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Grammar Reversi. * Phrasal verbs. * Upper intermediate. 50 minutes. Three from six. Varied. Elementary t o advanced 15 - 25 minutes grammar quiz. lntermediate. GRAMMAR. Games. A collection of grammar games and activities for intermediate students of English. Jill Hadfield photocopiable rnate?ial. Jill Hadfield - Intermediate GRAMMAR Games - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

Intermediate Grammar Games Pdf

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Games for. Grammar Practice. | Map of the book |. KEY:B = BEGINNER; E = ELEMENTARY; P = PRE-INTERMEDIATE; I=INTERMEDIATE;. lntermediate GRAMMAR Games A collectionof grammargamesand activities for intermediatestudentsof English Jill Hadfield p. The games in this book have been designed to practise grammar, not to introduce or explain it. This book assumes that the class has already met each grammar.

Check your answer the correct order is on page two of the template. Then, flip all of the cards face-down and try to retell the story in your own words.

Would you like to receive articles like this every month? Quiz The next activity is done in pairs to test your understanding of narrative tenses.

You need at least two players.

For example, 'While they These are fold lines to make the cards double-sided. I glue them together with card to make them more durable. Take turns to draw a card and hold it, so that the answer side is facing you and the question side is facing the other player.

If the player is able to read the sentence with the correct form of the verb, they win the card and keep it to represent their score. If you make a mistake, the card goes to the bottom of the pile of cards.

Whoever has the most cards wins.

Connect Three This game is for two players. Using the same cards as the quiz pages two and three of the PDF template , take turns to draw a card. Only look at the question side.

Try to read the sentence aloud, including the correct form of the verb. Check the other side of the card, which has the correct sentence.

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If you were correct, choose a square and mark it as yours using a pencil or counter. The first player to connect three squares in a line is the winner.

It is played with two players: one player tries to connect four cards horizontally, and the other player vertically. This activity also uses the game board on page five.

Grammar Games and Activities – from Elementary to Advanced students

Place all of the cards on the board in a random order, with the question side facing up. Take it in turns to read a sentence aloud with the correct form of the verb.

Check the other side of the card. If you are correct, mark the square below as yours using a pencil or counters and remove the card from the board.

Hadfield Jill. Intermediate Grammar Games

If you are wrong, put the card back. The first player to connect along their axis wins. Connections can also be diagonal. You can prepare them in PowerPoint or just print the templates and write on them directly.

Covers 15 useful everyday topics such as food and drink, shopping, transport, the media, jobs, and Grammar Vocabulary Topic based Country 9. Other Addison Wesley Longman, It is a collection of 40 games. Each game has a clear and simple goal: About a third of the games in the book are pairwork, a third small group games and a third whole class games.

The language syllabus follows the communicative abilities of the students. Suitable for use with any courseDSfor each group of 3 4 students. Pre-teachany other words Topic areas Various from the game you think will be unfamiliar to your class.

Then put them in groups of tbur. The others must try to guess the sentences: Lan Anh Tran.

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