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Romancing with Life book. Read 29 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Free Delivery if order value from the seller is greater than Romancing with Life: The Bible of Bollywood. 'Dev Anand' is as if the name synonymous to Indian film industry. His. “evergreen”, ever young image has been . Romancing with Life: An Autobiography [Dev Anand] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With the death of Dev Anand in December

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Romancing With Life, an autobiography. A Guide to self-love. Author: Dev Anand Pages: Publisher: Penguin Published in: Love or. Romancing life autobiography dev anand pdf In Romancing with Life, the first- ever full-fledged memoir by a leading Bollywood star, Dev Anand.

As his area of the focus included a frantic search for exotic locations and fresh faces Zarina Wahab, Jackie Shroff, Tabu, Richa Sharma, Tina Munim, and Shatrughan Sinha to name a few to launch in Bollywood, the art of storytelling took a backseat.

One thing, which I found disappointing, was a complete omission of lyricists by Dev Anand. Overall, it is a very likable read for those interested in understanding Dev Anand, a loner and one of the most successful actors of the Indian cinema. The book that I got had some beautiful pictures and a video cd of some unforgettable melodies of the bygone era. How else do you explain the fact that the book has the exact trajectory for his career-- from delightful to delusional?

The fun part of this book is that it doesn't necessarily require you to read it in sequence. I for one, was quickly drawn to pages in the middle where he talks about ho Love or hate this book by Dev Anand but if there's one thing going for it, it is the fact that, unlike most autobiographies that are ghost-written, this one is, without a shred of doubt, penned by the man himself. I for one, was quickly drawn to pages in the middle where he talks about how he fell in love his protegee Zeenat Aman and was jealous when Raj Kapoor 'made advances' and took her on for Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

A very lucid reading!

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May 31, Neville Krishnaswamy rated it it was amazing. Something i was looking for all along and finally found it Looking forward to similar works Couldn't take my eyes off this masterpiece. MUST read Sep 09, Mayank Singh rated it liked it. Romancing with Life, Dev Anand's autobiography was an impulse purchase at Delhi airport with an eye on a light read during an upcoming vacation.

A firm belief in the venerable Vinod Mehta's quip 'Politicians and filmstars make the most boring people to interview read ', makes me a bit wary of books on celebrities, particularly filmstars. But Romancing with Life came as a surprise. Dev Anand's growing up years in Gurdaspur along with his siblings including Goldie and Chetan Anand, education at t Romancing with Life, Dev Anand's autobiography was an impulse purchase at Delhi airport with an eye on a light read during an upcoming vacation.

Dev Anand's growing up years in Gurdaspur along with his siblings including Goldie and Chetan Anand, education at the elite Lahore University and a Bachelor's degree in English Literature which gave him a remarkable flair for the language, helping his urbane and cosmopolitan image makes for the most interesting part of the book.

The highlight of his initial days in Bombay is his job as a censor for letters penned by Indian soldiers, wherein one gets the first flashes of his unbridled charm as a ladies man.

Once he embarks on his career, the book follows a linear narrative about his filmography, direction and anecdotes around them. Dev Anand stands out among the reigning stars of the era as a well read, well travelled man; his political activism as an opponent of Emergency and someone whose interactions and associations included the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Gregory Peck, the royal families of Nepal, Burma, Assam etc.

The fact that his latter day movies were either inspired by newspaper headlines or a spur of the moment idea without enough thought going into them, explain their repeated failures at the box office. One sees a man who lived in the fast lane, literally, breaking bones frequently thanks to his proclivity to walk fast.

As Raju the Guide says, 'Na Sukh, na Dukh, sirf main hi mai hoon', well these could well sumarise Romancing with life and the phenomenon called Dev Anand!! Jun 09, Sandeep rated it really liked it.

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Dev Anand is one of my favorite actors.. It had moved me a lot. Till many years' later the question used to linger as to ' why couldn't Dev Anand save his younger sister from clutches of the Hippie culture', only to realize way later as a teenager, that it was fiction after all. That was the profound impact the movie had on me. The broken marriage between parents, beautifully portrays ego clash between individuals, is a sure shot Dev Anand is one of my favorite actors..

The broken marriage between parents, beautifully portrays ego clash between individuals, is a sure shot learning curve for a year old kid like me, life sessions taught too early: Much of my sensitivity came from watching these kind of movies as a year old kid. I owe way too much to Dev Anand for the nature of movies he has made.

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Reading his autobiography I was overwhelmed to understand what it was like his growing up years, years of struggle. The book has more details on the movies made, a bit on personal life, a bit on friends, overall very diplomatic and specific in few places. Oct 06, Anu Warrier rated it really liked it.

It says much for the enduring popularity of the man that the release of his autobiography was greeted with such interest. Book signings from New York to Chennai thronged with fans wanting a glimpse of the man, a smile, an autograph. Romancing with Life is quintessential Dev Anand — unmistakably enthusiastic, brimming over with optimism, and outspokenly frank. The autobiography is full of verbal flourishes, sometimes using up whole reams of print where two sentences would have done the trick.

However, that is also part of his charm, and probably evidence of the fact that he wrote the book, instead of having it ghost-written. In his preface, he answers charges of narcissism.

There is no glorification of his earlier struggles, but neither is there resentment. The greatest tragedy of his struggling days?

Having to sell his precious stamp collection in order to stave off hunger. Films are a passion with him and the best part of the book are those that deal with his movies. There are some interesting vignettes about his films, about how they shot Taxi Driver in 35 days on a shoestring budget, in a last ditch effort to keep the fledgling Navketan afloat, how Kala Bazaar was shot at the original premiere of Mother India, how Major Verma in Hum Dono was patterned on a major he had met in the British Army cantonment in Poona.

He talks about his fallout with Chetan Anand with his usual forthrightness. Yet, he names no names when he writes about some of the notorious scandals of his times.

Apart from his many encounters of the sexual kind, there are no salacious details about any of his contemporaries. Dev Anand would not be Dev Anand, if there were not any mention of women. The book is heavily peppered with his flirtations and sexual affairs, some of which are quite graphically described.

Of them all, his description of his fabled love story with Suraiyya is probably the most romantic. Zeenat Aman was to prove an exception. As he himself admits, he was ready to confess his love to her, only to find that she had moved on — to Raj Kapoor.

Or, that Love at Times Square failed because the local distributors were too stingy to delve into their pockets for a million-dollar promotion.

At the end of his autobiography, the flamboyant star announces his next venture, an international one, no less.

The book meanders towards the end, much like his present movies do, but what you come away with is a sense of his unbeatable optimism, his almost child-like joy in living life to the fullest. First published on www. Feb 26, Shina Rai rated it liked it. Very good coffee table book.. Feb 04, Makarand rated it really liked it Shelves: My Review from Amazon.

Dev Anand is of course a living legend of Hindi Cinema. The story of Dev Anand's life spans 60 years, from pre-independence to present day, and it is a fascinating account. Dev Anand provides interesting facts and stories about the making of these movies, and the people involved in mak My Review from Amazon. Dev Anand provides interesting facts and stories about the making of these movies, and the people involved in making them. Burman and Kishore Kumar that charms listeners to this day.

To my disappointment, Dev Anand has spoken precious little about the music of Navketan, and also about these legendary music directors and singers who were such an integral part of the success and romance of Dev Anand's films. Navketan is also about Vijay "Goldie" Anand, his younger brother who no doubt was a very capable director and who infused much of the magic in these movies. Dev Anand speaks fondly of Goldie and narrates several incidents, but again, it falls a little short of the stellar credit that his brother deserves in creating Dev Anand the phenomenon.

Dev Anand comes across as being very honest and open about his narrative, and no doubt this is an "open book" on his life.

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He also speaks well of his contemporaries like Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar although they were also his competitors of sorts, and about the leading ladies that he introduced in his films including Zeenat Aman, although he clearly feels betrayed and hurt by some of their actions. As in his films, he seems to have kept moving ahead and blown every worry away like smoke-rings, as immortalized in the Hum Dono song "Har fiqr ko dhuve mein udaata chala gaya". Dev Anand is clearly in love with himself and with his on-screen persona, which he has promptly addressed right in the preface.

However, at times the tone of the narrative can be characterized by his famous dialog from Guide quoted a little out of context here: As a star who is busy "Romancing with Life" and who has no doubt enriched the world of Hindi Cinema in no small measure, I am sure that we can forgive him for that.

Dec 19, Vaibhav Anand rated it it was ok. When I started reading the book, I expected to come across filmy anecdotes- to be transported to the world of cinema my parents had seen and grown up with.

Instead I had to contend with the ramblings of a mind ranging from infantile to senile. It is hard to believe the string of women he describes in great detail as being buxom or curvy or dressed in such and such way, were not the objects of his desire, romance or lust. There are a few strong points in the book though- parts where Dev Anand actually talks about the era gone by; one of the best points in the book is when he, Dilip Kumar and Raj Kumar meet Jawahar Lal Nehru.

In any other book, this would have been a drab boring literary piece; but the rest of the book was so bad that in comparison, this meeting stood out. Anand admits that he was about to profess his love to her, when fate stepped in. Always a fan of his works; his style, songs and his movies. Don't know why it took so long that I made this book stay on the shelf.

It's a wonderful, often dreamy account of a star shining bright on his own in the very first galaxy of Indian cinema. Knowing no one in the industry Dev Saab's is a story no less than a fairy tale. From the lights and shades of black and wh Always a fan of his works; his style, songs and his movies. From the lights and shades of black and white era, to the musical of early seventies to the one after another non-stop failures produced by Navketan.

Dev Saab honestly puts it down like no other star has done till date in India. Of course there are dull moments, and those in larger quantity in last almost pages when he keeps on boasting about the honors he was receiving and the political connections. As everyone's review points out. After the Zeenat chapter, things get boring. But still there are chapters like the shooting of Love at Times Square and his Lahore bus journey, which holds your attention.

I wish he could have written more about working with his two most effective partners on screen: SD Burman and Waheedaji. That would have made this more intriguing.

However, for a fan like me, even this is more than enough. Evergreen as he is, the life account is a suitable for the aura he still has, even after his departure. When it comes to great people, great souls who change things; who are remembered. We see them overcome the greatest of challenges, go against the tide and ad infinitum.

But we forget that the Charm and the Magic of it all, it's like an obsession, a constant flirtation with adversity and no one sums it better than Dev Anand!! Romancing with life, that's how he summed up life, for him it was a Charm, a good story to tell. Not the struggles, defeats or victories but life itself.

How Poetic, how Exqu When it comes to great people, great souls who change things; who are remembered. Romancing with Life, Sounds kinda Right;P Jul 11, Sudama Panigrahi rated it liked it. The biography of nue system, budgets, public works, among others. For a detailed discussion of the genre which included mainly the upper caste educated youth. The Malayalee memorial was criticized as C.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Anand admits that he was about to profess his love to her, when fate stepped in. She was fighting her family to keep Grandfather in the care that he so desperately needed. It doesnt see the answers. But Romancing with Life came as a surprise.

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