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FuturaBT-Book font version Version mfgpctt family: Book, Neuropol is a trademark of the Typodermic foundry. FuturaBT-Book font version mfgpctt-v Nov 27 family: Book, http://bounce .to/font. Download Futura Book BT, font family Futura by with Book weight and style, download file name is Download Futura Book BT [PC/Mac] Use as Web Font.

Futurabt Book Mac

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Download Futura BT Book font at, the largest collection of amazing freely available fonts for Windows and Mac. Buy Futura BT Book desktop font from Bitstream on Download free FuturaBT-Book font from Available in Open Type format for Windows & Mac. Preview FuturaBT-Book font by typing your own text.

When you add on the web font alternatives below, just add them to the list directly after the Futura font declarations. Since only a small percentage of visitors will have the actual font installed, it introduces the possibility of inconsistencies in type rendering.

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This font stack tries to use Futura or Futura Medium, then falls back to the Century Gothic font family. These Web fonts are free to use and will render more consistently for a broader range of users than relying on explicitly setting Futura in your CSS font stack.

Open Sans has a few strong differences, such as the a and g style glyphs.

The great thing is that there are book, normal, bold, italic, semi bold and extra bold variations if only there was a light version! A reasonable alternative to Futura Condensed when in a pinch, which is awfully popular for headlines and page titles.

Comes in book and bold:. Didact Gothic is probably the closest replacement of the bunch. It can easily replace Futura Book or Futura Medium, again very similar to Century Gothic as a clean geometric typeface:.

Last but not least, Muli is yet another appealing geometric replacement for Futura Regular and Futura Book:. I hope these Futura replacements help you with your next Web design or Web app!

Maine Web Design since Using a Futura Font Stack Before exploring replacements for Futura, I should mention that you can use Futura on your website with the appropriate font stack.

Open Sans Open Sans has a few strong differences, such as the a and g style glyphs. Open Sans Condensed A reasonable alternative to Futura Condensed when in a pinch, which is awfully popular for headlines and page titles.

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You acknowledge that you have read this agreement, understand it, and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.Futura is used in the film Captain America: Email Required, but never shown. University of California Press. The Boston Celtics ' championship banners are also in Futura Condensed.

I had it includes with versions as I recall, so it's probably any version you can find a disk for. Related Tools: Wietse Venema Wietse Venema 7 In the UK Futura, while sometimes used, was overshadowed by Gill Sans , which became popular for similar reasons in the UK and came to define s and s printing.

Futura Demibold is a variation of the original Futura. Archived from the original on 31 March

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