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When critics and readers caught scent of Patrick Suskind's "Perfume", it became an instant “Like the best scents, PERFUME's effects will linger long after it has. Ensayo de Religion en libro "El Perfume" patrck suskind - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. ensayo. Read Perfume: The Story of a Murderer PDF. Los libros de Dánae: Los Borgia, la primera familia del crimen.- Mario. Los BorgiaI Love BooksMy BooksBook.

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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is a literary historical fantasy novel by German writer .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Title: Libro catálogo perfume, Author: Adrián, Length: 14 pages, Published: Try out the HTML to PDF API Original Perfumes at True Wholesale Prices. An acclaimed bestseller and international sensation, Patrick Suskind's classic novel provokes a terrifying examination of what happens when one man's.

On the way to Grasse, Grenouille makes a detour for seven years to a mountain cave, where he ponders the scents he has known in his life thus far. Descending from the mountain looking like a wild man, he is rehabilitated by a slightly mad pseudo-scientist nobleman who believes that he is a prime example of a vicitm of fluidum letale. After a farce of a scientific "proof" is enacted, Grenouille slips away and goes to Grasse.

There he works in a small perfumery, learning different methods of distillation, but especially cold enfleurage. He now begins to distill scents other than flowers, such as inanimate objects. He moves onto animals, finally realizing that he must kill them in order to get their scent properly. Now he has a goal; he has found a scent to match the girl he killed in Paris, another red-head here in Grasse named Laure Richis. He devises a plan to create a scent of her essence, but he needs other scents to buoy up and extend her scent, to make it truly wonderful.

Grenouille thus proceeds to kill twenty-four teenage girls in the region of Grasse, and he distills their scent by cold enfleurage. Finally he murders and obtains the scent of his prize, the best-smelling girl, Laure.

He is caught for his crimes but, by using the master scent he has created, he is believed innocent by all and released. The author This is a very inte In 18th Century France a baby is born who lacks any scent. The author This is a very interesting book. I was rapt. Until I was done it was an unhappy thing to have to put it down unfinished, due to interruptions like work, sleep and eating.

Thankfully I was able to complete it. Perfume is an odd story, perhaps, but also very interesting, providing some payload in depictions of 18th Century Europe and information about aroma in general and perfumery in particular. Much recommended but not for all tastes. View all 27 comments.

View all 25 comments. Jun 24, John Wiswell rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Historical fiction readers, fantasy readers, readers who love bizarre characters. I had a heck of a time thinking who I'd recommend this to. It won a Fantasy award, yet I can't call it Fantasy. It's set in a bygone period, but it doesn't play with history, so it's not Historical Fiction. It's about a murder, yet it's not terrifying like Horror, nor is it a mystery.

It's just the story of a peculiar boy who became a dangerous and most interesting man. He was born without an odor, you see, and lacking that part of identity, became obsessed with smell.

That identity crisis trigg I had a heck of a time thinking who I'd recommend this to. That identity crisis triggers philosophical, religious and morbid chords in the book, yet none dominate. If anything, a dark curiosity dominates it. The book has a slightly menacing monotone about it that is almost hypnotic, and lays a surreal lens over the brilliant and crisp descriptions Suskind provides for his world. It's an angry, dangerous little book that baffled literary critics and inspired Nirvana.

Read it and label it for yourself. View all 7 comments. This book was different and brilliant. The story of an orphaned boy born without a scent, but with an incredibly refined sense of smell, the book drags a bit in parts, but the ends justify the means, in more ways than one. All things considered, the book is a valentine to the beauty, elegance, and power of smell. A truly underrated sense, Suskind reminds the reader of just how powerful an effect our sense of smell can have.

Although Jean-Baptiste Grenouille one of the great names in contemporary This book was different and brilliant. Although Jean-Baptiste Grenouille one of the great names in contemporary fiction 's amazing sense of smell seems the sort of thing that is unquantifiable in most any medium, Suskind makes it work perfectly. His vivid descriptions almost evoke the smells he is describing into reality, and his characterization of Grenouille is nothing short of perfect.

Grenouille is, of course, an abhorrent, vicious, loathsome character, and Suskind takes great pains to point this out literally at various intervals throughout the story. However, despite his actions and the way he is described, Suskind cleverly says one thing and shows another, presenting Grenouille as the unquestioned hero of the story, allowing him to come across as, at the very least, sympathetic if not pitiable , and at most, a man whose single-minded drives and desires leads to the reader outright rooting for him to succeed in his horrific acts.

As the subtitle of the book is 'The Story of a Murderer', I don't think it gives anything away to say that the book climaxes in the brutal murders of 25 women that Grenouille uses to create the most perfect smelling perfume the world has ever known. Despite all the difficulties Grenouille encounters, all the opposition and roadblocks and it's indisputably true that Grenouille was dealt a bad hand in life , he still takes his lumps admirably and never wavers from his pursuit of his dream, which, at its heart, is something I think everyone aspires to be able to do.

Furthermore, when Grenouille finally does achieve his dream, he is heartbroken to discover that, after everything, it was not what he'd envisioned.

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Sadly, I think that is something people can relate to as well. And so it is that the story of a murderer ends up as something everyone can relate to. One of the ways Suskind is able to so perfectly pull this off is to disassociate Grenouille from these abhorrent acts. Throughout the story, we see only Grenouille striving and working hard to achieve his goal.

Then, at the cusp of putting it into motion, the story suddenly changes perspective from the actions of Grenouille to their aftermath and the perspective of the local townspeople.

It's a jarring and effective method that allows the reader to still root for Grenouille, as they still are very much aware that Grenouille is responsible for these horrific actions, but disassociates him from the brutality of them by only speaking of them in an offhand manner i. All that said, the end of the book is insane, but wonderfully so. It's completely out of left field and it's almost hard to accept that what is happening is real and not some sort of dream which it isn't.

The reader is left waiting for the moment when Grenouille opens his eyes and we're told what really happened, but it never comes. Compared to the climax, the end of the story almost makes perfect sense, when in any other story it would be seen as equally insane, if not more so. But don't let it detract you from reading the book.

It's true, you'll either love it or hate it, but no matter what you'll be unable to say it wasn't worthwhile. View all 10 comments.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Betty - bettysbooks. I want my last 2 weeks back. I dove into this book expecting a hell of a lot more than I dragged out of it. From the very beginning I did not like the author's writing style and should have known then that this book just wouldn't be for me. This book is set in the mid's France and centers around a horrid man who has no redeeming qualities other than the fact that he has likely the most perfect sense of smell in the history of mankind.

But he uses this skill for selfish and evil purposes and I want my last 2 weeks back. But he uses this skill for selfish and evil purposes and we get to come along for the story of his life - if you could call it that. The premise of the story seemed interesting enough, and of course the title tells us that there is going to be murder so that always makes for interesting reading. But I just found it to be extremely boring and tiresome. The author obviously did his research relating to all things perfume - the methods involved in it's creation - both chemically and artistically - and the importance of it's purpose in that point in history.

But he goes overboard with list after exhaustive list of ingredients or steps within a process or varieties to be found. He can't help but describe every minute detail, not just of perfume, but of the landscape or the people. I love descriptive writing - I truly do - but I do also like to have an exciting plot to keep me involved.

By the time he finished describing a scene I forgot why we were there.

This book lulled me to sleep and caused me to welcome distractions rather than turning the page so it took me a lot longer than a book of this length normally would. I know that it is loved by many and was recommended to me by several whose opinions I value. But this one just didn't cut it. Even when the action picked up in the last 50 pages or so, it became extremely bizarre and made me wonder what the heck the point was exactly. View all 31 comments. Due to a bit of a cold lately, I couldn't smell the cinnamon sprinkled on my Frothy Coffee, nor the aromas of fresh croissants walking past the patisserie, or the preparation of an evening meal consisting of mussels cooked in garlic butter.

I love these smells, they are just as important to me as taste, damn this cold! No interest though in Due to a bit of a cold lately, I couldn't smell the cinnamon sprinkled on my Frothy Coffee, nor the aromas of fresh croissants walking past the patisserie, or the preparation of an evening meal consisting of mussels cooked in garlic butter.

No interest though in hunting virgins for their scent thank God. His frenzied obsession for odours guides him in a ghastly perverse way to search for the lost origin of his identity. A genius of aroma, Grenouille himself lacks a personal odor, signifying an absence of individual identity, but never mind, he can just go about stealing that of others.

As he discovers his olfactory virtuosity, he becomes increasingly obsessed with inventing new fragrances, particularly his own, which he attempts to create artificially by extracting and blending the corporeal scents of young virginal women he murders. His great hope is to create the ideal perfume that will give him the magical essence of identity. He despises the rest of mankind, but still is solely driven by a desire for the attention and affection of others, he wants to be top dog, the hell with everybody else.

At the moment of his crowning glory, however, Grenouille knows that the aura of identity created by his magic perfume is an illusion, and that it has been hate rather than love that drove him to become a genius of perfuming. After this epiphany, Grenouille goes barking mad, and surrenders himself to a gory finale.

This book was good, I enjoyed it for the most part, but for me, it wasn't great, as viewed by a lot of others. And the repetitive prose and unfocused paragraphs had me skimming the odd page here and there. I can see why it has had big appeal, because on the surface, the premise is so startlingly different, so kudos there, and he gets a range of emotions from sympathy when a filthy young orphan, to disgust and hatred when he starts his murderous quest.

Even tough the chilling horrors of Grenouille's actions are painted in such realistic tones, the novel on the whole never really got under my skin as I thought it would, it's good in places but pretentious in others, and summing up the central character he was just too two-dimensional for my liking.

Not the sort of book I would normally read, so at least it was a break from the norm. Although I am still a long way off wondering around in grandpa slippers, I felt this novel was maybe intended for a younger audience. Forget the fish guts, cow hide, boiled puppy and dead virgins, I will stick to the mint, lavender, bergamot, sandalwood and tonka bean of Jean Paul Gaultier.

View all 32 comments. I'd like to make something very clear with my review of this book. I normally don't go overboard with the whole "the movie vs. But this is a case where I have to speak out. I admire lots of books but I wouldn't say this about any old novel.

The movie "Perfume" makes an utte I'd like to make something very clear with my review of this book. The movie "Perfume" makes an utter mockery of this artwork, its incredible language even in translation and its profoundly disturbing character. The movie is to this book what a smudge of dirt is to a brilliant, glowing star. The movie not only fails to capture the depth and profundity of the prose but also of its unique darkness and unsettling moral bleakness. He lacks a fundamental concept of agency in other people, who are essentially conveyors or producers of smells and nothing more.

He kills, not with any idea of transgression, but simply as he would break an object in order to smell it. In this he is far more terrifying than any serial killer or other contrived "evil" character, and the story of his incredible and absurd life leaves one with a deep darkness that takes a long time to dissipate after the novel is closed and shelved or passed on.

The movie, as I saw it, conveyed none of this existentially disturbing character, but merely his salient features; i. In short, viewers are left with a paltry, thin gruel that denigrates and shames the original book and its author. View all 15 comments. There are some books which can be called unique. They may be good, bad or indifferent: Perfume by Patrick Suskind is such a book. Jean Baptiste Grenouille is "an abominable and gifted personage, in an era which was not lacking in abominable and gifted personages".

Born a bastard in the stinking heart of the city of Paris in the eighteenth century There are some books which can be called unique. Born a bastard in the stinking heart of the city of Paris in the eighteenth century under a gutting table, the first cry he utters sends his mother to the scaffold for abandoning an infant.

Grenouille grows up by sucking many wet nurses dry, survives the horrendous childhood of an orphan in an age without mercy, and grows up to become a successful perfumer. For this is his unique gift: But simple identification is not enough for Jean. He is driven by the insatiable urge to possess any smell he likes for himself; he will move heaven and earth to extract it from its origin, make a perfume out of it and keep it with him.

He is not bothered that the object which originates the smell will be destroyed in the process of extraction: And like a vampire, it is the smell of virgins which drives him wild.

Ultimately, Grenouille's gift and single-minded obsession proves to be the cause of both his uplift and undoing Suskind has written a gripping novel which will hook and pull the reader in from the first sentence onwards. However, this is not a simple horror story or thriller: Jean Baptiste Grenouille is a masterly creation.

His insatiable thirst for smells makes him a truly terrifying "collector": The fact that he lacks a characteristic odour himself enhances his vampiric nature.

Also, all the people who profit from him come to a grisly end, like the poor misguided souls who make a pact with the devil. Joseph Campbell has made the slogan "Follow your bliss" very popular - but how to know whether your bliss is good or bad?

I have always wondered about the concept of "negative bliss". Both Gandhi and Hitler could have been said to be following their bliss in different ways. While reading this novel, I was struck by the realisation that the difference is in one's attitude.

If one is doing it because one cannot be doing anything else - following one's karma, if you want to put it that way - then it is bliss. But if one is driven by an insatiable need which feeds on itself, one ends up being a vampire. Ultimately, it consumes oneself. Highly recommended. View all 14 comments. The Story Of A Murderer is simply one of the greatest horror novels ever written.

Taking place in 18th century, France , it begins with an infant born with one difference from the rest of the world: Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born with the ability to smell anything and everything in the world around him. Although not a novel of the supernatural as commonly defined, in a sense, it is, because his ability can only be defined as that of supernature.

While not being the most prolific author Perfume: More a modern descendant of Edgar Allan Poe or Robert Louis Stevenson and other great gothic writers of that period than to most writers working today, Perfume , is a unique, fresh, story of mystery, suspense, and madness. For those of you tired of books you can see right through, anticipating where the storyline is going and how it's going to end, this is the book for you.

I can't imagine anyone figuring out the ending, or even trying to, because you wil be so caught up in the book, you will savour every page and description until the end. It's really hard to find good modern gothic fiction, horror or otherwise, that's done with a literate touch from someone that conveys the feeling of actually being there inside a rich, period piece setting. A book no one with literate reading interests should miss. Jekyll And Mr.


Grenouille was considered as a little strange child by his friends, because his face was not handsome and he was slightly stooped. Grenouille was often more silent, he preferred the smell of new things around him.

His sense of smell was very sharp, he could smell the smells that could not be smelled by humans in general. So, he regretted that there were no words which could describe all the scent as he was recognized. As a teenager, he worked with Monsieur Grimal because Madame Gaillard has been sold him. Madame Gaillard's death ended tragically with throat cancer and had experienced a bankruptcy. Monsieur Grimal was an expert tanner. Grenouille worked diligently and did not talk too much.

When he was 13 years, Grenouille left the house on Sunday afternoon. He used this chance to continue his penchant recognize that there were any odors. He wanted to keep all the scent that he had inhaled at the time. One time on the anniversary of the coronation of the king of France, Grenouille smelled a scent that really caught his attention and he really liked the smell of it. Apparently, the smell was coming from a girl who was 14 years old. After the death, he kissed every part of her body.

None have passed because every part of her body has own flavor. When delivering the skin on Giuseppe Baldini, a famous perfume maker, he was very interested to learn how to catch a scent. Baldini finally allowed him to become his disciple. Grenouille had become an expert distillation. But, he decided to leave Baldini and went to South to learn how to make perfume. Then, he lived in seclusion in a mountain, which no one dared to place it.

He was just eating and roughing it. Grenouille met the Marquis who changed his life and brought him to town, he created perfumes that make people attracted to the previous approach because the people had never thought of his presence.

Grenouille moves to the city of Grasse, the place where the center of production and sales of perfumes which is comfortable area. Here, he learns the various techniques of making perfumes. At Madame Arnulfi, he is free to make a lot of varieties of perfumes and perform distillation.

His first interest to scent the bodies of a virgin girl get in excited to catch the human scent. When a girl alone, he hit her head with the wood. Then he shaves her head, strip off her clothes and her body smeared with fat and then wraps it in cloth. The smell of the girl, he finally gets it. He does so until the girl number This case uproar in the town that there is a sadistic killer which then force the parents to keep their daughters.

But in vain, the killer with a keen sense of smell might eventually take the girl's scent.

However, criminals are finally caught, Grenouille gets hanged. When the citizens of the whole city come to witness his death, he spread a perfume from the scent of the 25th virgins.

Unexpectedly on the ground, all people having sex, there is a mass of sex. The scent is so drugged people. Grenouille releases and escapes. The end story of Grenouille is tragic, he comes close a bunch of people, where he spreads the perfume on all of his own body, and then one by one, people are approaching Grenouille and begin to eat parts of his body with greedily.

The book that tells about a crime serial killer who killed 25 virgins has strengths and also weaknesses. The Strengths The strength of the novel comes from the intrinsic elements.There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

View all 10 comments. Yes, this is a book about a murderer, but it isn't a crime novel. I admire lots of books but I wouldn't say this about any old novel.

View all 43 comments. To Grenouille Recipe Ideas. Grenouille thus proceeds to kill twenty-four teenage girls in the region of Grasse, and he distills their scent by cold enfleurage. Frequently bought together.

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