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Prince of Dhamp Novel Imran Series No. 49 Written by Mazhar Kaleem M.A. Prince of Dhamp is a jasoosi novel contains an interesting fiction. Read And Download Prince of Dhump by Mazhar Kaleem. Download Free Urdu books and digest in PDF format read and Free Download. The largest Urdu. Read Online Prince Of Dhump by Mazhar Kaleem M.A, Download Prince Of Dhump by Mazhar PDF File size= MB | Total pages =

Prince Of Dhump By Mazhar Kaleem Pdf

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Prince of Dhump; an Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem Please note that you will have to have PDF Reader in order to read the novel after. Prince of Dhump by Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series Pdf. Prince of dhump by Click on the link given below to download pdf. Download Link. Title: Prince of Dhamp Author: Mazhar Kaleem M A. Format: PDF After Extraction. More: Imran Series Prince Of Dhump. Prince Of Dhump Pdf.

Prince Of Dhump

Newer Post Older Post Home. Weekly Popular Books. Meri dharkano ko qarar do novel contains a social romantic reforming story is authored by maryam aziz in urdu language with the size of In english language tense means Kuch ishq tha kuch majboori social romantic and reforming novel is authored by pakistan most famous author umme maryam.

Click the below m We are really sorry to say this book is permanently deleted and as far not available but you may download or read another two boo Super Operation By Mazhar Kaleem.

Mazhar Kaleem Format: PDF Size: Imran likes him most of others because he is undefeatable agent on the bases of toil in the field work. Captain Jaafari[ edit ] He got chucked out of the secret service because he wasn't good enough and always made mistakes.

He was expelled from the services due to negligence on duty in Al Fansay Al Fanse. He got chucked out of the secret service because he wasn't good enough.

They combats against the violent crimes rising in the Pakaisa a fictional country of Ali Imran also created by Mazhar Kaleem. Siddique is the leader of Four-Stars.

Prince Of Dhump

Nomani, Khawar and Chauhan are the other members of the team. This in accordance with " Mazhar Kaleem 's Imran Series "; in Ibne Safi's novels, these four were ordinary members of secret service like others. They appear in many novels Other main characters[ edit ] Sir Sultan[ edit ] He is the administrator of the Secret Service, and one of the few characters who can identify Imran as X Imran reports directly to him, though at times he is irritated by Imran's complex behaviour.

Nonetheless, he highly appreciates Imran for his talents, at one time even wishing that Imran had been his son.

Sir Sultan likes Imran for his good qualities, but sometimes he too gets frustrated with Imran's non-serious behavior. He is an old friend of Imran's father. Roshee[ edit ] An Anglo-Burmese girl who was saved by Imran in one of his cases before he became X Rahman ordered Imran to leave the house, stating that he can't allow her to live with them.

Intelligent and confident, she has helped Imran in various cases. Imran trusts her very much, and she has also known from the start that he is X After meeting Imran in Bhayanak Aadmi, she becomes ashamed of her profession. Impressed by her good qualities, Imran offers her a job in the Central Intelligence Bureau.

However, Imran still involves her in many cases later on. Roshee is one of the only few people who know about Imran as the Chief of the Secret Service.

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Joseph Mugonda[ edit ] Personal bodyguard of Imran , Joseph, an African black , is tall, well-built and an ex prize-fighter. After Imran defeated him during a case, [12] he preferred to come under his patronage and since then, he has been extremely loyal to Imran, sometimes referring to Imran as his "father".

He is a heavy drinker and highly superstitious, nonetheless, a very useful companion. His knowledge of jungles has proved to be very useful for Imran on various occasions.

He also serves as Prince of Dhump's bodyguard whenever Imran assumes the role. Before meeting Imran , Joseph was a heavyweight champion.

His philosophy was that whoever could knock him out; he would willingly work for the person for the rest of his life, considering that person his Boss. In Challees Aik, Baavan, Joseph serves the villain. Imran not only defeats Joseph's boss, but he also manages to easily defeat Joseph. Joseph likes to remain in a military uniform with gun holsters on each side, carrying two identical loaded revolvers. Joseph is insanely alcoholic, beginning each day by gulping down half a bottle of whiskey to "open his eyes.

Tiger is student of Imran in Judo, martial arts, sign arts, make-up and copying voice of the key gangsters. He is titled to be the "second Imran" because his ability and skills out in field are outstandingly admissible. His real name is Rizwan and he is a Muslim. But because he has been engaged in the risky business of crime and underworld so he is nicknamed as 'Tiger'. Tiger is not a bound agent of X2's team.

He is Imran's personal acolyte and aide and his loyalties are all adhesively directed to his mentor; anybody challenging Imran is subjected to some serious treatment by him.

He tries his best to act like his boss. Imran has been heard several times saying that Tiger does his job to the perfection; doing full justice to his work. Sulaiman[ edit ] Imran lives in a modest flat, along with his cook and housekeeper, Sulaiman.

Imran is always messing around with Sulaiman about the food he is going to prepare, and the conversation between them is always funny. He is very loyal and does not like Imran's bodyguard Joseph , who is always drunk. Later, he gets married to a girl named Gulrukh in Mazhar Kaleem 's novels Sulaiman, however, is a bachelor. He knows that Imran is X-2 and he has also performed role of X-2 in many novels written by Mazhar Kaleem. Imran occasionally calls him Super Fayyaz.

Whenever he faces difficulties, he consults Imran. He, however, is also jealous of Imran and has many times attempted, though unsuccessfully, to arrest him.

Despite his jealousy, he has sought Imran 's help on numerous occasions. Fayyaz is not a very intelligent officer, but with the help of Imran he is able to solve numerous cases, resulting in his promotions and he rises to the position of superintendent. Besides all these facts he still remains Imran 's good friend and respects his ability of detecting the villain in the end. He thinks that Imran is merely an informer or a worker of the Secret Service.

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He was a member of an organization "Master Killers", very eminent for target killing of world's prominent personalities. Juana came to Pakasia to kill Imran along with his other three killers. Master Killers could not succeed in executing Imran and at the end Juana accepted Imran as his master after a deadly fight with the later. Juana is an excellent martial arts fighter, very cruel in nature and has a strong body like wrestler with 7.

Now he lives in "Rana House" along with Joseph. He also acts as personal body guard of Prince of Dhump, an alias of Imran. Since then he has moved from country to country, trying to avail all opportunities to display his criminal, lustful, and avaricious nature. He is very thin in appearance with a visibly weak physique, but is actually very strong. He is famous, among those who somewhat know him, as "jonk" leech because of his ability to clench his enemy, leading to their suffocation and unconsciousness.

A criminal named McLawrence has terrorized the city. Imran tries to investigate the situation, and comes across Sing Hee.

Sing had devised a technique by which he is able to dodge any bullets fired on him by judging the hand movements of the assailant, and moving swiftly. Sing Hee performs it in front of Imran once, and Imran asks him to do it again. That is enough for Imran to grasp the technique involved.

Then Imran surprises Sing Hee by challenging him to shoot at him; Sing Hee cannot believe his eyes when he is unable to shoot Imran. Despite the fact that both characters are bloodthirsty for each other, the evil con man declares Imran to be his rightful nephew in the cunning art. Their next meeting takes place in Joank Ki Wapsee.

Now Sing is working for Zeroland. Sing Hee is unable to kill Imran , because Zeroland requires that Imran remain alive. He is very brave criminal. Whenever Sing Hee encounters Imran , he always manages to escape in the end, except in Larztee Lakeerain when Imran manages to capture him but afterwards releases him on purpose, saying that if he had caught Sing Hee in his own country, he would not have released him.

He has a hump on his back. He plays various roles simultaneously. Sometimes he is found in a third-rate bar flirting with the old and ugly barmaid. At the same time, he also appears as the husband of a beautiful woman, the Rani of Sajid Nagar. Ibne Safi had written the first two novels of this storyline, Dilchasp Hadisaa and Bay-Awaaz Sayyarah, when he fell sick for three years. The third and final of the Humbug series, Daerh Matwaalay, was written after his recovery.He has established characters in such a fashion that they appear to be real and materialised.

The novel describes the worst condition of miners and their even worst financial situation in a hill town of India in late 20th century. This led to Imran's appointment as "officer on special duties" in his own father's department. Imran also had to deal with double crossing foreign agents, who conspired to reveal the identity of X His style of fighting is often described as playful, with his face calm and his actions and movements smooth and under his control.

Rahman so much that he forced Imran to resign and ordered him to leave the house.

His other most significant personality facet is the Chief of the Secret Services: X Notify me of follow-up comments by email. He never reveals his true side to anyone.

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