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An elementary Java Card electronic purse applet is presented whose . ify and verify a fully featured industrial payment application, we describe a Java Card. and military field. The end of this article it is presented a java card electronic wallet application. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for Integrating E-Payment Services With RIA Applications. Uploaded by. Journal of. Vesna Hassler, Michail Gordeev, Martin Manninger, Christoph Müller: Java Card for E-Payment Applications, Artech House, , ISBN

Java Card For E-payment Applications Pdf

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s Java Card Application Programming Interface, Sun Microsystems, Inc. credit card and stores and processes information through the electronic circuits. Java Card for E-Payment Applications [Vesna Hassler, Martin Manninger, Mikhail Gordeev, Christoph Muller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. PDF | In this paper, are highlighted concepts as: complete Java card application, life cycle of an applet, and a practical electronic wallet sample implemented in.

The defined interface must be implemented in a class, and then instantiate an object of that class to obtain a Shareable Interface Object SIO.

The JCRE makes these methods accessible by other applets client applets , which must first declare a reference of the type defined by the Shareable Interface of the server applet, and then invoke the JCSystem.

The Smart Card consists of three applications, which are access control system, health card system and E-purse system as shown in Figure 3.

Therefore, an applet PersonalizeCardApplet that contains the personal information should be implemented to share its information with other applets applications such as an E-purse applet as shown in Figure 4. Shareable; import javacard.

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By invoking JCSystem. Table 2 PersonalizeCardApplet. Table 3 PurseApplet.

PersonalizeInterface; import javacard. Unfortunately, the use of this mechanism exhibited some problems and limitations.

Moreover, a malicious applet could be installed with the same AID of another valid applet, and be a part of the object sharing process, on a compromised smart card. If an object implements more than one interface, then a Client applet that is authorized to access objects defined by one interface may access objects defined by the other interface for which may not be authorized.

Sample codes are presented on how different applications Applets that reside on the same Java Card can share data, and services. NFC communication ranges generally range from about 3 to about 4 inches.

Such short communication distances limit, as well as, enable secure communication between close field proximity enabled devices. In GSM phones, a proximity enabled for example, NFC controller with an antenna is incorporated into the device with the secure contactless software applications located on a smart chip. The smart chip can be further incorporated into one of several exemplary phone components, including a standard Subscribed Identity Module SIM card, a separate Mobile Secure Digital Card for example, a secure digital SD card with non-volatile memory, such as EEPROM , or an embedded chip for the payment module purposes.

An NFC-enabled contactless payment device enables financial transactions, ticketing, secure authentication, and coupons among several services that are available to the device owner. The NFC contactless payment device can function as a credit card to enable purchases at the point-of-sale POS or even via merchant websites, where in the later case a GSM phone can be used to secure bank information from an authenticating server called a trusted service manager TSM.

The bank information is used in a form entry for payments on a merchant website.

The TSM hosts and controls all credit card information sent to or withdrawn from a trusted NFC enabled contactless payment device. Card software applications can be identified by Application Identifiers AIDs and are typically stored within the secure element of the mobile device.

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Sign up for a free trial Sign in to Cloud.For instance, if it is an applet providing a service of electronic wallet, it should provide sub-services such as debit or credit transactions for the amount of money on the card, verifying the balance sheet of the card, assuring the security of the access to the applet by PIN.

In this manner, legacy readers that have stored therein only the short-form AID applet can invoke the functionality of the long-form AID applet on the smart card.

While certain embodiments are described in which parts of the digital wallet are implemented in software, it will be appreciated that one or more acts or functions of the digital wallet may be performed by hardware, software, or a combination thereof, as may be embodied in one or more computing systems.

Once attached, the merchant's website can communicate with the digital wallet , for example, via cross-document messaging. Also they can run on specialized terminal like ATM-Automatic Teller Machine or can run on a mobile phone which is used as a smart card reader; Card Reader Applications these are running in the card reader and are responsible for the accomplishment and the coordination of the interaction with cards applications.

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