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The Uniform Rules, ICC Publication No. , should apply to any bank-to-bank repayment when the content of the repayment approval explicitly demonstrates. As in the case of UCP , the URR permits modification and URR ICC Uniform Rules For Bank-to-Bank Reimbursement pdf file. “Reimbursement amendment” means an advice from the issuing bank to a reimbursing bank stating changes to a reimbursement authorization. “Claiming bank” means a bank that honours or negotiates a credit and presents a reimbursement claim to the reimbursing bank.

Icc Urr 725 Pdf

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Article 1-Application of URR The Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements under Documentary Credits ("rules"), ICC Publication No. URR was approved by the ICC national committees at the ICC into conformity with UCP , ICC's universally used rules on letters of. URR ICC uniform rules for bank-to-bank reimbursements under documentary credits. by International Chamber of Commerce. Print book. English .

URR contains a number of technical changes from the previous version.

Categories of Articles A. General Provisions and Amendments.

Liabilities and Responsibilities. Form and Notifications of Authorizations, Amendments and Claims. Miscellaneous Provisions.

General Provisions and Amendments Article 1: Application of URR: a Applicable when text of the Reimbursement authorization expressly indicates that it is subject to these rules. Article 3: Reimbursement Authorization vs Credits.

Reimbursement Authorization is separate from the credit to which it refers. Reimbursing Bank is not obligated to honour a reimbursement claim. Displaying Editions 1 - 1 out of 1.

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Remember me on this computer. Cancel Forgot your password? ICC uniform rules for bank-to-bank reimbursements under documentary credits'.Also available as an eBook Chapter 4 International Arbitration tool is indexed for easy reference to terms from reliable guidance and an adaptable.

In the absence of any such indication, the reimbursing bank is authorized to pay any claiming bank; v. ICC Publication No.

If a reimbursement claim is presented more than ten banking days prior to the predetermined date, the reimbursing bank may disregard the reimbursement claim. Save to:

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