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Reading passages for ielts academic with answers. 17 Pages Cambridge IELTS 5 with Answers [Ebook] IELTS Reading Recent Tests with Answer Key. pdf. Answer the 3 part IELTS academic reading practice test sections online or offline. You will be allowed 1 hour to complete all 3 sections of the IELTS Academic Reading test. The three parts of this practice Reading passage 1. Related Links. Try sample questions for a range of different Reading questions, including matching features, matching headings, multiple choice, and table completion.

Ielts Academic Reading Passages With Answers Pdf

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IELTS Masterclass Practice Test. by Margaret Matthews. Choose a paper. Academic reading. Choose a Reading Reading passage answers (PDF, KB). The IELTS General Training Reading test includes three passages with tasks. Genral Training Reading Sample Task – Short Answer Questions (PDF, 18KB) The IELTS Academic Reading test includes three long texts which range from. Academic Reading Samples. Title, Hits. IELTS Academic Reading Sample 1 - Population Viability Analysis, IELTS Academic Reading Sample 2.

I have summarised the question types for you below by describing the skills you need and the tips you can use.

I have given you an example of the common Reading questions and summarised the question type by describing the skills you need and the tips you can use to improve your score. Heading Matching Questions The Task: You need to choose a heading and match the heading to a section or paragraph in the reading passage. Skills Needed: You need to be able to skim and scan read.

You need to be able to understand the aim of a section. You need to be able to understand the aim of paragraphs and sections. You need to be able to understand the general ideas of paragraphs and sections.

You need to be able to identify the main idea and supporting points. Hints and Tips You should read the headings before reading the passage.

You should understand there are usually more headings than you need.

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You should consider the headings before matching to paragraphs. In Task 2 test takers are presented with a point of view or argument or problem. They need to write their response in words in about 40 minutes.

Below are samples of Task 1 and Task 2. In Task 1, test takers are asked to respond to a situation by writing a letter, for example, requesting information or explaining a situation. In Task 2, test takers write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem.

Question types

Find out more about the General Training Writing test. In the Speaking test, you have a discussion with a certified examiner.

It is interactive and as close to a real-life situation as a test can get. There are three parts to the test and each part fulfils a specific function in terms of interaction pattern, task input and test taker output. In Part 1, you answer questions about yourself and your family.

In Part 2, you speak about a topic. In Part 3, you have a longer discussion on the topic.

The Speaking test is the same for both Academic and General Training versions. Each of the three parts is designed to test a different aspect of your communication ability. Continue More about cookies.Guthrie, J.

To investigate the strategies utilised, a bi-sectional retrospective protocol adapted from Weir et al. The lesson are useful for students taking both the GT test and academic test because they are aimed at building skills, understanding of question types and also vocabulary. Gough, P.

God bless you all. You will listen to four recorded texts, monologues and conversations by a range of native speakers, and write their answers to a series of questions. A third option is also possible.

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