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The actual dimensions of the Portugal map are X pixels, file size (in bytes) - You can open, print or download it by clicking on the map or via . 6 out. PDF | On Jan 1, , Rui Branco and others published O Mapa de Portugal. Estado, Território e Poder no Portugal de Oitocentos. Portugal (Political) (K) and pdf format (K); Portugal (Shaded Relief) Portugal and Spain (K): From The New Encyclopedic Atlas.

Mapa Portugal Pdf

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Mapa Portugal. Find any address on the map of Portugal or calculate your itinerary to and from Portugal, find all the tourist attractions and Michelin Guide. Page 1. Page 2. Mapa Portugal. Northern Europe - Eurorailways northern europe legend travel times eurail's product range consists of 4 pass types: 1 eurail global pass; valid in .

Lisbon Tram

In , the Porto Metro surpassed its record of 60 million customers. Future expansions In January , plans emerged to add four subway stations and extend the Pink G line 2.

Construction is expected to begin in early and to be complete by The new lines will meet major demands on both sides of the city and provide daily service to 33 thousand people. The overall investment for this expansion phase is about million euros.

It connects both direct and indirectly to all system destinations as well.


Casa da Musica metro station Service is available every day of the year. The schedule operates from a.

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Between and , the approval phase of the network, awarding of contracts, approval of credits and other legal aspects were fulfilled. The metro underwent constant growth between and Below is a list of its major milestones. Period - Construction was accelerated and in , an experimental phase was carried out that allowed at least thousand residents to take part in the first test trips, free of charge. These tests were completed over the course of 19 weeks along routes that totaled thousand kilometers 62, miles.

Metropolitano de Lisboa official Metro company has created a very useful PDF showing all of the screens and stages to purchase a ticket from the vending machine, which can be seen here: link opens a new tab, and as its 1. Advice and Guidance for Lisbon Metro When a ticket is purchased from a ticket machine a receipt is printed, always take this receipt in case there is an issue with your Viva Viagem card.

For each journey the card is used twice, to swipe into the metro station and out from the metro station. At the barrier place the Viva Viagem card on the sensor on the right side and the barrier will open.

Why have a holiday to Albufeira?

If you swipe the card to soon after the previous passenger the barrier will not open. As with all public transport in busy cities be aware of your surrounds and do not offer thieves the opportunity to steal items.

The amount of thefts on the Lisbon metro system is no worse than any other big city but always vigilant. If travelling late at night sit in busy carriages and away from dodgy looking people.

The Map of Lisbon Metro Lisbon metro map Lisbon Metro Routes Overview There are four metro lines and are conveniently colour coded; blue, yellow, green and red. The green metro line connects the tourist areas around Baixa and the train station to Cascais.

The red metro line connects Expo Park and the airport to the other lines. The older yellow and blue lines follow Lisbon's main avenues heading north and north west and are of less importance for tourists. Sintra has a fantastic range of hotels, with many are in keeping with the style and charm of the region. The map below shows the location of hotels and rental rooms in Sintra, and by altering the date to your holiday, the map will display current prices: Booking.

The historical reason, is due to the slightly cooler climate that the hills of the Serra de Sintra provide, this enticed the nobility Portugal to construct their summer residences here.

The train service starts early in the morning and continues late into the night, and there are up to three departures per hour. Warning: Never drive to Sintra, the narrow hill roads were never designed for today's heavy traffic, and there is very limited car parking.

In the summer there is an almost constant traffic jam as frustrated drivers search for car parking spots. There are direct bus services to Sintra from the resort towns of Cascais and Estoril.

From Estoril, the bus service is the number route, which departs from the train station and takes 30 minutes. Related articles: Lisbon to Sintra — Cascais to Sintra — Estoril to Sintra Sintra as part of an organised tour There are a lot of benefits of visiting Sintra as a part of a small group tour.

Sintra is a destination where the main tourist sights are spread across a wide region of steep hills, and a tour eliminates the hassle of public transport. Portuguese tour guides are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and the tours cater for more worldly visitors.Albufeira is expecting a record number of visitors for , and this follows the sell-out summer in There are lots of ticket machines The metro ticket machines accepts coins, notes and cards Zapping ticket A zapping ticket allows credit to be charged to the Viva Viagem card, which can be used to pay for all public transport.

The Map of Lisbon Metro Lisbon metro map Lisbon Metro Routes Overview There are four metro lines and are conveniently colour coded; blue, yellow, green and red.

Related articles: Sights and tourist attractions of Sintra 1 day in Sintra The majority of tourists visit Sintra as a day trip, either from Lisbon or the resort towns of Cascais and Estoril.

Locals are very proud of their history and culture. The train service starts early in the morning and continues late into the night, and there are up to three departures per hour.

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