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Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi / جب زندگی شروع ہوگی book. Read 55 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. بنیادی طور پر یہ ناول ایک فکشن ہی ہے ۔. Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi - Novel By Abu - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Download: Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi - Novel By Abu Sometimes a book may not be visible properly, in that case you should download the book by.

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Urdu novel Jab Zindagi Shuro Hogi By Abu Yahya Read online free link to read online and download Jab Zindagi Shuru hogi in Pdf format for offline reading. inzaar abu yahya download urdu novels books free pdf His most famous book is ”Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi” (English: "When Life Begins"). inzaar abu yahya download urdu pdf His book ”Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi” has become the most read Urdu book of the modern times. Abu.

This human being is the most exclusive imprint on the canvas of this Universe. It is his distinctiveness that despite being a trivial being which succeeded the creation of millions of other species, he has become the sovereign of the Earth. That life will begin soon. Only those people will be successful in this everlasting life that choose to be obedient to their Lord and make the fulfillment of His wishes, their life-time goal. The first part of this saga, which spread over Soon, the second part will commence when a new Earth and Sky will be formed instead of this Universe.

All of us have one, and only one opportunity. If we successfully utilize this opportunity, we will become the sovereigns of the Universe in a never-ending world. The alternative in case of failure is the prison of Hell, which will be our eternal abode.

We have just one opportunity. This opportunity was never available before and will never be available again.

Please make use of this opportunity before it is lost, forever. All of this aligned with scriptures was eye-opening and very different. The surprise twist in end was a treat and I couldn't but won 4 This book is a religious fiction exploring what happens when life begins again after the end of the world as we know it.

The surprise twist in end was a treat and I couldn't but wonder what happens next and if book two will be out soon. Who would say no to never ending youth and a beautiful eternity full of perfection, beauty, grace and peace.

The catch is that you first have to pass the test of life and the fine print is that we humans chose this test called 'life on earth' and how difficult or easy we want it to be. The downside is there is a reward or a penalty to passing or failing the test of life and its many challenges.

The guides that will help you navigate the test are the prophets and messengers send by God. The saboteur is the Devil a. Humans are free to choose to follow their respective messenger from God or refuse and do their own thing. After death each person will know wither they passed or failed and judgement day which as as long as fifty thousand years is the ultimate day of justice.

The writing style did not flow easily But the author and translator as explained in the first two chapters were already aware of this problem and decided to keep the formate close to the original Urdu story and include the religious text such as non English words and terms. But sadly, some new words were not explained properly and the lack of reference, links or an appendix means that the story is slow in places taking away some of the enjoyment.

One major sticking point for me was the gender inequality.

Jab Zindagi Shoro Ho Gi Complete

I know I'm going to get some backlash for this but the truth needs to be said and facts examined as far as possible. The old 'it is all fair in gender and love and anyway there is no jealousy in paradise when your husband plays with his many adoring paradise girls but you will spend eternity with your old hubby because you are so much prettier then them and anyway he loves you more etc.. God almighty is fair but man is weak and has many prejudices and sexism is right at the top.

I've read the authors explanations and I have also looked up the references he provided on his opinions on gender and I'm not convinced.

I have looked at both sides of the debates on gender and now realise the issue is partly male ego and mostly Quranic Arabic terminology and lack of knowledge. The author himself admits that he does not have scholarly level of understanding of one or more of the different branches of knowledge within the religion. With this in mind, I'd like to point out that If, as the author say, gender roles, social hierarchy and even how people relate to each other changes completely and everyone is equal in the next world to come then it follows that women will do as they please and spend time with their numerous beautiful male partners because there is no such thing as jealousy, prejudice or physical limitations in paradise and the women have worked just as hard as their male counterpart.

So ladies, Ask and you shall receive! Whenever I get a question that confuses me I try to look at the original sources and then use this as a base for my answers. Now their claim is that men get this reward and not the women. Does this not include women? It must and it must also include Jinn.

Note the hadith is Hassan Gharib which is a hadith that has a sound chain but has come to us from two chains of narrators. We can understand this but if you look towards the rules in Arabic for the use of the number seventy, which precedes it, what follows must be a feminine singular noun. This leads us to say that this hadith includes women and Jinn, for the above reasons, to have multiple partners in paradise.

Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi / جب زندگی شروع ہوگی

We can also examine the Quranic chapter the Heffer 2: Apart from the gender issue This book was surprisingly enjoyable and it was free! View all 9 comments. Feb 22, Anam Sheikh rated it it was amazing.

Intellectually overwhelming My favorite book in the world Will probably read again and againnn. Must read!

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An amazing novel depicting the real life yet to come! Truly an amazing novel that will most definitely strengthen your belief in Allah subhanu wa ta'ala, the Day of Judgment, Paradise and Hell!

The way this author may Allah have mercy upon his soul, and grant him an even bigger status than the main character in the book! The fear, hope, and love, this novel provokes in one's soul, is far beyond imagination, and the yearning for one's Lord and the Meeting with Him that this novel awakes in the heart, is absolutely astonishing! If you know Urdu, I advise you to rather read it in its original form, as the English language can not, unfortunately, bring this novel its full rights!

How I encourage you to read it, and how I encourage you and myself first to take heed of its message!

May Allah subhanu wa ta'ala make us of those who take heed of what He has sent down upon us, make us of those who are upon guidance, and of those who when guidance has been bestowed upon them stay firm! And may Allah subhanu wa ta'ala forgive our shortcomings, before the Day which there is no redemption and no aid, and make us of those who are truly successful, in this temporary world and in the everlasting world yet to come!

Ameen, thumma ameen, ya Rabb al'Alameen! View 1 comment.

Nov 29, Muhammad Shaheer rated it it was amazing. Extraordinary novel. When life begins is a fictional novel depicting the events which will take place in the Hereafter. It has brought about a positive change in the lives of thousands of people.

The bone-chilling sketches of the judgement day allow the readers to visualise that which has been promised in the Quran. The story revolves around Abdullah,a pious and God-fearing man, who is saved from the harshness of the Hereafter because of his virtue.

The book follows Abdullah's perception of his surroundings, his conv When life begins is a fictional novel depicting the events which will take place in the Hereafter.

The book follows Abdullah's perception of his surroundings, his conversation with the angel Saleh and his reunion with his family. The author has truly outdone himself! There are some parts which don't have valid sources but the author already addressed this matter in the preface that it is a mix of facts and fiction.

This piece of literature instills in one's mind the awareness of accountability and the determination to please the Lord. This tale leaves us with the message that worldy joys and sorrows are simply tests for us.

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They should never distract us from our true purpose on Earth i. View 2 comments. Those in bliss are continually being amazed by the wonderful life that is unfolding for them, beyond their deepest desires and wildest imagination. It is the story of a family. The main character is Abdullah, the father, and his close companion Saleh, who explains and clarifies each situation, as the story develops.

Abdullah, his wife Naimah, and some children are in bliss, while a son and a daughter are in a state of misery and desolation. The novel traces the reasons why which character is in which state. There are a few other additional characters who lend an explanation to the story.

It also traces the larger story of nations, of humans and humanity, of trial and suffering in our present world, attempting to answer the bigger question: The novel is an incredible, marvelous, harrowing, scary, romantic, sci-fi fantasy.

What is unique about the book is that it is based upon the description of the Day of Reckoning and Hereafter, as related in the Quran and Sunnah. It builds upon the information in these two sources and presents a preview of what might be when we are raised from our graves and the sequel of events that will unfold.View all 9 comments.

Beyond words! Part 2 of the book has also been published, but is currently available in Urdu only, titled: 'Qasam Us Waqt Ki'. The surprise twist in end was a treat and I couldn't but won 4 This book is a religious fiction exploring what happens when life begins again after the end of the world as we know it.

I call it simple because the author has refrained from the philosophical exploration of eschatological themes and tri This is a fictional account of Islamic eschatology which is really interesting and has amazing psychological and spiritual benefits.

Translated by Bashir Nazir.

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