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The New Girl Rl Stine Pdf

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The New Girl by R.L. Stine - FEAR STREET -- WHERE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARES LIVE The new girl is as pale as a ghost, blond, and eerily beautiful -- and. Anyway, Cory spots the beautiful blond new girl for the first time while he's performing Dammit, Stine, why did you have to tell us she's dead?!. There is no FREE and LEGAL copy of R. L. Stine's books on the internet. Buy a legal copy or ask your public library about interlibrary loan.

Why did you do that? The reaction to The Best Friend was so negative that Stine and Pocket Books ran a contest for kids to come up with an idea for what to do in the sequel. It leads me to the story. The first girl goes back, finds the parents have been murdered, and can't get her own body back. Reva Dalby is the daughter of a guy who owns the big department store in Shadyside. She's rich and mean and terrible to her poor cousins, and everyone hates her.

She was really fun to write. That's what they read when they were kids. And I suppose we're all nostalgic for what we read back then. The new Fear Street books were about pages longer than their predecessors and in hardcover for the first time. The Return to Fear Street books—the first of which comes out this summer—are paperbacks with retro covers. You can still get a number of the original books, with their excellently creepy covers, on Amazon.

It is revealed that Anna is actually Willa, Anna's sister. Willa killed Anna out of jealousy, following which she assumed Anna's identity. Willa has told Cory that Brad is insane and possibly her sister's murderer, but Cory now realizes it was the other way round. Brad was always trying to just warn him away.

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Cory and Brad manage to subdue "Anna" and call the police. At the end, it is implied that Cory begins a relationship with Lisa. Reception[ edit ] The School Library Journal commented "the vocabulary is simple, the premise interesting, and the plot compelling, making this book one for reluctant readers".

Carter from The Trades commented that this book was "a fine example of the crazed killer tales that teens love to spook each other with in the wee hours of the night". Well, as rational as a horror book can get. You come to expect it reading his work. If nothing else it'll make you nostalgic for a time when you didn't have much else to worry about so you could curl up under the blankets with a flashlight and read horror to your heart's content.

From the pocket size to the texture of the eggshell colored paper. Even the text takes me back! Every cover I've seen looks like it was partially eaten by someone's dog. The OG cover has so much nostalgia.

My reactions: And why not? He made them up, didn't he? He created them and wants him to know, Hey. I put thought into this.

Pg 4 - "upside down cake" is a terrible joke. No wonder Mia can't tolerate mine. Do schools still have gymnastics teams?

Mine definitely did away with that. Pg 8 - "slapping five" - Aw, before people started verbing nouns. Pg 9 - I love how 80s kids are flattered by looking like Cher. Not so any more, my dears. I now realize why they had to update the BSC books. I used to listen to the Fievel soundtrack on mine.

Fievel sounds like a hipster band but I'm referring to the animated film of a Russian mouse trying to emmigrate and boat on over to the States. Pg 39 - Aw, back when parents are Mr. Pg 40 - Dude. Cory is totally a creep. Pg 49 - Who shows up at a stranger's house? After 10 pm.

The New Girl

On a Saturday night. Pg 57 - Ditto machine??

Nowadays I'm pretty sure the proper response to that is "No So many life threats. Cory is the worst and I don't understand how his obsession with her doesn't build. He doesn't care to get to know her, he's just like, you're all encompassing!

This relationship is perfect. Every chapter ended in a "! This guy was oblivious to everything going on around him and he ignored red flag after red flag.

I guess because she was pretty? He saw her once from afar and maybe said hi in the hallway to her before she ran off all dramatically. Next thing I knew, he was finding out her number and address from the phone operator and showing up at her house in the middle of the night like a creep. Also, this version updated certain details to make the story seem less dated.

Part of the charm to this series is the cheesy 90s setting, so I probably should have read my old copy instead of the one from Overdrive. Sep 28, Kelly Hager rated it it was ok. Bonus star for the fact that it's a Fear Street novel.

I was a huge fan of the Fear Street books as a kid, but I'm pretty sure I missed this one. This is actually the first ever Fear Street novel, and we spend most of the book thinking that it's a ghost story. I really wanted to love this book but honestly, it was a struggle to even like it.

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Yes, it's the first Fear Street novel, but honestly, his books got so much better and so much spookier. That would not be hard to do. Th Bonus star for the fact that it's a Fear Street novel. There is no logical reason why Cory likes Anna so much, and the quirks in this story make no sense whatsoever. Why does Anna wear weird, old-fashioned clothes? What's the deal with the weird old neighbor?

For completists only. At first you read this and you think "Oldest cliche in the scary movie handbook - falling in love with a ghost - you're the only person who sees her.

She's 'Hauntingly beautiful. I can't say it comes completely out of left field - but even re-reading this as an adult I found I had totally forgotten the sappy soap opera "evil twin" cli At first you read this and you think "Oldest cliche in the scary movie handbook - falling in love with a ghost - you're the only person who sees her.

The new girl

I can't say it comes completely out of left field - but even re-reading this as an adult I found I had totally forgotten the sappy soap opera "evil twin" cliche with which Stine ties it all together in that sense it was unpredictable. Ah, nostalgia! Cory is the dumbest person alive in this book. He reads a newspaper article about Anna being dead and just forgets about it??

He literally doesn't think about it again until days later when she tells the story about her sister falling down the stairs, and he remembers that's how Anna supposedly died. How do you forget something like that? Did he also forget that not only Brad, but a woman who answered the phone - presumably Brad and Willa's mother - also told him that Anna was dead? And why didn Cory is the dumbest person alive in this book. And why didn't Brad just tell him the truth earlier rather than trying to scare him away?

The lack of logic in this book was maddening. Dec 10, Wynter rated it it was amazing. I recommend this book to anyone! I mean really, this was awesome. Stine has such talent of when you THINK you know what's going to happen, it changes and makes you second guess yourself. The New Girl did just that. Through reading it it had so many twists and turns! Finally I gave up trying to guess the truth lol. The ending was crazy though but I must say, it left me with more questions because while it did change a lot, it left me questioning if the ending was the truth or not.

I guess we'll never know. Jan 03, Shannon rated it liked it Shelves: Yes, that RL Stine. Yes, that Fear Street. I wanted to see how well one of my favorite series held up, and the answer is: Some bits of the story have been updated from the original listening to the Walkman became the cell phone, etc. Great high-interest book for struggling readers. Jun 12, Jenni rated it did not like it Shelves: Holy shit, was this a miserable experience.

The first book of the best selling YA horror series of all time, and man did kids in the late 80s had bad taste. YA has really come so far since this was released. If you want to hear me complain about this some more, the first episode of our YA horror podcast, YAmpires will be up soon.

I'm not adding all of them, but I loved the Fear Street books as a pre-teen. They're terribly written for the most part, but come on. This dude didn't just write a book about demon-possessed cheerleaders; he wrote THREE books about demon-possessed cheerleaders! Chs 1- 5 4 8 Jun 13, Readers Also Enjoyed. Young Adult. About R. Robert Lawrence Stine known as R. Stine and Jovial Bob Stine , is an American novelist and writer, well known for targeting younger audiences.

Stine, who is often called the Stephen King of children's literature, is the author of dozens of popular horror fiction novellas, including the books in the Goosebumps, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room and Fear Street series. Stine b Robert Lawrence Stine known as R. Stine began his writing career when he was nine years old, and today he has achieved the position of the bestselling children's author in history.

His other major series, Fear Street, has over 80 million copies sold. He lives in New York, NY.The problem with this series in general is that sometimes the characters are behaving so stupidly.

She tells him "You're all mine now. I think Cory was reading something else It's a great beginning and scene-setter to get it all rolling. The New Girl By R. Once home, he goes to bed and is awakened a little later by his ringing phone. Don't steal from R. A few moments later, the phone rings again.

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