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PDF - Four Seconds to Lose. When a gorgeous young dancer walks through his door, a strip club owner must decide whether to follow his rules or his heart in. Four Seconds To Lose Ten Tiny Breaths 3 Ka Tucker myself down" [pdf] - ejection site - the day i shot myself down 80 flight journal “h ey, i'd. Get Download eBook Four Seconds To Lose: A Novel (The Ten Tiny Novel ( The Ten Tiny Breaths Series) By Ka Tucker pdf.

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Get Instant Access to PDF File: #e12a Four Seconds To Lose: A Novel (The Ten Tiny Breaths Series) By Ka Tucker EPUB. Four Seconds to Lose - K.A. Tucker - dokument [*.pdf] Simon & Schuster eGalley Disclaimer Do not quote for publication until verified with the finished book. Four Seconds To Lose A Novel - [Free] Four Seconds To Lose A Novel [PDF] [ EPUB]. is a platform for academics to share.

The vibes, the story line. The only thing that is truly consistent is the amazing writing and story telling. View all 72 comments. Jun 03, Patrycja rated it liked it Shelves: The man I was pinning after from the moment I learnt about him. He just sounded so yummy and alpha enough to drool. I expected something out of this world sexy, sensual and romantic. My internal romance junkie wanted to read epic romance that wi 3 stars Four Seconds To Lose is third book in Ten Tiny Breaths series, and this time around we are able to see more of broody, mysterious strip club owner, Cain Ford.

My internal romance junkie wanted to read epic romance that will blow me away. Unfortunately, this time KA Tucker did not completely satisfy me. Charlie is in very bad position. Her life is like horror scenario.

Everything seems to be fucked up and she has no idea how to cut the strings to her previous life. Cain is tried of being in business. After Penny died, something in him died too. I hoped for more. A lot of more in chemistry department or the depth. It was really hard for me to connect with her. I was also frustrated when Cain constantly tried to compare Charlie to Penny.

It was irritating. It was a real turnoff. Overall, Four Seconds To Lose was disappointing read. I hoped for a little bit more.

View all 41 comments. Jun 22, Jacqueline's Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: Words cannot convey how much I love this book. I have to write a little intro, so if you are bored by lengthy reviews, I would advise you skip this part. It was emotionally driven and well written. One Tiny Lie was a bit steamier, with a lot of emotions, but it was just sexier. FSTL is not a steamy read, but it for sure had nice sexual tension. Her dad is very demanding mixed up in illegal activities and while she is away trying to save money to maybe break free from her father, she decides to strip to bring in lots of cash.

He looks out for his workers and treats everyone fairly. She had enough issues and problems to really warrant her actions and feelings. Everything she questioned, so did I. She struggled throughout the whole book, but it was never once annoying, if anything it was completely endearing.

Of course Cain has issues and we get a good chunk of why he is the way he is at the beginning and I loved knowing that. I understood his struggles and his reasoning.

Every paragraph and word was needed. I loved it. To me, she took a huge risk, because it was nothing like the previous two yet it just shows her talent. TO ME that is amazing. These are the books I crave, thrive and read for. Here are some questions you may have… Can I read the books out of order? Is there a cliffy? NO Is there a love triangle or cheating? No and No Is there book 4? View all 38 comments.

May 19, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it. Loved the story and just loved both characters. Other than being a long story, it was a very good read and I would love to see Cain again! Every second counts. View all 15 comments. Apr 21, Aimen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Charlie Cain K.

Tucker has done it again! This book was so incredibly amazing! I have to say, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this book because we didn't really get to see Cain in the previous two books, being the closed-off mysterious person he was. But once I did get to know him, I was hooked! And his story was exceptionally interesting. Cain was a fighter.

Always has been in, and is some ways, always will be. As a teenager, he did a lot of underground fighting for money. Lots and lots of money. It's how he was able to open up clubs at such an early age. But his story was definitely a tragic one. He lost his sister and parents, all of whom were involved with drugs and sex, at the age of All of his life, Cain was surrounded by bad things and yet, he turned to be an amazing man.

It's kind of why I fell hard for him. Cain found out his sister would sell her body for money and this pissed him off beyond manner.

What pissed him off even more? His own mom didn't try to stop it, probably encouraged it. So when he lost his sister, you can imagine the heartbreak and guilt Cain went through, knowing he did nothing to stop it.

This is why Cain is so intent on keeping girls caught up in these situations safe, because he can't bear to see it happen.

The way he runs his clubs are very professional. He doesn't interact with his staff. It's all business. When a girl named Penny comes into his club, all rules are thrown away and he finds himself falling for her. And when Cain lost Penny, it broke my heart. He'd already been through so much.

So when a girl named Charlie comes into his new club, he's taken aback. Because she is just like Penny. Looks, personality, you name it and once again, he's hooked.

But this time, his feelings are so much stronger. Here I was, thinking I had put that tragedy behind me and moved on. Until tonight, a Penny lookalike walks in and blows my recovery to smithereens. Her story was really sad as well and different. I've never read anything like it. Charlie had a mom that was all about looks. She also worked at a strip club.

She left to marry Charlie's dad, Sam, even though Charlie's grandma protested. Charlie's mom died during childbirth and so did the baby. Charlie was taken under Sam's wing, given presents and a really good life.

Or so she thought. Turns out, when she got older, she learned that her dad was a drug dealer. The best there is. And soon, he lured Charlie into his schemes, making her do the dirty work and trafficking heroine all over the place. She had no choice but to go along with it because the thing about Sam is, you don't mess with him.

Even if you are his daughter. Her fake name is Charlie Rourke. Yup, that's not her name. You;ll find out her real identity later on in the book. It's mind-blowing! Anyways, Charlie wants to be able to do something while making money in her time in Miami. So when she see's the fluorescent lights of Penny's, she goes for a job. Because of all the drug business she's in, Charlie thinks she deserves working in a strip club. Bad things should happen to bad people.

The plan is simple: Although, nothing is ever that easy. Especially when she gets a look at her boss. Basically, Cain is panty-dropping hot. That your boss is panty-dropping hot is an odd thing to leave out of the equation. He never does that for any of his dancers. Except he can't help it and Charlie can't help teasing him because she knows this. Too much. I need to stop coming out here when Charlie dances. Their story had bazillions of ups and downs, given their pasts.

But it was so alluring and entertaining and HOT. Cain can be quite the alpha when he wants too. And at the same time, he can be the sweet, caring, gentleman we got glimpses of from the previous two installments. Cain was intent on chasing Charlie before he lost his chance again.

Four Seconds to Lose

Charlie did nothing but run away because she didn't want to put Cain in danger. When you have someone like Sam for a dad, there's no room for other people in your life.

Though, you can only run away from your feeling for so long before the tension builds up. And boy, did it ever! Their time together was intense. That all I'm telling you. Not even Nate, who lived with me for several years.

The place feels different. Now I have Charlie at my side. And those knots in my shoulders that never go away? Fucking gone. Like magic. Charlie magic. You'll find yourself feeling bad for both these characters a lot and just wishing their pasts would leave them and let them be. Their HEA was so incredibly sweet! I'm happy to say it worked out really well for these two! And the deserved all of it, honestly. On a side note, I'm am so psyched for Ben's story. He was one of my favourite characters.

He had me laughing aloud and kept the book a little light, which it so desperately needed. I can't wait to see this flirt settle down, haha!

All in all, fantastic read that I highly recommend. It will not disappoint! This book had so much depth and meaning and it was just The concept was new, the characters were ideal, the story line was original and refreshing, this entire book deserves a category of it's own. When you decide to read it, It'll set the standard for book pretty high. Now go on and read it, before I do it for you!

Teaser 1: Charlie's POV! A glance down confirms that his belt is at least buckled. I only met her three weeks ago. Her beginner pole dancing class was just finishing up and she stayed on to watch the advanced class. I guess I impressed her because she sat through the entire hour and then talked my ear off in the change room after about how good I am.

I took her proffered number with no intentions to call. Last week, she coerced me into shopping. She has an easy, genuine laugh and a sarcastic sense of humor. By my pole-dancing skills and looks, Ginger automatically assumed I was a stripper.

There was no judgement in those bright green eyes when she asked which club I worked at. The one I had run out of. Her pixie-like face lit up, which was not the reaction I was expecting. She asked about my experience and I, of course, lied. I told her that I had worked in Vegas. I have certainly never stripped there.

But Ginger promised me that the owner, Cain, is like none other. I step forward and hold my hand out. His coffee-colored eyes finally pry themselves from my face to glare down at my hand—without moving—and I fight the urge to retract it. Ginger swore that this guy was first class but… he still makes his money off the sex trade.

PDF - Four Seconds to Lose

A lot of things get shaken under this roof and hands are probably not one of them. I never did shake the hand of that slime ball at Sin City—Rick— before he instructed me to climb onto his lap two minutes into my interview. These owners are all the same. As if snapping out of a daze, Cain finally accepts my hand in his, his coffee-colored eyes locked on mine.

You just…startled me. You look a lot like someone I know. His voice carries with it a smooth, educated sound, which surprises me, given our surroundings. I take a few calming breaths.

She certainly left out details about his physical appearance, I realize, as my gaze skates over his frame to see the well-defined curves beneath a fitted button down black dress shirt and black dress pants. Except Ginger, it would seem. Taking a deep breath, I pull my shoulders back.

I hold my chin up. I look him straight in the eye. I do all the things I know to do to appear confident.

I will not cower under the intense scrutiny. And so I stand and let him pass silent judgment while I survey his office, taking in all the shelves, crammed with boxes.

Aside from the large desk on one end and a black leather couch tucked into a corner, it seems like a storage room. I answer without hesitation. At The Playhouse. Ginger warned me, under no circumstances, to lie to Cain Ford, because he always finds out anyway and it pisses him off when he does.

Plus, I am a very proficient liar. It's beautiful! The blurb is out! I didn't expect it to be but the blurb really helps. This sounds like it's gonna be great! Tucker, the things you write My Thoughts: When I found out the truth, it was a little weird. I just don't really like hearing about that especially when he thinks about it later on. I don't think keeping the bed "holy" makes it all better either. Can't wait to read his story and meet who tames him in Five Ways to Fall.

Favorite quotes: View all 36 comments. Oct 18, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: I didn't love this one like I did the first two. For one thing I didn't feel the connection between Cain and Charlie. Cain's past is not pretty. Growing up with bad parents Cain takes to illegal fighting. When his family is murdered he decides to reach out to women that are in trouble like his sister was and opens a strip club. He's a really good guy.

He doesn't cheat the girls out of their money. He encourages them to go to college. He does not tolerate drug use. So when one of his girl 3 Stars! So when one of his girls says she has a friend that needs a job Cain tells her to bring her in.

He never expects the ghost of his past to be staring at him. Charlie is trying to get away from her step-dad and she needs money fast. How else can you make a lot of money fast? You strip. I felt bad for Charlie. Sam was scary. She had some balls to be able to do what she had to do. I could see why she never opened up to Cain. But I still wanted her to. Cain never watches his girls strip until Charlie shows up. Then every night he's out there staring Charlie down.

Charlie is a nervous wreck striping so she comes up with a way to make her time on stage better. Pretending that it's just Cain in the room. These two start flirting with each other. But everybody knows Cain never sleeps with his girls. After a scare at the club with Charlie things start to heat up between Cain and her. Now I liked them both but I just didn't feel the love between these two. Maybe it was because at the beginning of the book Cain had several one night stands.

Four Seconds to Lose

Maybe it was because Charlie never really opened up about herself like Cain did. Maybe it was because some of the shit that Cain was thinking about during sexy times. I don't know. The ending was pretty decent. I liked how it got wrapped up.

I did however roll my eyes when Charlie's real name came out. That was just weird to me. I will hopefully get to Bens book soon!

I'm scared. He's a huge whore. View all 24 comments. Jun 07, Mac added it. I would personally like to see raegan and grant's story. View all 3 comments. Nov 21, Ramona rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are no words to describe how much I loved this book.

Her talent is amazing and out of this world, bringing the reader a genuine and raw life lesson for him to cherish a long loooong time and pass it to others. There was something addicting to it and I just dived right into the amazing plot and shared so many moments with this wonderful characters.

Our hero, Cain, lost his family at a very young age due to drugs. After that, he swore he will never be part of that world and that he will protect the victims of drug abuse no matter the cost. With the money earned from illegal fighting, he started a strip club, which became a very profitable business.

When mixing feelings with business leads to tragic outcomes, Cain is strongly affected and changes his perspective upon love. It might sound a little strange, but his intentions are most than honorable: From the moment Charlie walked into his office searching for a job, Cain is lead back in time, to his lost love.

What initially began as a deja-vu, something that remember him of the past, became something stronger than he even imagined. Did I mention I loved the book? As we are accustomed to, Kathleen brought together 2 very different personalities and gave them unity. He never had a real relationship and this thing with Charlie scares him dearly.

The way he opened up to her, confessing stuff from his past, his fears and insecurities, made me admire him so much and even if he did some mistakes, he is a true hero, inside and outside.

Even if he was so afraid of letting go, he took that step with her and by the half of the book, we could explore a new Cain, more gentle, tender and opened to possibilities.

She thinks that her only leaning point is her stepdad, but soon, her believes will change and Charlie will become someone else, someone with free will and capable of taking decisions by and for herself. For her age, she is extremely strong, but there were times were I wanted to just enter the book and talk some reason into her.

She also fought Cain a lot, but eventually she left her emotions rule, which was a must in this relationship, from both sides. I wanted her to step up earlier, to break this vicious chain, but in the same time I could connect with her fears and only hope for the best to come in the end. I loved this couple, their chemistry, their vulnerability together and apart, the way their romance progressed, the way Cain fought for Charlie, the way they made mistakes but found each other in the process.

I tell you, this book is addictive, with a very intelligent plot, but with a strong message, more mature and darker that the first books from the series. I liked that we got to see the old squad reunited, happy and helping our couple figuring things out.

This family element is very important to me and in this series I think it was the primal bonding piece that held the characters together. What I love about Kathleen is that every book has a different focus, never repeating or boring. Every story is a new experience and this book left me speechless, heartbroken, emotionally wreaked and extremely happy to have chosen it as my next read.

Top 5 books of ?

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For more reviews please check https: View all 4 comments. Jun 15, Ilze rated it it was ok Shelves: I will start by saying that I absolutely loved the first two books of the Ten Tiny Breaths series, and K.

Tucker is one of my favorite authors! However, this book was a real letdown for me. I don't know, maybe it was because previous two books were really great or maybe it was because it took me such a long time to finish it I just could not get over Charlie being a weak, lying girl with poor me syndrome.

BUT, back then, since I could not finish the book I decided to let it stay on my 'currently reading' shelf, so I can get back to it later and maybe fall in love with it.

Unfortunately it didn't happen. Short summary of the blurb: Cain owns a strip club, and one day a gorgeous young women walks through his door. I did like the idea of the story, but I felt like the execution wasn't really working. Despite the unbelievability factor, I kept reading, and I thought maybe she is some kind of bad-ass who can do it anyway and protect herself while doing it. Plus, Charlie never really 'grow on' me, even though she cared about her new found friends and Cain, I just really couldn't get over the fact that she kept lying.

I just Anyway, ending was really predictable and I don't even know why I bother reading it. Also, I loved seeing other characters from the previous books. I think their 'get-togethers' were the best part of the book. Nevertheless, I still love the author even though, I didn't like the book, and I will continue with these series!!!

View all 13 comments. Nov 24, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. The third installment in the series, Four Seconds to Lose sets itself apart from the other books by being darker and grittier. This is Cain's story. Cain is the owner of strip club, Penny's Palace, where Kacey previously worked as a bartender. We also know from previous books that Cain opened Penny's after one of its dancer was brutally murdered.

It was hinted that Cain and Penny, the girl who was murdered, had a thing. Here, the circumstances surrounding Penny and Cain were expla 4 solid stars!! Here, the circumstances surrounding Penny and Cain were explained well. In fact, the whole angle is played up quite a bit especially in connection with Charlie, the heroine of this story.

Plus, we finally get to know the mysterious Cain, his past, his motivations and see him fall in love. Charlie is drug mule. She drops off drugs from one point to the other. And kicker is that, her boss is her own stepfather. Through Charlie's own recollection, we find out how she got into this business and how desperate her situation has become. She was manipulated by her own stepfather and by the time she realized it, she was in too deep that she had no other choice but to buy herself time to escape.

Her latest assignment brought her to Miami, away from her stepfather for the first time. With a new name and a new identity, she plans her escape. Part of her plan involves saving up enough money so she can literally disappear.

This brought her to Penny's and right into Cain's world. I must say, this is my favorite book in the series. I loved that it's darker and more complex than the previous two books.

The characters, especially Cain, was more fleshed out. The romance really stood out for me also. Cain, being a broken character that he is, isn't looking for love. Instead, he is compelled to save every girl that's worked for him. With Charlie, as much as he wants to save her, he also wants her. Their story works really worked for me. The fact that the angst was coming from the outside and not self-inflicted was refreshing.

So why only four stars? Well, the middle part dragged a bit for me.

And then the Penny connection, view spoiler [with Charlie's real name being Penny and the fact that she looks like her hide spoiler ] diminished the romance for me a little bit.

I didn't mind the view spoiler [physical similarities hide spoiler ] but the view spoiler [her name being the same with Cain's supposed first love hide spoiler ] left a bitter taste in my mouth. Other than that, this was really an entertaining and engrossing read.

Oct 25, Bindi Boo rated it really liked it Shelves: Would have loved to see the main characters indulge in each other without secrets pulling them back.

Jun 09, Brenna rated it really liked it Shelves: Tucker has not disappointed me yet. I loved it! I believe redemption is something you can strive for but K. Seconds to with them over, And seconds to lose them. Cain is unlike other strip club owners. I hate this business, some days. Lately, I hate this business all days. And trying to catch them over and over again is so very exhausting. Cain has been able to keep his private life separate from the club all these years, but when a new dancer, Charlie come into the club his restraint is tested.

Charlie is looking for a way out. I know exactly what I want to do with my life. End it and begin a new one. The sexual tension is crazy and was so much fun to watch. These two are HOT together and it was so great to see how committed Cain is to giving things a real shot.

I just love him. Charlie is hiding so much from Cain and I was a bundle of nerves waiting for all to be revealed to him. I just kept wondering how it was going to happen and what he would do when he found out.

I loved all the possibilities and ultimately thought how everything played out was really well done. Audiobook notes: I read some of this on my kindle, but I mostly listened to the audio.

His voice is very deep and manly and it just felt perfect for how intense Cain is. I also liked Elizabeth Louise for Charlie because she sounds like a young woman without sounding childlike.

This was a great one to listen to on audio! Cain's past was riddled with pain, loss, hurt and Second Chance --Stars!! Cain's past was riddled with pain, loss, hurt and evil. He's tried hard to move on from that past. To not let his past become him.

To be better. To be more. Cain owns a strip club. Never developing relationships with women. Lying about who he is and what he does. Afterall, what woman would want to be with someone like Cain?

With his past? That owns a strip club? One day Charlie walks in needing a job. Charlie reminds Cain of his past. Of someone he once loved and lost. And he won't let that happen again. Cain keeps his distance from Charlie. He doesn't date the girls that work for him. Cain can tell that Charlie is hiding something. Who she is? Something painful from her past? Charlie's life is full of lies. She's trying to break free from her past. Trying to find a way out. To escape. For freedom.

For a life Charlie gets in deeper and deeper. Cain won't let what happened in his past happen again. He won't let Charlie go. But being with Charlie is dangerous for Cain. And Charlie won't let anything happen to Cain. Eventually Charlie's past catches up with her And what she has been forced to do? Can Charlie ever be free from her past?

And have a future with Cain?

But I ended up enjoying it. It was definitely slower paced and on the long side. But I was never bored. The MCs didn't annoy me. I thought it was a good addition to the Ten Tiny Breaths series and I look forward to reading Ben's book! View all 26 comments. Nov 06, Brandi rated it really liked it Shelves: A suspenseful, slow burn romance with a lots of sexual tension.

I really enjoyed Cain and Charlie's story. View 1 comment. Nov 17, Geo Marcovici rated it it was amazing. Ce carte! View 2 comments.

His character intrigued me because he got this mysterious vibe. He's lethal man with a dark past and anyone who messes with or his employees, he'll take you down. He's a man of few words, generous, sexy and unpredictable.

He only trusted a few people and inexperienced on dating life. He only prefers no-strings-attached. When Charlie Rourke stepped in his club looking for a job as a stripper, he find If you remember Cain Ford , he's the owner of Penny's --a strip club where Kacey Cleary bartended. When Charlie Rourke stepped in his club looking for a job as a stripper, he find it difficult to control his attraction.

There's something about Charlie that makes him drawn to her. What he didn't know, Charlie is involved in a drug syndicate. She's used as a pawn by his stepfather, Sam "Big Sam" Arnoni for drug shipments. She needs a job to save up money so she can get away for good. She so sick of being trapped with illegal deeds and wants to live a normal life with a real identity.

The last thing she wants is to be involve with Cain but the attration between them intensifies, it trumps every problem they have. With the reality catching up, both of them are in danger and their relationship can fall because of it. Will they be able to redeem themselves and have a happy ending? Four Seconds to Lose is exceptionally great! I think the plot is better compared on the previous books. Maybe because I'm into romantic suspense. Though this book dragged out a little, it's well crafted and it keeps you interested on the story, making it difficult to put down.

I love Cain and Charlie's intimate connection. The way tease each other at first, goodness! The tension is so palpable! The ending is really clever view spoiler [Charlie's real name is Penny Miller. Same as Cain's former stripper and had a relationship with.

His club was inspired by her name. That puts a smile on my face. I forgot to add yesterday: Aside from being excited to Ben's book, I really want Storm and Dan have at least a novella. View all 7 comments. Jun 20, Beeg Panda rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. But sexy Trent finds a way into her numb heart, reigniting her ability to love again.

She starts to believe that maybe she can leave the past where it belongs and start over. One Tiny Lie Book 2 Livie has always been the stable one of the two Cleary sisters, handling her parents' tragic death and Kacey's self-destructive phase with strength and maturity. But underneath that exterior is a little girl hanging onto the last words her father ever spoke to her. She promised she would Definitely him. So why does she keep thinking about Ashton?

Four Seconds To Lose Book 3 When a gorgeous young dancer walks through his door, a strip club owner must decide whether to follow his rules or his heart in the third novel by the author of One Tiny Lie and Ten Tiny Breaths.

With long hours, a staff with enough issues to keep a psych ward in business, and the police regularly on his case, twenty-nine-year-old Cain is starting to second guess his unspoken mission to save the women he employs.

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And then blond, brown-eyed Charlie Rourke walks through his door, and things get really complicated. She moves to Miami with the intention of hitting reset on her irresponsible life, and she does quite well…aside from an epically humiliating one-night stand in Cancun with a hot blond bouncer named Ben. Thank God she can get on a plane and leave that mistake behind her.Through Charlie's own recollection, we find out how she got into this business and how desperate her situation has become.

I hate this business, some days. Cain owns a strip club, and one day a gorgeous young women walks through his door. It is a slow burn, a lot of sexual tension. I'm still finding myself following K. The moment Charlie and Cain met, there's already a sexual attraction going on which further led to deeper feelings. Only the nightmare is real! And now one of them has clearly pissed someone off enough to track them down on their doorstep. Here, the circumstances surrounding Penny and Cain were explained well.

But this time, his feelings are so much stronger.

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