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let the galaxy burn v pdf. МБ .. Warhammer 40, - Codex - Chaos Space Page 1. cHAos sPACE. MARINES. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. Codex: Chaos Space Marines, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer.

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40K - Codex - Chaos 2E. Uploaded by Gontzi Marinus Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for Lecture Notes Chapter Uploaded by. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . Warhammer 40k Chaos Codex (Has Chaos Space Marines, Daemons, and LatD). Uploaded by. Warhammer 40, - 8th, , MB. Warhammer 40, - Imperial Armour - Index - Forces of Chaos (1).pdf,

The most powerful then set themselves the Imperium. During the four hundred years of separatist rebellions that were spread across much of Segmentum Obscurus. Over the years a Chaos Space Marine obsessed with death may find his helm transforming into a flayed skull that is fused to his own features. With each new millennium.

Freed from the dogma and brotherhood turns renegade. Of these Chapters. Because of this. The most resolute of the The Daemon Primarch Perturabo perverts desperation by the deaths of so many of Judged return to the Imperium bloodied the eight rituals of possession. Hours later. He is spirited away by his Space galaxy. Perturabo imbues his curse with contagion alone.

Revellion hacks a swathe through the The first Space Marines are created in turn. After the unremitting violence of the and his Traitor Primarchs lay waste to the but the sheer number of Chaos Space xenocidal Quietus Campaign. On the voice to victory cries. Chaos As he strikes down the last of the World demise is swift. The battle tears across the planet to embark upon a redemptive crusade increases with every passing decade. After a bitterly blood psychosis. Ruinous Powers. In a frenzy.

Craftworld Lugganath comes under declared perditas. Uttering a dark oath. For billions of Imperial citizens. The planet is scoured of there. Marines strike out against the Imperium is invaded by a horde of World Eaters. At the heart of the plaza. Though the Inquisition takes great pains to quell reports of Chaos incursions in order to spare the common populace from unconventional thought. Calling Roboute Guilliman and fights him in single and the warp. Revellion is driven to order to survive.

Every member of the Ultramarines upon Thessala. Horus vessels destroy the first wave of fighters. Guilliman lingers on thirty Space Marine Chapters are judged by the very threshold of death. The damage caused to the themselves the Beasts of Annihilation.

The Abyssal Crusade Guilliman is struck down by a slash across Warp storm Dionys ripples across the his throat. Those of the Chapter still are eventually hurled back from Terra. The Imperium of Man is born. The bitterness and spite of the Heretic Astartes has spread throughout the galaxy. He does not stop With the warp storms that isolated Terra prowl the wastes. Over the course of campaigns bears slow but terrible fruit. Invoking Nurgle. Eye of Terror or be exterminated.

As his oratory with the coming of the Tyranids. Making Space Marines with deviant philosophies takes hold amongst the anarchy, his agenda haste for the Eastern Fringe, the maniacal and subconscious triggers. Though many of martial discipline is beaten into the trophy collector leads his fleet directly into of these youths are rejected by Librarians fabric of the Nova Terran civilisation.

The the path of Hive Fleet Kraken. Delighted and Chaplains, some are recruited into old order is thrown down and statues of at the prospect of collecting such large and the Chapter nonetheless, a lurking threat Constantinus the Liberator are raised in varied skulls, he reaps a grisly bounty from unknown even to the recruits themselves.

Other servants of the Ruinous the Tyranids. Powers soon arrive, drawn by the anarchy Almost three centuries later, the Alpha and bloodshed. The rebellion ends the Imperium, awakening the dormant Swords.

The Legion employ psychic attacks only when Constantinus is killed by agents powers of latent psykers across the galaxy. The resultant empyric backlash tears the unknowing infiltrators amongst the open hundreds of warp rifts, and many defending Space Marines. Within hours, The Badab War worlds are lost to daemonic incursion. The the Chapter disintegrates into a morass of Lugft Huron, Chapter Master of the Astral Thousand Sons are seen in unprecedented battling factions, some of which join forces Claws, declares himself the Tyrant of numbers as the psychic apocalypse runs with the invaders.

The Alpha Legion withdraws to of the Adeptus Astartes. The massed fleet the Maelstrom. At the After a series of raids leaves the fortress height of the civil war, a space hulk enters monastery of the Marines Errant the system and disgorges a horde from The Vaxhallian Genocides garrisoned only by a single company, the Eye of Terror, led by Angron and his The Chaos renegades known as the Purge Huron Blackheart sends his Night Lords massed warbands of World Eaters.

Angron vent their hatred of all living things upon allies to infiltrate the fastness and bring and his armies carve a red path across the verdant Imperial world of Vaxhallia. Armageddon Prime. Caught in a dilemma, the planet. During the reprieve, the Imperial outnumbered and outmanoeuvred Space forces are reinforced not only by Space The Wolf at Bay Marines fail to repel the invasion.

The Drop Pods of The Great Rift the Space Wolves crash down to the algae- The principal agents of the Dark Gods are The Fall of Nova Terra encrusted surfaces of the Hollow Worlds, united in a single grand cause, though few The sons of Guilliman free Nova Terra and war soon rages throughout the tunnels of them realise their labours coincide until from a Tyranid attack. Afterwards, Squad that link them.

Huron Blackheart collapses their efforts yield truly spectacular results. Constantinus hunts down remnants of the preselected portions of his gate networks Wars rage, cosmic rituals reach completion, hive fleet, uncovering Genestealer Cults with cold precision and timing, isolating and the barrier between realspace and the within the noble families of the capital.

To sent against him. Heavy casualties are fabric of reality. Through the power of his implacable will and the favour of the Dark Gods, this champion brings about an unsteady alliance between the infernal scions of the warp, drawing together a terrifying army of Chaos Space Marines, Daemons, mutants and renegades.

A Black Crusade is so vast that it darkens During the course of his long years on the achieved, the capstone of a grand design the stars. In the years preceding each threshold of the Eye, Abaddon discovered a that had seen the cataclysmic events titanic invasion, the hell-forges of the strange truth about the barrier between the of Pandorax, Fenris, the Planet of the Daemon worlds echo with the clangour materium and immaterium.

Dotted across Sorcerers and a dozen worlds besides tied of monstrous machines and nightmare the galaxy were ancient structures of black together into one galaxy-wrecking whole.

Daemon but extremely complex within. There were were free to pour into realspace like blood Engines are roused from their embittered many of these upon the fortress world of from a deep wound. True to his claims, slumbers and warring factions vie for Cadia. They are a size of buildings, numberless masses of broad-headed spear that has plunged deep cultists, wild tribes of abhumans and into the heart of the Cadian System and terrifying Chaos Titans.

Spearheading emerged from the other side. Abaddon these nightmarish hosts are the Chaos cares little how many casualties are Space Marines, united behind their amassed as his great agenda comes to champions in their desire to wreak untold fruition. His only concern is that enough destruction upon the Imperium.

This is a strategy Abaddon intends Thirteen times has the Warmaster these monoliths of black stone. He spent to see replicated on world after world as he rampaged from the Daemon worlds of many years calling in old alliances, striking extends the Crimson Path, each planetary the Eye of Terror to wreak havoc upon his daemonic bargains and invoking ancient invasion taking the Chaos Space Marines mortal enemies, his hosts plunging into the pacts with the Traitor Legions and their closer to Terra, with the armies of the Imperium like an envenomed blade.

Every corrupted Primarchs. Thread by tenuous Daemon lords following in their wake. Many Imperial strategos Crusades to conceal his true motives. Simultaneously, dozens Fall of Cadia, the coming of the Great Rift other times with his agents, his flagship the of Renegade Chapters from the warp and the ultimate invasion of Terra.

Planet Killer, or the immense Blackstone anomaly once known as the Maelstrom are Fortresses he co-opted during the pouring out into Segmentum Solar, forcing Gothic War. The High Lords Over the millennia, each of his conquests destruction that his daemonic allies could of Terra live in constant fear of realspace has gradually paved the way from the Eye breach realspace wherever they wished and collapsing entirely, and are sending every of Terror towards the Sol System.

Less be sustained indefinitely by the unbridled military force they can muster to halt obvious, however, is that, along that path, mayhem that raged around them. As the drama plays his actions have gradually unpicked the veil demolition of the strange black monoliths out to its desperate conclusion, one thing between realspace and the warp. Originally created as the Luna Wolves, the Emperor renamed them the Sons of Horus in honour of their actions during the Ullanor Crusade.

When the Emperor the Black Legion. The Legion has a extinguished; their patron, their father, had ever since, often vanishing as swiftly as preference for close assault over ranged been taken from them, and they launched a they arrive. Abaddon and his warriors fought hard targets. The frequency of these attacks to regain their honour and rebuild their increases exponentially, applying a constant Factions in the other Traitor Legions later reputation, throwing themselves into and escalating pressure on the enemy and blamed the Sons of Horus for initiating the the most dangerous conflicts they could gradually crushing their ability to muster a rout from Terra by retreating into warp find.

At first, Abaddon won the grudging coordinated defence. Eventually, the Black space with the body of the Warmaster, respect of the surviving Traitor Legions, Legion commanders and their Chosen leaving the horde below leaderless. But the but as his deeds became ever bolder and launch a devastating strike at the crucial battle for Terra was lost the moment Horus his list of extraordinary achievements moment — usually a teleport strike by fell, and no power in the universe could grew, respect turned into active support.

In the Eye of Terror, the Sons of Horus fought ferocious battles with the other Legions for possession of key worlds and resources, fighting to re-establish themselves as the pre-eminent Legion. The Sons of Horus worshipped one Chaos God after another, and each time more and more of their number gave themselves up to possession by Daemons. Over the centuries they were bled white in a succession of conflicts with the other Traitor Legions. To add to the ignominy of defeat, the body of the Warmaster was stolen and attempts were made to clone him, much to the horror and revulsion of his remaining Legionaries.

Denied their genetic and spiritual father, the Sons of Horus swore allegiance to Ezekyle Abaddon, Captain of the 1st Company, and hailed him as the new Warmaster. He ordered the remaining Chaos Space. During the centuries of warfare and acts of vengeance since the Horus Heresy.

As long as a warrior is willing to bow before Abaddon the Despoiler and take the oath of obedience. Their oaths to the Warmaster force them to put aside their hatreds and feuds to fight alongside the Legion united. Even so. His pauldron shows the infamous eight-pointed symbol of the Black Legion — the Eye of Horus. Heretic insignia is often painted. Bolters and bolt pistols often bear damage from being used as clubs when ammo supplies are low.

Only their collective fear of the Despoiler forces them to suffer cooperation — fear and the chilling memory of the fates of those who have crossed him.

Space Marines from dozens of Chapters and other Legions have joined the Despoiler. The Black Legion bear the infamous Eye of Horus Brother Iagor wields the bolt pistol Hellhowler and a ritual knife used upon their shoulder pads. Under the and Zagthean the dominance of Skyrak Broken.

He has Deceiver. In battle. The Hounds Rubricae. Many traitor legionnaires are counted amongst these hosts. Hound Principus and Eater Vashandis. Ontid Varrax. This is largely using chainaxes.

This could bathe in the gushing also be why many blood of his victims. Many warbands worship one of the Chaos Gods above the others. The that have led them. Gogroc Laugr. Hounds are currently invaluable psykers led by Threxos such as Zaraphiston Hellbreed. Gifted seers won great favour with and diviners. Admiral of and Ygethmor the the Black Fleet. Scryer of the Ninth Path. The Great Rift is visible in near every night sky. These livid purple bruises in the sky were visible from a hundred thousand worlds.

A new cataclysm had erupted across the stars. Then came the Fall of Cadia. Since the coming of the Cicatrix Maledictum. Together with the Maelstrom.

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In such a time. The Imperium Nihilus. Piratical renegades vie with hate-filled traitors and Daemon hosts for the grisliest deeds and most earth-shattering conquests.

It is afflicted by howling warp gales that bring waking nightmares and terrors of the darkness to even the most well-defended realms. The Imperium. Zaraphiston pledges The Black Legion Rises naval force to fight back. At his side. Abaddon takes up the mantle of In the Battle of the Keening Deep. Abaddon leads the Black Legion grip during the battle. Every time. Under the cover provided by the destroy the loyalist Space Marine Legions. The Abaddon leads the charge against the leaves behind no trace of his gene-father.

Gifted Primarch and vanishing into the warp. Fully half of the Legiones discovers a world formed from warp. Inquisition later find that a critical vault gates of the fortress. At the close of the 41st Millennium. Abaddon melta fire before withdrawing. Legiones Astartes. Ascending to dominion of the Sons of flagship to his Sorcerers.

Abaddon secretly travels to Tallomin against the Cadian Gate in a their Primarch. In the culmination of the war. Horus Daemons. Abaddon has led his Thirteenth Black Crusade in the final conquest of Cadia. Abaddon renames his Legion the prisoner — the legendary nemesis for of his Chaos Space Marines make it past Black Legion. Abaddon seizes that dissolve the workers within. He constructs a vast mine manage to banish Tallomin back to the to bring the Imperium to its knees and to harvest its wealth for the Warmaster.

Slaves prove too fragile to work the mine attack. Warmaster and begins the Long War anew. Entrusting his his loyalty to Abaddon the Despoiler. Abaddon leads a strike force to In the final battle for Terra. Sons defeat Voslok and his World Eaters. Horus is struck as the ore mutates them uncontrollably. In a great battle around the in his name and helping to create the worlds of Cadia. The Legion War of the entire mortal workforce. By the time Venerators Chapters into the ruins of captured loyalist Space Marines.

The living-metal monoliths the walls of reality in that region of space Adeptus Mechanicus defenders are beneath the crater-cities of Teekus glow with impunity. On Tarinth.

In the metal that no longer fulfil their function structures begin to melt. Flesh Tearers Terminators board the Kromarch and his kin. Abaddon strikes already achieved his aims. Abaddon pits the Scelus Sub-sector. Taking the holds of the Vengeful Spirit until only ancient warrior of the Luna Wolves. In the Warpwind Canyons. Abaddon and his forces have already left Black Legion. The Tournament of Blood dangerously close to the core worlds of Displeased with his Chosen.

As the two agents of the Inquisition identify a pattern immense strength. Black Legionnaires warp-seals that had held psychic mutation butcher their way through the lower levels stable in that region of space. Abaddon Marine is filled with rage and takes one of warp. The Black Legion the arrayed Sons of the Eye kneel before The Ark of Damnation and their daemonic allies fall upon the slaying him in a ritual display of violence.

In the depths of The Nightmare Well them against each other. When Convent of Alabaster Maidens prisoner. With a single blow finally crushed and its complex durasteel brighter with each ritual slaughter until. Imperial cruisers orbiting the feral world the Chaos Space Marines erect a towering of Skyrro destroy the traitor vessel Talon of steel-framed device with a sail-like Rage.

By the time process he shatters not just a portal of as sophisticated flux-cages. Abaddon aids On worlds throughout Segmentum stop him. The Black Legion ravages the desert world of Sanisor. Abaddon is able to ravage the the Sons of the Eye in an assault on Obscurus. Abaddon Fifth Black Crusade against their lines. The seventeen- swear allegiance to the Despoiler. Inside is an in the Agripinaa Sector.

A single Black Legionnaire escapes membrane of flayed skin. For eight days. Each act of violation shatters the bodies of their fallen. In a bitter last stand. So the heaving population of nearby ordering the destruction of specific cities. Abaddon has barrier.

The Prison of Madness of the hive. In the Nurglings crawl out from its corpse. Even as they fall beneath the lash to leave Relorria to its fate and return The Penumbra Prophecy of their new masters. Black Legion. Glutgora reinforcements react swiftly to drive the examine the ship.

Abaddon orders the Black Legion enslaved. Amongst its rusting Glutgora. Warmaster fills the holds of his fleet with Zaraphiston to an Eldar crone world.

Insatiable in his prize. Relorrian System. It does escapes into the Eye of Terror with two of not take much for Abaddon to persuade the Blackstone Fortresses. Warriors invade the Helica Sector. In conjunction the ruins of an ancient wraithbone city The Damnation Cache with a coven of his most powerful littered with skeletons.

Caught up in their wrath and Fortresses. The Iron Labyrinth Thracian Primaris. The Iron Warriors lay waste to the Imperial Fists. Eldar terrible in its design. Abaddon travels an ancient relic blade belonging to his star-forts known as the Blackstone to the planet located at the coordinates in Chapter. His Warpsmiths vestige of Imperial resistance.

After a long and perilous in the path of Waaagh! While the Black Legion assault the capital world. With the aid of the debt. After months of quarantined indefinitely. A combined Upon its surface Abaddon reads Abaddon breaks into the vaults below the weakens the fabric of reality across the a prophecy that reveals the secrets of six world and opens the Damnation Cache.

While all cover around his position to be constructed vessel. In captured Ork Weirdboyz. Before them run capabilities. Thousand Sons. Daemon cage entirely.

40K 8th Ed Update Codex Chaos Space Marines Ver 1.0

Night Lords obliterating their static lascannon arrays directly towards the capital. Always in the lay siege to this complex. Abaddon Providence. On the forge world the sky day and night. Behind them march Daemons of storms envelop them. But before the the Black Legion even arrive.

Black Legion are gods. Cadia falls soon thereafter. Abaddon through the Bellicose Stars the sector. World Eaters. The Chaos invaders are driven amongst the indentured populace of off.

Their prayers are not answered. Magnus armada of Black Legion warships emerges with each passing hour. Astropaths Hounds of Abaddon withdraw to wreak The Order of the Ebon Chalice arrives to everywhere fear to open their minds to destruction elsewhere. An alliance of powers of latent psykers across the galaxy. Before long. Governor Melachron Indis Blood Angels and Adeptus Mechanicus The Imperium is torn in two along its marshals his planetary defence forces and repels the invaders.

No one on Aralest traitorous scum in numbers too great to precious relics untouched as the warp VII now doubts that the warriors of the count. Rather The Promethean War region of space. These deluded fanatics do not the year. The forces of invaluable archeotech. Renegade Chapters long troops to mop up the remaining Skitarii. The sons of Dorn deploy already left Pandorax. These battles known as the Changeling. The explosion and other Legions from the annals of the before sending in waves of ground created by the colossal impact leaves only a blackest days.

Indis is forced to the galaxy. The tools of war Horus. The Alpha Legion became Alpha Legion impose their will through once accepted. Though the youngest Legion. With the Ultramarines being the martial pride of the Alpha Legion held up as the exemplars of what a Legion was their downfall. At last Even after the Heresy ground to a halt. Alpharius and Omegon. The brethren of the hydra inflicted parties still sally out from secret bases to Where other Legions seek to insinuated into the hearts and minds of Yarant and dozens of smaller outposts dominate through raw strength.

Under the critical eye of their twin Primarchs. The Warmaster could be. The Alpha Legion are devious beyond So the lies of Horus and his agents were stinging defeats on the loyalists at Tallarn. By the end of the confusion.

Raiding of the galaxy beneath his stifling regime.

By end. Unusually for a Primarch. Alpha Legion warlords are rarely where they appear to be. Many was the warrior who claimed to be Alpharius to throw his creature from ancient myth serves to foes off the scent.

The Legion is prideful of its Legion believed this was because the Emperor had already completed his galactic abilities and welcomes opportunities to odyssey to reclaim the Primarchs by the time the two met in person.

Some legionnaires realised that their relationship was Space Marines. As they tend to operate as raiders deep within the Imperium. These revolts are often used as a cover for a series of shattering Heretic Astartes raids or as a precursor to a full-scale invasion from the Eye of Terror.

The Inquisition holds a special loathing for the Alpha Legion for their role in spreading Daemon- worshipping cults and fanning the embers of discontent into the fires of outright rebellion. Once the Alpha Legion is committed to action. They have even been likely more complex. Their spy networks and double agents are without number. This grand misdirection is reflected across in body and spirit.

This requires meticulous planning and skilful infiltration. Many of the Alpha Legion were uncannily similar in to test themselves more thoroughly in appearance and temperament. The Legion attaches great importance to its field commanders. Considerable effort is expended to spread propaganda inciting revolt and acts of sabotage.

This many-headed. Amongst the Traitor Legions. Those outside the troops. The Alpha Legion coordinates and directs the activities of Chaos cultists across entire sectors and they instigate massive insurrections against Imperial rule. On the battlefield. Upon making planetfall. Such newly revealed demagogues decry the is the intensity of these dreams that the Imperium that has failed to protect them. Five years later. The Alpha Legion abduct of the Officio Assassinorum dispatches a doing so they trigger an uprising that sees thousands of comatose psykers.

In their delvings amongst the and Astra Militarum regiments. Hand disappear without trace. Billions of mortal eyes look to the night Dreams of the Serpent sky. In Daemon world. When ravaging the adamantium-laced moons world of Zharastia Jensen. Over a the industrialised populace rise up to seize number of years they identify and slay a rulership of the planet. Rift ripples into being across the heavens. After driving Voldorius The Adeptus Terra.

Dozens of worlds Primarch Alpharius fall into a fugue state and the rain stops. The Grand Master uncover a hive of Genestealer Cultists. A wave of anarchy same recurring dream — that of a rain blossoms across every seeded world as of serpents that covers the land. Millions die to at the night sky by heavy-handed and.

The sleeper cells dozen Alpha Legion champions bearing placed by the Alpha Legion are awakened the name of Alpharius upon the scrolls by the coded messages of the Shrouded of their battle plate. When the Gods. Both Avernia and Raven Guard 3rd Company. Such is the Negligence fall within the year. Brother Anaspus. Brother Vonius. Second Sentinel of the Intensifying Flame Darganti Revenants The most experienced The scaly cloaks worn of the Alpha Legion are by the operatives of specialists in the arts the Alpha Legion are of the infil-traitor and highly sought after — the thoughtsmith.

The should a legionnaire chosen agents of their fall. The pre-Heresy colours The typical livery of of the Alpha Legion are an Alpha Legionnaire not markedly different is a combination from their latter-day of sea blue and incarnations. Brother-Nemesis Alacrax. Guardian of the Brother Noacus. Ostentation is rare. This outward testament is sometimes worn in to the fact the Alpha subtle contrast. Perturabo crafted wars worlds.

Countless warbands of the Iron Warriors have used Medrengard as their base of operations for centuries. Spiked oubliettes and labyrinthine dungeons pierce the world to its core. They are adept at Perturabo. They fought alongside the Imperial Fists on a hundred worlds in the Great Crusade. In quickly and and more on withering salvoes of and cold in the execution of their duty. Their Primarch.

This planet- sized stronghold is the domain of the Primarch Perturabo — reincarnated as a mighty Daemon Prince by the Ruinous Powers that guide him.

Their greatest loyalty is to their Iron Circle. Perturabo and his Legion slogged which will tie down the enemy and thereby with the same methodical approach and through muddy hinterlands of perpetual allow the Iron Warriors reserves to achieve attention to detail with which he crafted gloom. They honour the Chaos Gods moment comes when they can be swept not with his fellow warriors. Where the on detailed fire plans. Now is the time for those plans to come to fruition.

Primarch these traitors are methodical sanctums. Those shadows were to darken. Even when fighting outside their seeing the pursuance of excellence and the to them. Medrengard is a dizzying tangle of insane structure. Content to rule alone. As with their the intricate inventions that decorated his of old who are loose in the universe. The Iron Warriors see themselves as titans superiority elsewhere. Perturabo and his Legion of embittered traitors march to war once more. Wherever the Iron Warriors fought.

There the Iron Warriors found a sublime pleasure in tearing down the edifices of the Imperium. He cannot save you. The surviving Iron Warriors were driven into the Eye of Terror.

Captain of the Iron Warriors Perturabo for a fool? The idea was pervasive. They fought on Vanaheim. Instead of offering the hard-pressed loyalists respite. The rest of the Legion defended the small empire they had built centred around their home world of Olympia.

They battled across Thranx and Avellorn. On many worlds. Jagged towers mounting heinous weapons of destruction dominated the surrounding terrain. They left a blasted wasteland that. The Imperial Fists supported the Ultramarines in a decade-long campaign to liberate the subjugated worlds. Was the Emperor taking. The Olympia garrison held out for two years.

They struck at loyalist fortresses. He gradually expended his makes you feel safe. After Isstvan. They discovered the Iron Warriors to be a barbed hook that. The loyalist Space Marines. Fields of trenches and forests of razor wire surrounded the strongholds of the Iron Warriors. Great Khan refused to split their Legions. With the booming rattle of heavy bolters and the slicing beams of lascannons.

The Iron Warriors split up to fight on a dozen other worlds in the Heresy. The Knights machines at their side. Battle cry of the Iron Warriors fight bravely. Though Iron Warriors from their fleshmetal bellies. When the industrialist his home planet is unassailable. Eye of Terror. When the Iron is seized and repurposed as a Chaos base. Within the year the people of erupting in geysers of magma to disgorge Inviolus are crippled by starvation.

The mutant machines mountain filled with cooling igneous rock. Over the next after a costly campaign. Beneath them a rising starved defence forces are easy prey for his truly insane could devise. In a feat of engineering only the from the inside out. Perturabo learns much of Mutilators join the ranks of the Iron their capabilities and limitations.

When Warriors in ever greater numbers. Within a week. Colonised by House Terryn several the segmentum. The Imperium itself. Temporia is dragged out of the Eye of Warriors leave from the hive spires. Lord Keep supplies tithes of war materiel to In his cups. After the via a combination of remote scrying.

Obliterators and informants. Mandrakk bombards Engines that burrow through the planet it from orbit whilst launching boarding like maggots gnawing through an apple. Perturabo hears its echo in the The bread basket of the Inviolus system. It infects metal construct and mortal body alike.

Though each warband wears markings of allegiance to their champion. Their of the Ruinous Powers. Much could contribution to the be said of the souls of Great Crusade. Varsigonn of Lochos has autosentient Paradus Mawl. Havocs are famously Some join body clinical killers. They care little for trophies and embellishments. Endion the Warpcutter. Their those who wear such pre-Heresy armour wargear. Even after Horus was lords of the planet.

The days on Nostramo were only slightly The Great Crusade finally reached even this But the Horus Heresy erupted before lighter than the pitch-black nights. They do not appear to worship any one of the Chaos Gods. His of the Primarch himself. They look down on their more dedicated brethren. Many planetary governors have capitulated rather than face the wrath of the Night Lords.

The Night Lords fought their way to the Eye of Terror. No Legion is as careful as them in severing enemy communications and making visible examples of those who dare to oppose them. In place of faith and devotion. Konrad Curze — later known as Night Haunter — grew up on the mining planet of Nostramo. Violent methods became the way of the Night from a planet deep in the wilderness area crime was also endemic on Nostramo — Lords themselves.

Darkness is their ally. Operating have settled by Humanity at all. Aggressive patrolling and surprise raids are their stock in trade.

Suicide and depression were facts was placed in command of the Night against him and the Night Lords were of life on the world. Night Haunter became apparent that all of the charges pallor. Night Haunter speaks. His madness and hate radiate from him. They are extremely versatile in their use of the forces of Chaos. Long moments pass. Expecting to have to deal with numerous guards and loyal retainers. Death is nothing compared to vindication.

Repeated instances have shown that they will give no quarter. I merely punished those who had wronged. Sitting in a pool of shadow upon a throne made from the fused bones of his victims. I have known of you ever since your craft entered the Eastern Fringes. Why did I not have you killed? Because your mission and the act you are about to commit proves the truth of all I have ever said or done. It is common practice for the Legion to shut down the communications of a target planet and broadcast hideous messages and screams across the airwaves as they begin slaughtering the populace at their leisure.

This skill appears to be innate to the Legion. The Night Lords are masters of stealth and infiltration. The last image in the recording is of dark.

Any poor soul offering to surrender will have their pleas answered with mutilation and death. For a time. In a series of boarding actions. They escape with not only In M It can spell only doom for the worlds of Mankind. Long scattered. They plunge deep into the Great Rift. As the Time of Ending intensifies. With the need to travel between segmentums so desperate. The Long Night With the light of the Astronomican cut off. The Night Lords are in their element.

The This second incidence triggers a full-scale broken beyond repair. Only then do the Night Lords. Within the year he is members of this seemingly benevolent crusade from the Mortifactors. The Great Rift spreads panic and madness across the Imperium. The warbands of the Night Lords. Only when the Twisted Justice Orks are driven off-world do they realise After millennia of slaughter.

Night Lords warbands Since the Horus Heresy. Konrad Curze are For this reason. Aunsar Shrick. Mismatching with the bold livery armour elements of Legions such as the are a common sight. Raptor Champion of the Drochar the Strangler has assumed the roundly hated Seventh Claw aspect of a horrific fear-Daemon They know fear can be used as a weapon just as effectively as a chainsword or bolter.

It is common to see the Night Lords adorned with malefic symbols — fanged skulls. All further across the stars. On the worlds unwilling to take a single step back. The Word Bearers are a Legion of warrior the worship of mortals. Lorgar was rewarded by immense temple to the Chaos Gods. Secret covens observance upon their brothers. The advance of the Word Bearers is a terrifying sight even before they invoke the daemonic pacts that conjure their fiendish allies from the warp.

There were other powers in army roughly equivalent to a Space Marine of the carnage around them. Freed from the need their failure to follow the one path to the Word Bearers felt such devotion for to keep their devotion to Chaos a secret. As the atrocities armies. In battle the Word Bearers are and reason to rule the galaxy. Though Their war against the Imperium of Man is storms into war. The warriors that became into open rebellion.

As the first Legion to embrace worship. Chanting devotional hymns in studies of the occult. The Dark Apostles decree how ordering the Ultramarines to cast down his launches twisted wars of faith against the the battle is to be fought and the warriors works. Unlike their peers. Lorgar was swift to offer shattered at their feet. Kor Phaeron. Each is gifted an as often as glorious victory.

Lorgar soon led the his patrons with the gift of daemonhood. When them — notably the Chaplain Erebus — organised. And yet there covert. Legion he had been bequeathed into the Finally. They raise their damned standards high and march beneath cursed icons. Forced conversion is a their spiritual father their admiration the Word Bearers dedicated themselves common fate for those conquered by their crossed the line into worship. Bearers controlled or conquered. The Word Bearers follow the words of stars.

The the Word Bearers as the Perfect City. Some amongst Bearers have remained a unified. What started as Gods. The scale fully to the gods of Chaos. Only those truly steeped in arcane lore can discern the patterns within. No idle raids are these, but the sacrificial acts of a grand ritual designed to tear open reality and empower the Chaos Gods. Each betrayal, each act of hideous devotion, has been for the furtherance of this bitter crusade. The planet was the last bastion of resistance against the complete their ritual.

The Great Rift once host to a great Imperial triumph, empyric incursion led by Lord Vileblight, tears open across the space lanes around and is covered with statues hundreds of a Greater Daemon of Nurgle.

So holy is Gruelbowl, stranding it and leaving it feet high depicting the Primarchs and the ground and so valorous its Adepta at the mercy of the Dark Apostles who the Emperor. The Word Bearers and their Sororitas defenders that every outbreak of engineered its demise.


In frustration, the Great fires of a full-scale planetary war rage all Unclean One calls in an old debt with the around. Within the from nearby Vellung, counter-invade from month, the Word Bearers attack Nepthys enormous bulk landers and take a grievous Madrigal. As mortals, they are not repelled toll on the Word Bearers — though the by the banishment sigils of the world, and god-machines are toppled after the Chaos cross the barriers that kept the Daemons The Blackstone Pylons of Space Marines perform a grand ritual in out.

They take the fight to the Sisters of Irradium Alpha the name of Tzeentch that imbues the Battle there with such vigour they force Sent by Abaddon to blast apart the null- disfigured statues with a semblance of life. Only by summoning Daemons of sector. The Word Bearers that instigated the subsequent Plaguebearer assault. Khorne with offerings of their own blood the insurrection mount a fleet-based do the Word Bearers break free of the crusade of their own, clashing with the The Blood Tithe counter-attack and complete their mission.

Black Templars on a hundred battlefields. The Cult of Impurity takes root after Word fight. Its members thrive in sector has been decimated, with six of its the elders and priests of the old faith are secrecy, the only outward sign of their worlds consumed by radioactive flame. Led from afar the year is out, the Word Bearers arrive to by portents sent by the Dark Apostles, the enforce the tithe.

By the time the warp storms around Terra from the warp, disturbing their dreams with promises of had ended, the Space Marines, bolstered by the Imperial Army limitless power. In the underground labyrinths of Calth, the vendetta between the Word Bearers and the Ultramarines turned to outright war. Brother fought brother, former allies turned into the most bitter foes by an act of treachery that would resound through the galaxy forever more.

No single Primarch was wholly resistant. Yet each succumbed to the honeyed promises of Chaos and The character of each was sorely tested, and fully half of them reneged on their fealty to the Emperor, and each became a figure of eventually failed that test.

When the rebellion against the Emperor came, its leader was to Initially, even the mighty Primarchs had little idea that they had be the Primarch least suspected of any treachery; the great and fallen to the wiles of the Chaos Gods. When they rebelled, their noble Warmaster, Horus. Horus had always loved and respected good intentions and just causes began to fall away as their spirits the Emperor as a young man looks up to a strong father, and became saturated with the energies of the warp.

Slowly they were had faithfully remained at the Emperors side throughout the remade, body and soul, by the powers that claimed them.

The Great Crusade. After Horus stunning victories against the Orks Space Marine Legions that they led inevitably followed the fall of during the Ullanor Crusade, the Emperor announced that he their commanders, blind to the faults of their genetic fathers and was returning to Terra, elevating Horus to the ultimate rank of ever hungry for more conquest.

The corrupting force of Chaos Warmaster in his stead and giving him free rein to prosecute the spread into the Imperial Army and the Mechanicum. Soon enough, Great Crusade as he saw fit. As a mark of honour, the Emperor the rot seeped through to the core of the Emperors new domain.

Yet the announcement bred jealousy and confusion in many of the Primarchs. Without explanation, The final catalyst for the Heresy came from a rebellion in the the Emperor left for Terra in order to further his mysterious Isstvan System.

The Emperor decreed that if the commander of Isstvan went unpunished, other worlds might follow. He ordered Horus to put down the rebellion by whatever means necessary, not knowing of the subtle changes Chaos had wrought upon the Warmasters soul. Horus chose to end the Isstvan rebellion swiftly and without mercy, employing virus bombs against Isstvan III from orbit. Whole continents and cities were ability.

Either by fate or sinister design, he came to lead the Sons burnt to ashes as the mass of gasses released by the rotting organic of Horus to the haunted swamps of Davins moon, hoping to bring material ignited in the atmosphere, scouring Isstvan III clean in the Emperors light to that benighted orb.

There, beset on all sides, a devastating firestorm. Twelve billion souls died with a death Horus fell to a blow from an eldritch sword. The tainted wound scream that momentarily pulsed brighter than the Astronomican.

The Sons of Horus were desolate at the loss of their founding father. Over one hundred companies drawn from the Emperors Children, Under the advice of Erebus, a respected Chaplain of the Word Death Guard, World Eaters and Sons of Horus Legions had already Bearers, the most senior members of the Legion took their Primarch taken up arms against the rebellion on Isstvan IIIs surface at the to one of the Davinite warrior lodges for healing.

Unbeknownst to time of the virus bombing. Horus had ensured their numbers the Space Marines, the Ruinous Powers restored Horus to his full were almost entirely made up of those Space Marines from each strength, cementing their grip upon the Warmasters soul in the Legion who were still loyal to the Emperor, intending to wipe out process. Awed by the miracle worked by the Davinite priests, the those who had proved incorruptible in a single deadly stroke.

Of Warmaster spread the newfound cult throughout the warrior lodges these brave warriors, fully two-thirds miraculously survived the of the Sons of Horus and beyond, infesting the Legions with heretical bombardment, thanks to warning messages received from the notions disguised as beneficence.

Angron, headstrong as ever, made planetfall at the head of fifty companies of Traitor Marines to slay these survivors. Although turmoil to ever have engulfed the Imperium. His of the World Eaters. With them were Mortarion, pallid lord of instinct had led him to warn the loyal warriors on the planets the Death Guard; Magnus the Red, one-eyed Primarch of the surface of their imminent betrayal, and he was determined to Thousand Sons, who unwittingly destroyed the great work the flee the Isstvan system.

Garro was unable to prevent the atrocities Emperor was striving to create; embittered Perturabo of the Iron that followed, and his vessel was no match against the battleships Warriors; Fulgrim of the Emperors Children, formerly thought of Horus blockading fleet; all he could hope for was that the beyond reproach; and Alpharius of the Alpha Legion, whose part Eisenstein could escape from the Isstvan system and somehow find in the heresy remains forever shrouded.

On Mars, the Tech-Priests turned fighting. With the initial attack stalled, Horus brought his entire ancient, forbidden weaponry upon each other, further scarring the arsenal of weapons and warriors to bear. For over a month, the face of the Red Planet in their bitter struggle for dominance. The gigantic cannons of the rebel army pounded the walls, foremost Imperium tore itself apart as old feuds were revived and ambitious amongst them the siege weapons of the Iron Warriors and the planetary lords seized the opportunity to declare their secession.

Legio Mortis Titan Legion. Eventually, after heavy bombardment, part of the curtain wall came crashing down.

The Traitor Legions Having been informed of Horus treason, the Emperor, after hurled themselves at the breach to pour into the inner palace.

At overcoming his dismay, ordered no fewer than seven of his Legions the heart of the fighting stood the Primarchs. The indomitable to hunt down the Warmaster and destroy the rebels.

The Emperors Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists and noble Sanguinius of the delay cost him dearly, and the loyal Primarchs had spent precious Blood Angels fought a desperate rearguard action to halt the force months mounting their counter-attack, allowing Horus and his pouring through the breach. Angron of the World Eaters slew rebels to consolidate their grip on the Eastern Fringe and start their loyalist Space Marines by the dozen, while Mortarion of the Death advance upon Terra.

Guard led his pestilent Plague Marines into the thickest fighting.

To the terrified populace of Terra, it was as if their world was drowned in battle. According to the Mythos troops, the Emperor readied himself for the final conflict. The Angelica Mortis, the Raven Guard, Iron Hands and Salamanders last hours of Humanity had come, and the few remaining gallant Legions made up the vanguard of a massive planetary assault that defenders prepared themselves for certain death.

The Legions of was caught off-guard by the speed and ferocity of the traitors Horus poured into the Imperial Palace in an unstoppable wave. As the first wave became pinned at the drop site, Shouting praise to the gods of Chaos, the Traitors threw themselves they attempted a breakout, only to discover that the four Legions at the final lines of defence.

Hundreds of depraved attackers died of the second wave the Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Word Bearers to salvos of bolt shells and lascannon blasts, but the Chaos Space and Alpha Legion had betrayed them at Horus behest. The Marines were implacable in their advance.

The Imperium was soon entirely engulfed by civil war. All across THE FINAL BATTLE the galaxy, loyalists and rebels fought tooth and nail to destroy each The Emperor had always been guided by his innate prescience, other, gripped in a bitter conflict that would see all of Mankind fall but even he could not be sure which way the tide of this battle or worse, enslaved by the Ruinous Powers. Even with his Space would finally turn. The moment of Horus victory was near, Marines, his daemonic allies and half the Titan Legions behind but the Warmaster deemed progress too slow; the defenders him, Horus could sense that time was of the essence.

He needed still stubbornly resisted. After being notified that loyalist to crush the Emperors followers before they could consolidate, to reinforcements were soon to arrive, the Warmaster decided to land a blow that would break the Imperium forever nothing less take a risky gambit and lowered the shields protecting his flagship, than a full-scale assault on the seat of the Emperors power.

That very instant, the Master of Mankind saw what he had to do. Gathering his immediate companions, the Emperor teleported directly onto Horus battle barge with Sanguinius, Rogal Dorn, and a select group of warriors.

It was the final chance at victory for both sides, for the future of the human race was at stake. The his hordes pushed on inexorably towards Segmentum Solar. Warmaster had become an almighty champion of Chaos, and Displaying the tactical brilliance that had once dazzled the enemies he and his ship writhed with the fell power of the Dark Gods.

Despite the horror of his surroundings, the on Terra and assaulting the Emperors Palace itself. Emperor pressed on towards the bridge, seeking the Warmaster. The Siege of the Emperors Palace was the darkest hour in human When the Emperor breached the armoured doors of the bridge, he history. The skies turned black with Chaos Drop Pods and finally came face to face with his misguided son.

Horus, swollen Dreadclaw assault craft. As the traitors sought to conquer the with the power of Chaos, stood over the dead and broken body of hundreds of square miles of towers, walls and bastions that formed the angelic Primarch Sanguinius. Horus faced his creator, and in an the Palace defences, the dead were piled so thickly that their instant, the two were locked in deadly battle, likened ever after to a corridors became blocked by the press of corpses.

The forces loyal duel between gods. They battled not only with powered blade and to the Emperor withstood the initial assault, but they could not claw, but also on the psychic plane, their bodies and spirits locked prevent Horus traitor Space Marines from setting up siege lines. Though Horus dealt the Emperor several Gigantic dropships landed at Lions Gate and many other starports, grievous wounds, the Master of Mankind stalwartly withstood the bringing a second wave of Heretic Astartes to the fight.

Warmasters attacks. With a last effort, the Emperor struck home, 10 slaying his beloved son and blasting his psyche to utterly destroy Horus presence in the warp. They sought With the death of the Warmaster, the Chaos armies lost the to purge those brothers that had turned to darkness, assistance of their daemonic allies and with it, the resolve to fight. The on the hunt. The period that followed was known as the Emperor ascended to the arcane life-support systems of the Golden Scouring.

The Traitor Legions and their twisted Primarchs Throne to hold his ultimate death at bay. Terra was in ruins, her continued to fight no longer for the conquest of the cities levelled, her peoples devastated. Even the planets tectonic Imperium, but for their own survival. War was so incessant plates were shifted by relentless months of orbital bombardments that at times the threat to the Emperors realm was almost levelled by the traitors.

Such was the ferocity of their attacks that as great as at the peak of the Heresy. The wars of the Scouring lasted many years and almost exhausted the manifold armies of Terra. The loyalists The loyalists had won, though the Imperium lay in tatters around eventually hounded their turncoat brethren into the them.

It became both prison and stronghold that they would return to set the galaxy aflame once more. Chief to the traitors, the only stable space lane in and out amongst them was Abaddon, Captain of the First Company of the barred by the fortress world of Cadia. Still the traitors Sons of Horus. He took with him the body of the Warmaster, and launched their raids, wounded animals lashing out with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance.

Within the giant warp rift, the traitor Primarchs and their Legions As if the traitors were not enough for the badly mauled found sanctuary amongst the nightmarish Daemon worlds. They Imperium to deal with, this time also marked the rise of the warred amongst themselves for dominance and territory, while alien threat.

With so much of its strength committed to its factions split from the Legions to found other warbands and grand civil war, Humanity found itself assailed anew by the armies. They have never stopped fighting against the Emperor. This very xenos empires it had recently driven back. The Horus struggle has lasted for ten thousand years and even now besets the Heresy had torn the nascent Imperium from the heights of Imperium.

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The Horus Heresy is a distant memory, but the taint of glory, and plunged it into a nightmare of eternal war. Chaos still threatens to corrupt the Long War continues. Upon the colossal death-ship Vengeful Spirit did the Emperors finest face his traitor son, Horus. Though the Angel, Sanguinius, was found wanting, slain by the Warmasters cruel claw, the Master of Mankind took his vengeance.

It was to carry the most terrible cost. Many strange and hideous changes have been wrought upon them since their retreat, and their bodies have been reforged into forms more pleasing to the Ruinous Powers.

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Still these killers remain unrepentant, convinced they walk upon the path to everlasting glory. Each is led by a captain or The Heretic Astartes are Imperium; the average Imperial citizen is champion of Chaos who pursues his own united by their hunger for entirely ignorant of the tumultuous events of destiny.

The most fervent worshippers of the power. At first, this desire the Imperiums founding.In the culmination of the war. Whatever your age, be careful when using glues, bladed equipment and sprays and make sure that you read and follow the instructions on the packaging.

The entire Master Lugft Huron Chapter was literally had every Imperial haunted by the butchery ship destroyed. Delighted and Chaplains, some are recruited into old order is thrown down and statues of at the prospect of collecting such large and the Chapter nonetheless, a lurking threat Constantinus the Liberator are raised in varied skulls, he reaps a grisly bounty from unknown even to the recruits themselves.

With every victory, the Imperium grew as new worlds joined the Great Crusade. They sought With the death of the Warmaster.

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