will even surprise you and report that I have started to work out on a regular basis! The reasoning? It wasn't just about the food—I got to pamper myself. The book explains it in a way that makes sense, but I am not into copy write infringement.

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