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Download PDF Public Speaking for College & Career, 10th Edition | PDF books Ebook Free Download Here. Download People also search: public speaking for college and career 10th edition pdf free public speaking for college. Public speaking for college & career by Hamilton Gregory 10th edition. Custom Value Edition of Public Speaking for College and Career for Kingsborough CC.

Public Speaking For College And Career 10th Edition Pdf

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Instructor Public Speaking for College & Career 10th Edition, Kindle Edition. by Hamilton Gregory (Author). Public Speaking for College & Career, 10th Edition [Hamilton Gregory] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Public Speaking for College . Introduction to Public Speaking: Chapter 1 from Public Speaking for College and Career, Ninth Edition by Gregory,. 2. 2. Controlling Nervousness: Chapter.

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Advanced Search Find a Library. Showing all editions for 'Public speaking for college and career' Sort by: Refine Your Search Year. Explain why nervousness can actually help a public speaker. Pages Key terms: Chapter 2 Managing Nervousness 3.

Apply techniques that can be used before and during a speech to manage nervousness. Full Speeches 3: On Connect Public Speaking: This checklist can be used for both classroom and career speeches.

Form 2. At End of Chapter in the Text: Chapter Highlights — Instructors can choose a version that has no videos or a version that includes video clips speech excerpts.

Many of the PowerPoint slides have no text and require the explanation given in the accompanying script.

ISBN 13: 9780078036828

Tests — Ready-made chapter tests and a computerized test bank are provided. Your Thoughts?

How does it apply to public speakers? Answers will vary.

Public Speaking for College and Career 11th Edition by Hamilton Gregory

Good nervousness helps a musician to stay energetic and focused, while bad nervousness can cause errors. In public speaking, a moderate level of nervousness energizes a speaker, while an excessive level can interfere with effective delivery.

Defend your answer. Focusing on personal appearance is a distraction at a time when a speaker needs to focus on getting a message across to an audience. Fear of being stared at, fear of failure or rejection, fear of the unknown, a traumatic experience in the past, and social anxiety. Why are fear and nervousness beneficial to the public speaker? Fear and nervousness cause adrenaline to be released into the bloodstream, giving the speaker energy and vitality. This causes the speaker to be alert and dynamic rather than dull and listless.

Why is delivering a speech from memory a bad method? A speaker who memorizes a speech usually sounds mechanical and dull, and he or she runs the risk of forgetting parts of the speech. Is shyness a liability for a speaker?

Explain your answer. Many shy introverts succeed in show business and in the public speaking arena. How can a speaker reduce excessive tension before a speech? Listeners are usually unaware of the physical symptoms that seem so severe to the speaker.

Why should you never call attention to your nervousness? Why should speakers not be upset when they see the unsmiling faces of their listeners? A peculiarity of human nature is that while most people have animated faces during a conversation, they wear blank masks when listening to a speech.

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Why should a speaker act as if he or she is confident? Acting confident sometimes leads to actually being confident. In an experiment, psychologist Rowland Miller asked college students to do something embarrassing, such as singing The Star Spangled Banner, while classmates watched.

Those students who reported a great degree of embarrassment thought that their classmates would consider them fools and like them less, but Miller found just the opposite: What lessons can a public speaker draw from this research? When a speaker makes mistakes, the audience does not automatically lose respect for him or her. In fact, mistakes often cause an audience to have greater regard for the speaker.

Therefore a speaker should not be obsessed with attaining perfection. Imagine that while you are speaking to an audience, you notice that a everyone is very quiet, b a man in the front is rubbing his neck, and c a woman is looking in her purse. Using two columns on a piece of paper, give a negative interpretation of these events in the first column, and then give a positive interpretation in the adjacent column.

Some possible answers: Activities 1. Have students conduct interviews—in person, on the telephone, or via e-mail—with persons who give speeches in their careers or in the community. Key questions to ask: Is nervousness a problem for you?

How do you deal with it? The four forms cover the same material, but are sufficiently different to permit one test to be used as the class test, and the others as makeup tests for absentees. Form A features true-false questions, Forms B and C have multiple-choice questions, while Form D is more difficult, requiring students to fill in missing words or phrases. Instructors may want to combine Form D with some of the essay questions listed below. Discuss the five common reasons for fear of public speaking.

Explain why a certain amount of nervousness is beneficial to a speaker. Why is it a good idea to pause a few moments before starting a speech? George C. Here is an anecdote that appeared in earlier editions of the text that you might want to share with your students. The late Hollywood actor George C. Also known as a blunt, irascible person in real life, he admitted that his nose had been broken five times in brawls. When actress Maureen Stapleton once complained to her director, Mike Nichols, that she was afraid of her co-star Scott, Nichols replied: I really suffer.

When I get up, I shake all over like a dog shaking the water off. Chapter 2 Managing Nervousness 2. Introduction Speech phobia goes far beyond the normal fear of public speaking that most people have. It is a crippling fear that is so severe that the phobic individual often goes to great lengths to avoid giving a speech. In schools that require a public speaking course for graduation, some phobics will take every other course they need and then drop out of school rather than take the dreaded class.

Some will forego jobs or promotions if public speaking is a requirement—even though they know they are hurting themselves financially. When there is no escape, and phobics are forced to give a speech, they suffer tremendous agony. In addition to the symptoms displayed by the average speaker, phobics may experience dizziness, faintness, nausea, loss of memory, breathing problems such as hyperventilation , and overwhelming feelings of terror and panic. It is estimated that one out of Americans suffers from this kind of phobia.

If you are among the unlucky one percent, there is hope for you. By using some or all of the methods outlined below, you can bring down your anxiety to manageable levels. Thousands of speech phobics, either working alone or with a therapist, have conquered their problem.

The first step is not to run away: Get help. If the information below helps you, fine; if it is not enough for you, seek out someone who can work with you—a counselor, speech teacher, psychologist, psychiatrist, or anyone else who is sensitive to speech phobia ask around for someone who has a good reputation for helping phobics. Taming Dragons If you are like many phobics, your fears become ferocious, fire-breathing dragons that prey on your mind.

To tame these dragons, use the following two-step system. On the right-hand side jot down possible ways of handling each catastrophe I will give you some hints as we go along. No one ever died from speech phobia. Though some phobics feel dizzy or start hyperventilating, it is extremely rare for a speaker to actually faint. But what about the other items on your list?

If you are like most phobics, you have written at least one of the following: You may want to take a long, slow drink of water from the glass you have arranged to have on the lectern. If there is no water, ask a volunteer from the audience to fetch you a glass. There is no need to apologize or explain.

If your mind goes blank, what can you do? You can try the water glass technique mentioned above, and hope that your thoughts will get back on track during the long, slow drink. You can look at your notes to try to pick up where you left off. While you are looking at your notes, take a deep breath. You can ask your audience a question that you have planned ahead of time for such an emergency: This little intermission may give you a chance to get your mind back in gear.Hamilton Gregory Authors: Then as the days go by and he becomes less and less frightened, he moves closer and closer to the snake—perhaps even to the point of touching it himself.

Remember me on this computer. Rent Buy. How can a speaker reduce excessive tension before a speech?

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