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summary: seo fitness workbook optimization success free pdf ebooks ebook by jason mcdonald seo fitness workbook includes seo. Get Instant Access to PDF File: #4eda8c5d Seo Fitness Workbook, Edition: The Phd pdf. Seo Fitness Workbook, Edition: The Seven Steps To Search Engine .. Viewed times Last updated 11 March of the top SEO book SEO Fitness Workbook Edition in pdf from The SEO fitness workbook edition; SEO Fitness Workbook

Seo Fitness Workbook 2015 Pdf

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When it comes to SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords, we aren't lost! . SEO Fitness Workbook PDF ( Edition) – Why You MAY NOT Want This! . Update to Best SEO Books List for / Announced by JM Internet Group . [PDF] Seo Fitness Workbook, Edition: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Engine Optimization Success on Google PDF, make sure you follow the link Year Old and His Cat and Christmas Holiday Short Story Dec Short Stories. This books (SEO Fitness Workbook: Edition: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success on Google [FREE]) Made by.

If someone has crazy ideas like Google doesnt pay attention to URL structure, or keywords dont matter , you can measure these ideas vs. Establishing a culture of measurability will help you get everyone on your team, even the most recalcitrant Cant Do people to realize that SEO works, and SEO can get your website to actually generate sales or sales leads.

Measurability is a critical part of Step No. Open up a Word document and create a list of all the people who are involved with your website, from the marketing folk who identify the goals sales or registrations?

Make an inventory of who needs to be involved in what aspects of SEO, and if possible, set up weekly or monthly meetings about your SEO strategy. At a top secret level, you might also want to indicate who has a Can Do and who has a Cant Do attitude.

Youll want to work to bring everyone over into the Can Do column! Consider having an attitude is everything meeting about SEO, and get everyone to stand up on the tabletops and shout: We can do this!

Are you training for a marathon, or a sprint? Want to look better at the beach, or just be healthier?

Want to dominate Google for industrial fans, for organic baby food, or for probate attorney St. Is the purpose of your website to get sales leads, or to sell products via eCommerce? SEO can tell you how to get to the top of Google, but it cant tell you what your companys goals are vis--vis potential customers.

To succeed at SEO, you need to have a clear vision of your sales ladder starting at the customer need and then proceeding as follows: keyword search query landingon your website sales inquiry back and forth actual sale.

For an eCommerce site, the goals and sales ladder would be the same, except that rather than a sales inquiry the goal would be an actual website purchase. Who wants it, and why? In this chapter, youll sit down and fill out the business value proposition worksheet. A BVP, or business value proposition is a statement that succinctly defines what your business does and the value that it provides to customers.

For example, a cupcake bakery bakes yummy cupcakes that people want to eat; a dry cleaner cleans peoples dirty clothes; and an automobile insurer provides insurance for peoples cars.

You produce something that other people want, so what is it? Here are some more examples, with links to sample websites. For a San Francisco mortgage broker, such as Natasha Lovas, the business value proposition is to help people get cheap mortgages easily. For any business, a business value proposition is your elevator pitch to a potential customer - what do you offer, that they want?

For your first TODO , write a sentence or short paragraph that succinctly defines what your business does and how it provides value for customers.

Now dig deeper: segment your customers into definable groups. For instance, Ron Gordon Watch Repair might segment its customers into the following: Manhattan office workers seeking quick and convenient watch repairs on their lunch hours Budget and time conscious.

Manhattan residents who own stylish, luxury watch brands like Tag Heuer, Breitling, or Rolex watches looking for expert repairs. Luxury watch lovers. USA residents who own vintage Zodiac watches who need expert repairs from a watch shop that they trust.

Vintage watch lovers, nationwide. Similarly, a Las Vegas real estate broker might segment his customers by space need office, warehouse, retail. Moreover, there might be a segmentation based on those looking to rent vs. And a Miami divorce attorney might segment into men vs.

A segment is a group of like-minded customers. For your second TODO , open up the business value proposition worksheet and list customer segments customers who differ by type income level, geographic location , by need high end, low end, rent vs.

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Try to see your customers as specific groups with specific needs, rather than one amorphous mega group. Begin to think about how each might search Google differently, using different keywords. A Las Vegas real estate company, for instance, might want visitors to the website to send a message about their property needs, or register for a free consult with a leasing specialist.

Similarly, a divorce attorney might want a potential client to reach out for a free phone consult, and a watch repair shop might just want people to call or email to discuss their watch repair needs, and get directions to the shop.

For most businesses, marketing goals on the Web usually boil down to A Website registration, contact form, or email via the website for a free consult, a software download, a free e-book, a newsletter sign up, etc. A sale an e-commerce transaction such as the purchase of a candy gift tin on an e- store, or an iPhone skin via PayPal.

A well-constructed website will lead customers to an easy-to-see first step. Abstractly, your process and goals are probably as follows: 1.

Rank high on a Google search query reverse mortgage in this case. Get the click from Google to your website. Once they land, get them to take the first step or goal usually fill out a feedback form, send an email via the website, or for an eCommerce site to make a first purchase. Follow up with them by email or phone, if necessary, to complete the sales process.

Defining your next steps or goals of your website is inseparable from defining your sales ladder. Web searchers are actively looking for an answer to their query, and they are anything but passive: if they dont see what they want, click, bounce, bye, and theyre gone. Some marketers talk of a sales funnel, a concept I do not like because it implies that customers are passive, like little marbles that fall into your website and into your registration or sale.

I do not think people on the Web or in life are passive at all. I think of people as active searchers, searching Google, clicking to websites, finding what they want or not , and being quite skeptical about whether they should take the next action.

SEO Fitness Workbook: 2016 Edition: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success on Google

Customers Are Like Salmon Let me explain why thinking of customers as jumping up a sales ladder is a better way to think than down a sales funnel. I think of customers like salmon jumping up from sea level in frigid Alaskan rivers, jumping higher and higher up fish ladders put there by the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game to get to their goal: the spawning ground.

The fish are motivated after all, theres mating to be done , and they are active participants in the process.

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You cant bait them with junk either: they need something good at the end of the process. A good Alaskan fishery expert doesnt engineer one huge, high jump for the salmon but rather a series of smaller, easier-to-jump hurdles that can move the fish from goal one to goal two, etc.

Because if the first jump is too high, and too scary, the fish wont make it. Similarly, make your own first step non-threatening, and easy! Make your website goals easy and non-threatening!

Dont attempt to go from a website landing to a major purchase; rather break the process into smaller, easier, and less threatening baby steps. One of the best early steps in your goals is to give away something free like a free consultation, free eBook, or free Webinar. People love free, and will give away their email and phone contact information for something free that is also useful.

If you are selling something, think of a free sample or money back offer; anything that reduces the risk of making that first buying decision. Using this strategy, make the first step of your sales ladder exciting, enticing, and free! Dont Make Customers Think!

Your customers are busy, harried people. The phone is ringing, the baby is crying, the boss is there waiting outside the office as they search Google for products or services. Theyre busy, multi-tasking people. The design of your website needs to be easy and non- threatening from the perspective of a customer. If you ponder this as if you were inside the head of the customer, for example, he would be thinking something like the following using the example of a person who has international tax problems and is looking for a CPA or accountant with knowledge of international tax issues : 1.

Customer identifies a need. I have income tax issues with respect to international taxes. I need help doing my bookkeeping and preparing my taxes for state, federal, and international tax compliance.


Customer turns to Google. Customer refines his keywords. Customer browses Google results. I will browse the first three or four listings on Google ignoring the ads , and click over to the first website at the top of Google. He thinks to himself, Hm. This looks interesting!

They seem to do international taxes, but I dont know what else is on this website? Customer sees a free offer, or first easy step on the sales ladder. Oh look, they have a YouTube video that explains their firm, let me watch that. Customer takes the next easy, non-threatening step on the sales ladder. That was pretty good, but oh look, they have a free consultation by phone offer. Let me fill out their feedback form with my name, email address, telephone number, and good time to call.

Customer transitions from the Web to human to human interaction. Ring, ring. Who is it?

Jason McDonald Accountants, we see you are interested in our free 20 minute consult. Yes, I am I have these international tax problems bla, bla, bla. Conversation with the customer begins. Customer consummates the sale. Enough trust has been established, and the customer signs up for the service.

At the end of this process from customer need to keyword search query to landing to browsing the website to taking the easy free actions such as watching a YouTube video and signing up for a free consultation, hopefully the lead turns into a sale.

What you want to do for your own company is take out a piece of paper, and outline steps similar to the ones above. You will then see that keywords start the process on Google, but the process hopefully ends on your website with a sale or sales lead. Set up a Focus Group Dont make them think! Dont make your website hard to navigate!

Take a moment and look at your web pages from the perspective of a Google searcher. Does it answer a search question? Is the next step or goal easy to see? Does it look easy or free to take that next step Dont make customers think! Dont make customers hunt for goals, or theyll bounce back to Google and be gone. Indeed, its a good idea to get friends, family, or others outside your company to come in as a focus group and have them look at your website, and attempt to find your goals.

If they struggle, you need to revise your website to make it easy. KISS: keep it simple, stupid is a good motto for effective website design! If average people can understand your website, and can clearly see the next step that they should take like a free consultation, free webinar, or free eBook download, then your website works. If not, you need to redesign it. For extra credit, begin to think about how you will measure these goals. As we will learn in Chapter 6.

But you can also use tactics like special toll-free numbers, vanity phone extensions, and offer codes to track whether someone is coming from a Web search to a phone call into your call center. Goals and measurability go hand-in-hand. This worksheet should define your business value proposition, customer segments, search paths, desired next steps goals and your sales ladder, and even how you plan to measure customer progress along the sales ladder.

You can find a lot of links and introducing of Authors services and webiste to go to and download worksheets or watch his videos to understand the content better, which is most of the time really helpful but when it comes BOLD in the middle of content it's just distracting and not interesting.

Beside his websites links, Author introduced a lot of other websites, SEO sources and their free and paid services which I found really helpful and I'll one the users who will use those websites. You can find some sort of customer experience tips also such as how customers are busy and don't let them think then some tips to better design your websites, or how to react to Negative Reviews from your customers along with tips how appropriately you may ask your customers or clients for a positive review on social media.

I also write my reviews on 3ee, Amazon, Book Review communities and social media. I've been in digital marketing for 23 years and decided to brush up on SEO. I thought I'de pick up some new tips and deepen my knowledge in a different way than the day to day skimming of current articles and blogs. I was wrong. This book and its approach completely reframed how I think of digital marketing as a whole. Instead of trying to be really good at the most current digital marketing techniques, I'm building everything off of the question.

Th This book filled in gaps I never knew existed. That question being, what are people asking. While I've used pretty much everything covered in this book at some capacity, it wasn't until going through the comprehensive journey this workbook takes you on that I discovered how the nuances of what I didn't know added up to ground breaking enlightenment.Which camp are you in?

Search For It! You can do this alone, or in a group with your coworkers, friends, or customers. See all reviews.

SEO Fitness Workbook, 2016 Edition: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success on Google

Google does not want anyone to believe that SEO is easy. Then you can brainstorm ways to improve it. If you generally appear on Page 1, positions 1, 2, or 3, for all your relevantkeywords, you can stop reading this book.

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