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The Blue Book of Facts of Marine Engineering [Emil Ryder] [Glass] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This historic book may have numerous. hello readers this book is worth buying,because it has all the lessons that a marine engineer would need to trouble shoot the problems they face on board the. The blue book of facts of marine engineering: Including new questions and problems with answers, on engines, boilers, turbines, safety-valves, are required.

Marine Engineering Blue Book

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Firemen- Watertenders- Oilers- Electricians- Refrigerating Engineers - Deck Engineers Be the first to ask a question about Marine Engine Room Blue Book . The Blue Book of Facts of Marine Engineering. Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan and uploaded to the. The Blue Book of Facts of Marine Engineering Front Cover. Emil Ryder Glass. Ocean publishing Company, - Marine engineering - pages. 0 Reviews .

This was thoroughly tested and vetted and published in After 10 years of use, the FIDIC has issued a second edition adding and improving clauses that had been suggested by those using the Blue Book.

Roles of engineer and supervisor When the tender documents are issued, the contractor should be advised who is to act as engineer or supervisor. Under FIDIC Conditions of Contract, the assumption that the engineer is notionally independent from both the employer and the contractor and must act fairly. Other contract conditions used in the international field allocate the supervisory task to an agent of the employer, which may beg the question of impartiality but is not necessarily a cause for concern.

In the event of disputes about a decision of the supervisor, one may enter into mediation, or arbitral or judicial procedures may be taken immediately. In this connection, it is useful to mention that the International Chamber of Commerce ICC has developed special rules for an arbitral referee procedure that can be considered more adequate than full arbitral procedures in certain cases.

Soil conditions Full awareness or as full as possible of soil conditions encountered at the site are crucial to the clarity of the contract. Too often information about soil conditions is inadequate and causes problems during the dredging works.


Although the contractor bears the risk for the soil conditions and investigation, this presumes that the condition could have reasonably been foreseen and that the information provided was correct and reasonably complete. Allocation of risks Contract forms, such as the general FIDIC conditions, as well as other standardised contract condition, allocate most of the risks and liabilities of the execution of works to the contractor.

The exception may be liability for defects in the design and to a certain degree for deviating soil conditions. Such risks are to be borne by the employer to a certain degree, and different phenomena, such as forces of nature and atomic warfare, are listed as such.

Completion and acceptance conditions Completion and acceptance procedures as well as payment arrangements and final account procedures should be defined in detail in the contract. Rules applicable to the submission and return of bank guarantees should be well defined.

In the majority of cases the contractor cannot be required to accept any liability for defects in the works after completion. Geophysical attributes such as water currents, siltation and weather may change the works and often cannot be attributed to a shortcoming of the contractor but rather to a possibly defective design.

Specific terms and conditions can be agreed in the contract and should be appropriate to the specific dredging operations. Environmental aspects Contamination and pollution issues should be attended to by designers, employers and contractors.

Marine engine room blue book

This will require detailed knowledge of local laws, statutes and of international treaties. The dredging contract should carefully determine the responsibilities, risks and liabilities of each of the parties involved. Methods to avoid pollution and their costs must be budgeted for. Possible indemnifications should be considered as well as possibilities offered by insurance to cover ensuing risks.


Environmental Management Plans EMP guided by an expert environmental manager could be worthwhile and might be included in the contract.

Insurance for maritime operations In most dredging contracts, conditions are specified for the insurance of risks for various categories of events causing damages to the parties of the contract or to third parties. Not indexed. Not illustrated. What are the duties of an engineer?

The duties of an engineer, are to familiarize himself with his plant, keep the boilers in good condition, have proper amount of water at all times and see that all machinery is in good order. Describe the different types of engines with which you have had experience.

Give descriptions according to your experience. Describe in detail how you would lay a boat up for the night.

I would close all overboard valves, reduce steam pressure on boiler, bank fires, fill boiler with water, close water glass cocks, see that main stop is closed and all other valves that should be closed. What is the effect of linking up an engine?

Marine Engine Room Blue Book

To save steam and coal and get the full benefit of expansion.This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Cliff Adis rated it it was amazing Nov 20, Al Winston marked it as to-read Aug 11, Books by William B.

Marine engineering -- Examinations, questions, etc.

Though there are several books out there to learn about marine engineering and its subjects, there are a few that are extremely comprehensive and useful for mariners around the world.

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