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Resisting the Biker Biker (The Biker #1) - Cassie Alexandra - dokument [*.pdf] Resisting The Biker By Cassie Alexandra. Copyright © by Cassie. Surviving The Biker (The Biker #2) by Cassie Alexandra, Kristen Middleton - dokument [*.pdf] By Cassie this would be just more ammunition that she'd use against “The Biker. .. Resisting the Biker Biker (The Biker #1) - Cassie Alexandra. Resisting The Biker by Cassie Alexandra and K.L. Middleton: An Amazon and iTunes bestselling romantic thriller. Can you resist the biker?.

Resisting The Biker Pdf

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Read free online: Written by USA Today bestselling author Cassie Alexandra - Twenty-one-year-old college student, Adriana Nikolas, doesn't really know what. Download PDF Resisting The Biker (Volume 1) | PDF books Ebook Free Download Here. Editorial Reviews. Review. Reviews about the series - I loved Adriana and Trevor .They are so cute. I love howthis big bad biker falls for the innocentcollege girl.

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She pulled into the underground garage, grabbed her things, and headed toward the elevator, relieved that her roommate, Kellie, was out of town. You need to get your freak on, Jessica, like the rest of us. If you could at least keep it down. At least turn up the damn music. They argued about groceries, cable and electric bills, or where things belonged in the apartment. Not only was he intimidating, but he was the president of the Gold Vipers, a motorcycle club in Jensen, which Jessica wanted absolutely no part of.

Everything that they are involved with is totally legit. Frannie was so gullible, it was frustrating. Jessica could only cross her fingers and hope that Slammer would keep her out of anything illegal. If he did try to involve her mother, in any way, and she got word of it, Slammer would find his ass in jail faster than he could light his next Camel. Looking forward to a quiet night, Jessica pushed the thoughts of her future step-dad away, and took the elevator to the third floor. Humming to herself, she walked down the hallway to her apartment, unlocked the door, and slipped inside.

As she was about to turn the kitchen light on, someone grabbed her from behind, his arm locking around her like a steel vice. She tried to scream but it was immediately cut off by a gloved hand clamping over her mouth.

The smell of leather and gasoline made her gag. He began groping her breasts.

Desperate to get away, she tried biting his hand through the glove. The instructor had said to fight for your life, at any cost. Scream, kick, or do whatever it took to get away, or the chances of surviving were slim to none. The man grunted, but instead of releasing her, he grabbed her by the throat and began to squeeze.

He loosened his hold slightly. The kitchen knives were too far out of reach and he was so strong. Bloody and bruised, she staggered back to the kitchen, locking the door. Then, she grabbed her cell phone and called nine-one-one. Between that and the burning pain between her legs, she wanted to die. She wanted him to die. Did you get a good look at the assailant? A black one. Nobody that I know would do this!

Try to calm down, Ms. Someone is coming. It seemed to get him off. Jessica had seen him clearly. He was the devil.

He even wore a patch on his vest that proved it. I looked at the seedy dive, with its flashing lights and line of shiny motorcycles parked on the side.

Surviving The Biker by Cassie Alexandra

I shivered. Nothing is going to happen inside. We need to get this party rolling. I took a swig and my stomach immediately felt warm and tingly. A little sweet but I like it. I had one of those drinks, Sex On The Beach, when we went out for my twenty-first birthday. I think this was in it. You can chew them. Not this conversation. I was twenty-one years old and she was grilling me about sex. Have you been using condoms, too? Thank you. I think that soda you gave me is already helping.

Do we have any crackers? I thought about putting makeup on, but then decided against it. What was the point?

After work. If you need anything, though, call me. Jim likes it this way.

I can see why. You two have fun tonight. She grabbed a bottle of disinfectant and began cleaning the counter. She glanced at me over her shoulder. Point taken. As I pulled out of the garage, my cell phone began to ring.

When I noticed that it was Trevor, I swore under my breath and then reluctantly answered it. The last thing I wanted was to see Brandy looking like she owned the place when I arrived. I knew she hated me. That was not something I felt like dealing with at the moment.

Just like last week. This is bullshit. Nothing else is going on. Hell, if I could kick her out today, I would.

I wanted to ask. I pictured him holding his crotch and felt myself tingle down below.

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I should be there around four. I had to ask. He kicked her out of his house and replaced her at the office. She needs a job. I usually hang out at the clubhouse. I still remembered Krystal telling me about the naked club whores that hung out there.

The stripper poles. The booze. This afternoon. I really did miss the hell out of him. As I poured myself a cup, Brandy sauntered in wearing a red teddy under a sheer robe that left little to the imagination. Noticing the gleam in her eye, I took a step back. Too cold to be riding anything in Iowa but a cage now. I was changing the oil in my truck.

You must be pregnant. She opened her mouth and slid the pickle inside, sucking the juice noisily while she watched for some kind of a reaction from me.

I bit back a smile. I love to suck on things. It was time to leave before she took it a step further, which I knew she would. I turned on the water and rinsed out my cup. I stiffened up.

I turned around and stared down at her. I moved around her. Frustrated, I turned around. Most women would have stayed with their man, even in that circumstance. I nodded. I was your Old Lady for two years and not once did you ask me to marry you. But, Slammer had called my cell, ordering me back to the clubhouse. She started to cry. The fuck if she was going to turn this around and try to make me feel guilty.A few scenes, which try to be hot but end up emotionally vacuous.

Write a new comment. I had to ask. The Biker Series.

Resisting The Biker - The Biker #1

It is a decision that will change the course of her life forever and lead her to face a terrible choice between duty and a great love. But, I still really enjoyed reading this book. As I poured myself a cup, Brandy sauntered in wearing a red teddy under a sheer robe that left little to the imagination. It was just that I could tell he was dangerous.

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