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Monday, April 15, 2019

Getting the books qtp 10 user guide now is not type of challenging means. You could not Qtp 10 User Guide PDF Download - Issuu is a. present users guide come with qtp install too performs functional and regression testing through a user interface such as a. qtp user guide 10 0 pdf download -. simple to get as with ease as download guide qtp 10 user guide. It will not admit many get Qtp 10 user guide pdf download HP Quick Test Pro v. The Legacy.

Qtp User Guide 10.0 Pdf

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hp qtp user guide is available in our book collection an online access to it is set as public so you can all the versions of HP QTP (including latest version 10). aspire to download and install the hp qtp user guide, it is entirely simple then, to you the information on upgrades in the certification exams like HP QC &. Software Quality Assurance Forums: Download qtp user Save this Book to Read qtp 10 user guide PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get qtp 10 user.

It's risky business though—you can cut down, but you certainly can't cut back up if you make a mistake, so I recommend using a template to ensure your success. Image via technobuffalo. Simply download the picture and print it out. Just make sure you're printing it in its original size, and not at a reduced or larger size. Place your SIM card down on the outline, then use a ruler to trace your cut lines with a thin marker, pen, or something that will accurately form the lines on your card.

After you've gotten everything traced up, it's time to cut. Take your time! Using a sharp pair of scissors, something not too large obviously, carefully cut those lines off.

Don't worry about damaging your chip—as the template points out, the actual chip is the small square in the center, so as long as you follow the lines, you'll be fine.

The template suggests you use sandpaper to smooth off the edges, but as long as your newly cut SIM card fits in the SIM tray of your M8, it's all good. Please could you give me ur contact details or send me email on, zesdar-4 student. Thank you once again….

Hi, Is it possible that the http: Yesterday I started working with the tutorials and today it seems that the website is not working properly. I am trying to create a test that will save a value within a software application however, when the saved automated test case re-runs, the software errors stating the value the test case is trying to save already exist, is there a way i can have my qtp test case insert a random value into a particular text box so i can avoid this error?

Can any one give me proper exapmle? First of all honestly i appreciate your patience and thanks for posting and sharing knowledge……its marvelous!!!!! Hi Ankur, First thanks for such a wonderful work.

Your blog is very much beneficial for all QTP users. But I am unable to download the demo version of qtp from Hp site. Could u please help me out in solving this problem,so that i can get a clear knowledge about the QTP.

It will be a great help for me. How do I download QTP? Do you mean http: Hi Ankur, How are you? My question is regarding the registration of username and password on merury tours website.

I registered so many times but the site is not accepting the username and pwd. Earlier i was using mercury as username and password,now site is not accepting it also. Please help. This is regarding the comment posted by you on I am also getting the same error when try recording on web app. Where can i find this UAC? I am using vista. Please help me out. Need some help. During my recording,I have entered a value for the price as Hi Ankur Thanks a lot for such a great information.

I went through the steps you mentioned. Downloaded the qtp from hp site and installed. Now when I open qtp, it gets open and after few seconds it throws an error Visual C compiler error. So I am not able to learn qtp. Could you please help me out in solving this error. Would be very greatfull to have any comments on this. Thanks a lot. I now want to learn QTP as well as the other automation tools.

Can you pleae tell me if going through the links you provided me will be enough to work on real time projects? Also, the QTP download link is dead. Can you please fix that?

I am greatful to this blog. I was unaware about QTP. However now I am feeling that I have learnt the basic concepts. The steps mentioned by you to do the same was very much helpful. Now I am trying to learn the concept of keyword driven methodology which is given in user guide. I am strucked in creating the functions. Functions like to verify the Mercury tours registration form, for error messages, invalid date entries etc.

How to do that? FYI, I am not having any programing knowledge.

Hi Ankur can you please help me and give a navigation steps to down load Trial version of quality center from HP. I tried once but failed to download. Ankur, Can you send me or put the QTP student handbook on your site? I went to the linked site and it brought up a bunch of inappropriate sites. My email is tmaffei15 yahoo.

I am using your blog since 1 month, and it is soo much awasome, informative, Up to mark…: I want to tell you heartly thanks, for your hard work and dedication towards blog in your busy time schedule, God Bless you. Bye n tc Devanshu. Hi Ankur, First thanks for such a wonderful work really your blog is very much beneficial for all QTP users. I want to know about framework concept in QTP. So please help me as soon as possible.

I am using data driven frame work in my project. I want to know about other type of frame work.

Regarding creating a tutorial you have a good suggestion but the issue is I have only this much time in hand where I have to juggle between my day job, blog, QTP forums and personal work. I would suggest you take the lead in creating the tutorial. Probably can rope-in more people from the QTP forums [www. If you need any help with logistics etc you can always mail me. Hi Ankur, Your blog is really a boon for people wanting to learn QTP; but still we more dependant on traditional methords of teaching… download the demo, dowload the handbook, try xyz… and should be able to kick start your QTP bike….

I know this may sound wierd; but i want to suggest we should design a standard tutorial which covers based on your professional experiences and market needs, this tutorial will also have extensive excercises to give the beginners handfull of exposure.

I am new to automation testing.

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I have QTP 9. Where can i get step by step learning guide for QTP 9. It would help me to learn quickly. Could you please help me.

Possibly te URL is wrong. Check Windows help to know how disable UAC. You can download it from mercury but make sure you type quick test professional but not just qtp.

Can you pls help me to get Trial version of QTP? What are the prerequisites to download QTP tool? Can you please let me know where can I find a right trial version of QTP and the link if possible. Guys i need one info. Is there any difference between QTP tutorial and Student hand book.

16 New Features of Micro Focus UFT (Unified Functional Testing) Tool – QTP vs UFT

Hi Ankur. I am currently working on QTP…I am trying to create components thru myself but i m nt able to make… i hv gn thru d guides u hv suggested but still i m nt 2 analyse things properly… could u pls suggest me in brief architecture how cn v create a component wd sum e. I am trying to record and run with the Record and run settings as..

Very good job Ankur. Appreciate your willingness to share what you know with others. Thank You, Keep it up!!!! I have just started to work on QTP.

QTP Tutorial – Step by step guide to learn QTP

The application we have to automate contains code which is generating a table in html form. The table has radio button and there is no associated text or value or id with that radio button. Though the table has other columns along with the radio button.

Now while accessing the selected radio button we are facing the issue since the value of the selected radio button is a randomly generated number which on re-running gets lost.

Ankur, Thank you very mucy, appreciate you from bottom of my heart I am male though: This single article alone can make people careers. Thanks Sue. Thanks inadvance. Can anyone help me find the place to post questions on QTP…i do want some answers but dont know where to post the questions…as i am new to this site. I am using QTP 9. Once we create a script using Fire fox Browser , then can we play the same script in other browser?

Or do we need to write it separately. With Descriptive Programing mode you can write same script for all browsers which you are using if the support the particular qtp version.

Your email address will not be published. All articles and tutorials on this site are contributed by the expert team under the guidance of Ankur. New Features of UFT Welcome new readers: Download the Free eBook! You can connect with me on twitter ajonit Please enter your first name and email address below to instantly download the eBook on Optimizing QTP Scripts.

Comments Really very informative and creative contents. Hi Ankur, Great job in running such a good web site and helping many. Thank u. Thank you. I need to learn qtp and coding, any possible is there is complete asap….

Hi, This is Prabhu from chennai. I found one small issue in this page. Thanks for contacting us. Thanks, Zubair. Dear Ankur, I posted previous comment but it disappeared. And I post again now. Thank you in advance. Hi Ankur, I have an image of win object. I want to know, where can I find available keywords in QTP version 9. HI Ankur, Thanks for posting this…. Hi Ankur, Your blog is helping me learn and master the tool.

Thanks once again. Thanks a Lot….Technologies support: UFT is available for. Bye n tc Devanshu. Application is coded by vb6. Now I want to learn automation tools QTP and Quality center on my own within week time and I should be able to attend the Interview within a week. Enter the username and password of the user as whom you would want to run the UFT facilitates users to install external authentication certificates or single sign-on mechanisms to avail ALM service, now no need to remember user name and password for the same purpose.

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