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AND WHAT TO EAT ABOUT IT. BY HAYLIE POMROY I-Burn Grocery List. 6. I- Burn Success Boosters. 8 H-Burn Success Boosters. H-Burn Meal Map. RECIPE E-BOOK. ALL NEW EXCLUSIVE BURN RECIPES, NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE! HAYLIE POMROY Losing weight feels great, but what happens when your weight loss comes to a screeching halt just five or ten pounds shy of the finish line? You have a big.

The Burn Haylie Pomroy Pdf

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The Burn Diet outlines a weight loss plan for dieters who have reached a plateau. Its author, Haylie Pomroy is also the New York Times bestselling author of The. So, you're looking to ignite the burn, but you've got tons of questions. You're wondering what to do when to do it, and most importantly, how. 19 items Our digital products are loaded with problem solving tools from Haylie's clinic including: meal maps, strategic cookbooks, and powerful programs to.

The Burn explains how long-term dieting can damage your metabolism. This program shows you how to reverse this effect and restore optimal metabolic function. The Burn Diet Basics The Burn was designed to push your body through various plateaus of resistance to unblock the barriers to a fast metabolism.

But whatever it is, it has nothing to do with willpower. By the strategic use of food! You can start with the plan that suits you the best then later continue with the others if you like. Each one features a detailed eating plan highlighting the specific foods that will improve your health issues.

The plan is easy to follow and hard to resist.

Many of my clients jokingly tell me Im cocky or overconfident when they share their diet horror stories and I tell them they can heal their metabolisms.

Then they begin my program and they say its like we lit a match inside them.

I like to tell clients as they leave my office that I look forward to seeing less of them. And I tell them that if they follow the diet, all they have to worry about is finding a good tailor. Because their metabolism is going to be on fire and their excess fat is the fuel. Get ready to change your life, because food is it. Its the only thing we have to build our bodies, to create a healthy heart, strong bones and muscles, as well as good skin, hair, and nails. Its what we use to fuel the manufacture of hormones that regulate everything in our bodies.

Its not just energy. Its life. Its time to stop being afraid to eat, and learn how to do it the right way. It starts with the burn. Its not about calories or fat grams or carbs. People like to say that losing weight is simply a matter of eating fewer calories than you burn. Calories in, calories out.

Ive never believed in that, and Ive witnessed how untrue it is for some people. Its not a matter of eating fewer calories. But it is about the burn. Its about your metabolism. Fire it up and youll burn everything you eat like a bonfire, even if you eat a lot. You know those skinny people who always pack it in?

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They have fast metabolisms. Then there are people who hardly eat at all and remain saddled with extra weight.

The Burn Diet

They are the ones with slow metabolisms that have cooled off and arent burning the way they should. Tamp down your metabolism until its like a pile of wet logs, and its not going to do anything for you.

When you throw garbage on a damp pile of wood, its going to become a heap of wet mess. You cant start a fire with that. All you get is wet logs and moldy garbage. All you get is fat. Thats what happens when you throw junk food, processed sugar, and all those other foods you know you probably shouldnt eat, into a body with a slow metabolism. You accumulate fat and more fat and nothing seems to burn.

But you dont want excess fat. You want lean muscle. You want energy, healthy hormones, balanced cholesterol, excellent blood sugar levels, and stunning hair, skin, and nails. You want to radiate health and enjoy the process of getting there. You want to look and feel amazing, but youre sick of depriving yourself.

The Fast Metabolism Revolution With Haylie Pomroy

No problem! Just fix that damp pile of logs. Dry them out, add the right kindling, spray on some lighter fluid, and light a match. Youll be able to eat the way you see other people eating, the way you thought you could never eat again. The problem for many of my clients, and quite possibly you, is that if you are overweight and have spent a lifetime dieting to get it under control likely unsuccessfully in the long term , the very thing you thought would help you has actually been hurting you.

Long-term chronic dieting dampens your metabolism, your inner fire, turning it slowly, year by year, into that pile of wet logs. The less you eat, the more your metabolism cools, and the less you will be able to eat tomorrow. Thats precisely the reason some people cant lose weight even though they dont eat very much.

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Their metabolic flame has died out, and they cant get it lit again, the logs are wet, the garbage has piled up, and the whole process has become dysfunctional. They need a jump start. They need to be reignited. They need what you hold in your hands: The Fast Metabolism Diet. Im not kidding! You see, Im an aggie thats someone with an education in agricultural science. Im a science dork, and my bachelors degree is not, as you might expect, in food science.

Its in animal science. Thats where I first began to understand that food can be used, systematically and purposefully, to shape the body the way a sculptor shapes a lump of clay. Ive always been fascinated by how things work, and especially by how the body works.

But I was also obsessed with animals, and I thought maybe I could handle the complicated puzzles veterinary science would present. So, at a young age, I decided to be a veterinarian. In college, my course work was heavily weighted toward animal science.

In fact, Temple Grandin best-selling author, animal science professor, and noted livestock industry consultant was one of my advisers and a personal mentor. I took classes on sheep production, beef production, livestock feeding, and animal nutrition. It all added up to an amazing perspective on nutrition. The more I learned about animal nutrition, the more I thought about how some of the same concepts could be applied to peoplethat diet could be carefully managed to speed up the metabolism and increase the rate of burn in humans, too.

I ride them and study them and admire them. I also think they can teach us important things about the metabolism. Some horses are what we call easy keepers. They do just fine, even get fat, on a small amount of food. Others we call feed-throughs. You can feed them and feed them and they still have a hard time keeping their weight up. Whats the difference? The horses metabolism.

In animal science, there is a concept called feed-to- gain conversion. How do you feed a steer for the best marbling, distribution of fat, highest grade and pricing of the meat? How do you feed a horse to optimize slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, making them faster out of the gate or have stamina for the long haul? Applying these principles to animals, in both the livestock and the horse-racing industries, is a billion-dollar business.

So why hasnt anybody been using the hard science weve gleaned from these animals and applied it to human weight gain and loss? It would be revolutionary. So thats exactly what Im doing for you now. So which horse do you want to be? The chubby easy keeper or the slim and sleek feed-through? Are you on your way to the Kentucky Derby, or are you going to put yourself out to pasture?

I decided to focus on wellness instead of illness. What if I could help keep people healthy by using my knowledge of animal science? And what if I could do it all by fully integrating my favorite pastime into the mix: All this led me to change professional course. Back in , wellness consulting was gaining in popularity. To become a certified wellness consultant, you must complete a number of science courses, including anatomy and physiology, exercise, nutrition, and stress management, and also be certified in first aid and CPR.

I wanted to be able to assess an individuals health profile and be able to make truly useful, meaningful recommendations about nutrition, exercise, and stress management. I became a Registered Wellness Consultant specializing in holistic health, nutrition, exercise, and stress managementbut then I couldnt stop learning!

I went on to garner almost a dozen additional advanced certifications. I loved it. Id found my calling. I went into private practice as a nutritionist and wellness consultant; and before I knew it, I had several beautiful and bustling wellness clinics: These products arent necessary for doing the Fast Metabolism Diet, but they are convenient if you need them. I never advertised my services, but through word of mouth, business boomed, almost from the start.

Because of the unique way I use food to shape the body. When you get results, news travels fast. Many of my clients come referred to me by a network of doctors who know and trust what I do. Many of these clients have chronic health problems like diabetes, celiac disease, thyroid disorders, arthritis, heart disease, or hormonal issues.

Many struggle with fertility. All of them need to get healthier so they can heal more efficiently. Healthier patients at healthy weights heal faster. My clients cant just say they feel better; the lab numbers have to change for the better: And they do change for the better. And the patients keep coming. As my career progressed, business was great, but the more word spread, the more clients wanted to see me personally.

My practice has always been very one-on-one. Clients come to see me weekly or every other week, and as they progress, I continue to tailor their programs to their needs. But with the client load I had, this kind of personal service was becoming increasingly difficult. I began to have clients flying out from hundreds, even thousands, of miles away to see me, or flying me out to their homes to help them.

I often went to their doctors appointments with them and I even cooked with them in their kitchens in fact, I still do that for some clients. I love that personal contact, but I began to regret that there werent more Haylies to go around. I couldnt be everywhere at once, and the people who desperately wanted to work with me couldnt always get to me. I realized I needed to find a way to be there for them even when I couldnt physically be there for them.

I needed to craft a system for fast, effective, meaningful, and permanent weight loss that I could send out into the world.


Our price: Vintage Espanol, October The Burn: Harmony, December Recently Viewed Products. Haylie Pomroy. The Fast Metabolism Diet: Lose Up to 20 Pounds in 28 Days: La dieta de metabolismo acvelerado: Come mas, pierde mas. The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook:But you will lose weight. Their bodies are pissed off at them for depriving them of food for so long; theyre lucky if it only takes 4, calories to calm their bodies again.

Its time to stop being afraid to eat, and learn how to do it the right way. It's worked for celebrities, for athletes, and for people with chronic illnesses who need to lose weight, doctor's orders.

I care a lot. I joked that I finally found a vocation that allowed me to indulge my neurotic obsession to find out why.

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