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Warcasters are the pivotal characters of the game. Warcasters are powerful generals and spellcasters who have learned to control warjacks. Warcasters serve multiple roles: in addition to guiding the warjacks' destructive power, they are the army commanders, potent combatants, and powerful spellcasters.

Each warcaster has a special feat that can be used once per battle; their effects range from subtle to explosive and can be enough to change the tide of battle.

In addition to warcasters and warjacks, armies can field supporting infantry troops of many varieties, powerful machines of war called battle engines, durable structures that support their infantry troops, and even more massive versions of warjacks known as colossals.

Some are infantry or gunners, while others have more specialized roles, from warjack repairmen to "journeyman" warcasters - novice versions of the models that command armies. Most of these troops come in groups and move in formations, but there are also independent characters called solos. In the first major expansion, Warmachine: Wrath, battle engines were introduced. Battle engines are huge mechanical constructs that are not warjacks and thus does not require focus.

Each faction has one battle engine available at the moment. The second major expansion, Warmachine: Colossals, gave each faction towering warjacks known as Colossals. Taking a role similar to a battleship, each Colossal is heavily armed and capable dealing and receiving large amounts of damage. Their powerful presence is balanced by their high cost to include them in an army, making the loss of a Colossal during the course of a game a heavy loss of resources.

As she neared her destination she could hear the laboring machines making their rhythmic susurrations. The holding cell was dimly lit, and its vents did not completely clear the noxious fumes that came from the machinery surrounding the individual at its center.

He was suspended from chains that wrapped his chest and shoulders but exposed the stumps where his arms and legs had been torn from him nearly a century ago. Piping and tubes sunk into the lower section of his torso connected him to bellows and pumps. While technically his heart and lungs did not need these in order to function, the devices augmented his ancient organs, as he had long exceeded his natural lifespan.

Covered in a thin sheen of sweat, Alexander Karchev' s bald head gleamed beneath the gaslights. The kommander had already been subjected to a taxing and intensive regimen of pain and agony. His flesh had proven remarkably resilient. He should have been at her mercy: She had eagerly anticipated breaking his will and shaping his mind like clay, pulling forth his inner shames and repressed desires, making him her puppet.

She did not understand these reserves of will. There must be a limit. His eyes met hers as she approached and she gave him a sly smile, walking with swaying hips toward him. He radiated nothing but raw aggression and hatred. Her smile faltered as she felt the temperature in the room increase dramatically and saw the air shimmer around his torso. His entire frame went rigid as his muscles tightened: The shimmering haze around him faded and the temperature returned to normal, to Deneghra' s relief.

Every time this happened she half-expected the mechanism would fail and then the room would explode with power, tearing her asunder. The image was so vivid in her mind she had to blink and shake her head to clear it. She met his bloodshot eyes.

But we must not be hasty. I have plans for y. Wondrous plans. You must feel so helpless, but you will become a weapon again. I dream of the day I can send you against your own countrymen. Imagine their horror, their despair. She leaned close, placing her fingers against his forehead, and sent her thoughts wriggling into his mind.

Despite his ancient injuries and subsequent modifications, he was still a man, with the desires and weaknesses of his gender. Though her flesh was dead, she knew he must desire her. His will was softening, the pain splitting cracks in his resolve.

He must seek comfort, release, oblivion. Somewhere in him was the key to a keening desperation and despair she could use to unravel him. She reversed the lever to retract the spiked plate and sensed his intense relief.

Her fingers traced his skin softly. The same training that allowed a warcaster to connect his mind to cortexes made using such manipulations against one extremely difficult, -but Karchev's diminished state had finally given her an opening.

For a m? She pressed in deeper, deeper. Then his mental barriers slammed back into place with the strength of a steel wall. She had committed so much of her will into the effort that his hatred and defiance sent her staggering, her mind reeling. She snarled and pulled a different lever even as she felt the shimmering signs of his power being mustered once more. This time a nozzle directed at the side of his neck sprayed a thin mist of corrosive bile across his skin, sizzling and popping as it ate the upper layers.

The pain overwhelmed him again and his concentration was lost, even as his eyes remained defiant. Deneghra glared back at him, considering that perhaps keeping him alive was not worth the effort. For a crippled man, he had been a most troublesome captive. She refused to admit defeat; Asphyxious had taken to the idea of transforming Karchev into a weapon to be used against his own nation, and such a transformation would require work. Asphyxious would assist once they had him back at the Thornwood necrofactorium, but her failure to break the man's will before turning him over to the lich lord vexed her.

She turned a geared dial attached to the wheezing bellows, reducing the rate of their compressions. Karchev' s breathing became strained, his eyelids flickered, and his head fell as the lack of oxygen forced him unconscious.

Satisfied he was in no position to demolish the chamber with the force of his hatred, Deneghra turned the dial in the other direction, just enough to ease his breathing, and stepped back. She had been aware of the approach of the pistol wraith, who drifted serenely through the intervening walls to reach her side.

He knelt and bowed his head. She recognized him as a creature once named Thomas Ketchum,. He bore the colors and wore the cloak of a ranger of Cygnar.

I might have killed him, but his manner suggested a man on a mission, and he was protective of a satchel he bore-" "Get to the point. Deneghra put up with him only because he was also keenly intelligent and observant. A large force, well equipped. I returned and killed the ranger I had, followed, lest his communications be delivered. I then came to you. Of course, the Cygnaran-occupied military quarter holds the gate to that road.

Did you bring the messages he bore? After taking it, 1 she dismissed him to vanish once more through the walls. It was too much to hope this had been the only copy.

Forces of Hordes - Trollbloods

The Cygnarans would have dispatched a dozen rangers or more. If it was no ruse, Khador would have done the same. Deneghra had eyes and ears scattered around the periphery of the city, but they were primarily to watch for the approach of armies. Single elusive couriers would be easy to miss. She looked back to the unconscious Khadoran and her mouth tightened. Savoring that project would have to wait.

She sent her will lashing out like a whip to crack against the mind of her nearest necrotech, who was two chambers away working on a piece of delicate apparatus. He abandoned his work and came at once.

Deneghra barely acknowledged his arrival as she ordered, "Prepare Karchev for travel. From here he could oversee the operation and issue commands to his skarlocks and other subordinates. He was suffused with a spectral green glow as the tormented essence of the slain howled and swirled around him. His soul cages pulsed with necromantic energy, filled beyond their ordinary capacity, and now he was sampling the essence of the newly slain as a connoisseur of the ineffable and immortal essence of life.

Warmachine: Colossals

I Next to him stood his battle skarlock, Vociferon, who held aloft a bladed staff with a crossbar from which dangled a mass of gleaming soul cages. As souls of greater potency emerged from below, Asphyxious cast aside weaker ones, discarding them to fall shrieking and moaning amid the streets of Point Bourne.

Ghosts birthed by violence, some might pass on to U rca en, traumatized and reduced by their rough handling, while others would haunt this place to act out their final moments. While invisible to most mortal eyes, their presence would be felt in subtler ways.

Most of these shades were insubstantial and impotent, in life possessed of inadequate ambition, but some few might learn to sustain themselves by preying on the living. The scars that would be left on Point Bourne would be deeper than the bullet holes pocking its walls and the rubble in its streets.

Deneghra was not immune to the rush and euphoria of this influx of fresh-spilled soul energy. Her own cages also brimming with power, and she col. The only time she had felt similar overwhelming potency had been atop the Temple Garrodh while it swept in the souls of the slain as armies clashed around it.

Most of that power had flowed directly to Asphyxious, but she had been able to sample the currents as they spilled through the machine and its vault-like core. The secrets of that facility had been lost when it tumbled beneath the earth, buried beyond even Cryx' s attempts at recovery. There was still much the Orgoth had known that they had yet to understand. Asphyxious turned as she approached and said, "Dost thou come to savor the harvest? The selection is rather flavorless, I am afraid.

But their bodies will serve. I feel certain we shall see him again. He had sent the iron lich to conduct raids deeper in the interior quite deliberately; Virulex' s true loyalties rested with Lich Lord Terminus.

Those remaining here in the city will work together now. Not an ideal situation, to be sure, but one we considered. I may need thee to hasten north to gather reinforcements, including Mortenebra and her special project. Which to slaughter first? Khador, I think. Their position is improvised and considerably less secure. Khador' s and Cygnar' s navies might coordinate to intercept. If we are careful executing our retreat, however, leaving some lingering forces to slow the enemy and ' allowing them to witness our reversal, they will be drawn after us like flies to carrion.

Their armies will chase on our heels to finish us, underestimating our reserves. We have worked to convince them the bulk of our strength lies on the Broken Coast, and they believe it.

Documents Similar To Forces of Warmachine - Mercenaries

If they smell blood and think they can finish us, they will not hesitate to do so. They will chase us north, toward the necrofactorium, with armies as large as they can muster. There is no point in wasting resources becoming embroiled in an escalating battle here, against both Khador and Cygnar at once. I know thee too well to think thou shirks from battle. The resources we have gathered exist solely for the purpose of being expended where and when we wish.

Thou knowest this, so perhaps I have mistaken thy meaning. Even were Lord Toruk's eye not fixed hungrily upon this freshly discovered prize, it would behoove us at this time to bestow upon the other lich lords our cooperation in this matter. There is much capital to be won, should our efforts prove instrumental in its recovery.

Similarly, its loss would prompt repercussions. It would not be beyond Lord Toruk to obliterate his present servants in their entirety and start anew. She had never seen the dragon with her own eyes but had learned to respect and fear him based upon the manner in which Asphyxious referred to him.

Her master was not easily cowed by the might of others. Yes, we would hold Point Bourne secure, providing the means for Venethrax to escape west, but by the time he arrives this entire region will be embroiled in open war. The "Precisely. Skarre and her riverboats can linger behind, staying unseen among the detritus on the river.

There has been little river trade since the war reached these waters. When Venethrax nears, they will make use of Malathrax' s ager: The fleet will rendezvous and see them home while the might of Cygnar and Khador follows us. Exposing the heart of my power to their eyes. By your power, we can withstand them. If the recovery of the athanc is of prime importance, I believe this is the better course. He waved dismissively. Given what he knew of the city's fortifications and the measures taken to secure the northern shore, he had been skeptical of the news of its capture.

Now, though,. His mind went to those he knew in the city, including botl.. He thought of them as he marched alongside 01' Rowdy, remembering the days his journeyman tour, when he had first become acquainted with the stubborn warjack that would become his most loyal battlefield companion. It was. He never would have imagined Khadoran boots treading on those streets, let alone putting old and familiar buildings to the torch.

His anger increased as he imagined it, and he knew similar thoughts added urgency to the footsteps of his soldiers. Stryker appreciated the presence of another experienced warcaster, particularly since Captain , Kraye had been sent to Corvis, he had left Major Brisbane at Stonebridge, and Caine had been requested for some special mission to the south.

His own force was outfitted with ample warjacks, but he had too few warcasters to properly exploit them. Blaize continued, "Why would the Khadorans burn the town? We saw similar acts in Llael. This situation was not like Llael, he reminded himself. With Point Bourne's strategic location, it would be to Khador's advantage to keep the city intact. They should have been fortifying. Casting about for an explanation, he added, "Resistance was likely more fierce than they anticipated.

He hoped she had learned the value in a strategic retreat after the fall of Northguard. One of his advance rangers reached him from ahead, her expression difficult to read. Stryker felt some slight annoyance at this lack of proper protocol. Rangers were supposed to offer reports to their superiors, not goad their curiosity.

But members of the CRS had been long accustomed to looser practices, as was likely necessary in their role. He took the lens and peered through it. The battlements seemed surprisingly intact.

This nearest section of the city was the military quarter where the northern Strategic Academy was located, and his hopes increased as he saw familiar uniforms atop the wall. He squinted into the distance at the limits of the spyglass' effective range. After a bit of searching he found a narrow section of the inner battlements facing into the city and caught a glimpse of crimson. He adjusted the focus, and this became red uniforms. He saw the silhouette of an.

Yersized scoped rifle, what had to be a Widowmaker. His eye flinched; he half-expected to see the enemy snipet fire on the Cygnarans atop the adjacent wall. When this did not happen, he walked several paces ahead to find a better angle and at last confirmed Khadorans and Cygnarans occupying the same battlement, with perhaps a dozen yards between. Neither looked at the other, staring instead down into the city streets.

He lowered the glass, dumbfounded. The lord commander had been forced to leave most of his soldiers outside the gates, instructing them to watch their perimeter and be ready for anything. It looked as though what remained of the Point Bourne garrison, a sizable portion of Cygnar's First Army, was crammed into every possible building of the district. Stryker acknowledged their enthusiasm but kept his attention focused ahead, where his escort had been instructed to take him immediately to their senior-most officer.

When he'd heard Lord General Olan Duggan was still alive-and actively involved in making plans with the senior Khadoran officer! The Duke of the N orthforest' s lands had been claimed by northerners during the retreat.

He had fought at Fellig, Deepwood Tower, and N orthguard, making the defense of Cygnar's borders against Khadoran and Khadoran-paid mercenary incursions his life's work.

Yet as the lord commander walked forward to the western plaza where rows of sword knights, long gunners, and trenchers were gathered in formation, he saw the grizzled lord general standing at a map-strewn table alongside a Khadoran in warcaster armor festooned with awards and medals. The Khadoran turned at the sound of his name and their eyes locked for a long moment before he offered a slight inclination of his head, the smallest of smiles touching his lips.

The Morridane general did not seem surprised that the warcaster wished to speak to him in private. They walked to the side behind the shelter of a battered Defender being seen to by mechaniks, who made themselves scarce at a glare from Duggan. Stryker had not had occasion to spend much time with the lord general since the First Army withdrawal to the Dragon's Tongue River, or even since his elevation to Lord Commander.

That he had been taken out of the normal chain of command was not widely appreciated by the generals, but Duggan had never shown him any resentment. There was mutual respect between them; Duggan had fought on the front line as a proven leader and was not simply a military bureaucrat. On a personal level, Stryker liked the man. Yet he could not understand finding him in civil discourse with the Khadoran supreme kommandant. He said, "She left for Corvis just days before the battle.

Didn't inform her superiors, either. She was sorely missed. While the news was puzzling, Stryker felt a powerful surge of relief that she was likely safe. He kept it from his face. But about this These are desperate times, Lord Commander. He spoke of the slaughter in the streets and of their difficulty mounting expeditions to save more civilians. They kept nipping at our heels. But those were small, harassing forces.

Every time we sought to confront them they retreated into their holes. Reports had suggested that clash at the Orgoth temple had wiped out most of them. Clearly not. Do you think I like working with the reds? Even in Llael we had Cryx chewing on our leavings every time we turned around. How long can this continue? We can't keep killing each other just to feed Cryx our dead. We need to purge the Thornwood. Your city could have withstood Cryx had he not paved the way.

I loathe the man, but we need him. And his men. What terms did you offer? We cannot trust them. They will turn on us the moment they sense an advantage. I do not expect this arrangement to last.

But we are all alive, and that gives us common cause against Cryx. Irusk and his ilk would force us to bow to their empress if they could, but what they want is our lands.

What Asphyxious wants is death and our immortal souls. Our two nations cannot endure the spread of the Nightmare Empire. We've sent messages to them. What we did here and what follows is on my head; I take full responsibility. Stryker could think of nothing more to say and was keenly aware not only that Irusk waited nearby but also that every minute they delayed gave Cryx time to murder and reanimate innocent citizens.

He spoke as if there had been no interval, addressing the lord general. I hear your army suffered when Cryx took advantage of your distraction to attack from the rear. The Khadoran said, "Our numbers do not matter to the initial operation. Lord General Duggan made a noise and then shook his head when Stryker looked at him.

Let him talk. Any of these could have shifted. That will give us room to deploy our forces and coordinate strikes against Cryx-held positions, prioritizing the lock bridges. He had studied Irusk' s writings in the halls of the academy just a few blocks from where he stood.

There was no disputing the man knew how to wage war. Tll gather my men. But lrusk," he said sternly, locking eyes once more with the Khadoran, "remember, I am in charge here. Let us cleanse Point Bourne of the dead. The spirit of Irusk' s men was revitalized after his return and as they began to fight back against the Cryxians in the street. They should still have been exhausted, having been afforded so little rest since the first assault on the city.

The short reprieve while holed up near the western gate must have helped, but it did not fully explain how they surged against the forces of the dead without hesitation, screaming resounding war cries. They fought alongside his warjacks as an invincible tide, showing no sign of the desperation that had gripped them just the day before.

Kommander Strakhov led his forces and warjacks while Irusk directed his, and their subordinate officers followed their kommandant' s plans with expert precision. They did the Motherland proud, even fighting alongside the repugnant blue uniforms of the Cygnarans that had relieved them.

As much as possible he and Cygnar' s lord commander sought to maintain the integrity of their own companies, but as the battle became more chaotic the two sides increasingly were forced to share the same lanes.

Irusk expected tempers to flare, but the soldiers showed admirable restraint and discipline. Still, the hatred between the two sides was clear. There was no kinship or camaraderie. The Cygnarans could hear the screams of their countrymen being slaughtered and saw the too-fresh: Not just civilians, but innocents that should have been spared such horrors: Cryx spared no one.

Point Bourne had been ravaged. Irusk couJd not blame the Cygnarans for their simmering anger. He knew his role in this. Pushing against Cryx, sweeping street to street, they directed that hatred at their mutual foe. Storm Knights and Iron Fangs marched resolutely to the fore as lightning leapt deep into the ranks of mechanithralls and blasting pikes toppled helljacks.

There was a sense of competitive pride between the two armies. The Cygnarans resented the Khadorans and hoped to free the city by their own strength of arms, rushing into harm's way rather than holding back and letting the toll fall on their rivals. Similarly, the Khadorans had their dignity to recover after the defeat that had been dealt to them by Cryx.

There was vengeance owed, and this day it was the walking dead who paid. He had not entered into this alliance insincerely as he believed this blight must be rooted out and dealt with, but he knew there could be no lasting accord between their nations. The Storm Division was Cygnar's finest, hand-picked by their lord commander, veterans one and all and as tightly knit as brothers.

They were like unto his own 4th Assault Legion, though the comparison left a sour taste in his mouth. Stryker showed no hesitation to wade into battle at the front, his armor glowing with galvanic power. The Morrowan warcaster, a woman unfamiliar to Irusk, also showed her courage alongside the gleaming knights in. Irusk observed that many of the Cygnaran machines were as damaged as his own.

Clearly there had been hard fighting before they had arrived at Point Bourne. His remaining Devastators, Spriggans, and Demolishers filled the role of moveable barricade, and his mind was split between them even as he barked orders to his subordinates and occasionally invoked his magic to empower his soldiers. Some of his warjacks were entirely out of ammunition, and there was no time to reload them.

They pressed on, smashing through dead flesh and trampling thralls underfoot, all the while enduring bile sprays and the pounding of steam- powered fists battering their armored surfaces. He could easily differentiate the sound of Cygnaran and Khadoran firearms in the distance and the noise of more antique Cryxian pistols and rifles, fired by revenants that had boiled forth from the river to join the fight.

The booming of mortars and cannons joined the tumult, and he directed the aggressive advance of his remaining artillery batteries.

For this fight it was something of an ironic bo? Other soldiers spent their time running to bring water or soaked cloth to cool overheated barrels, sending plumes of scalding steam into the air.

With increasing speed the Cryxian menace was pushed from the southern city. Indeed, the allied force advanced through the streets with a rapidity that surprised! By the third day of battle he believed Cryx was not actually committed to the defense. He shared a few brief words with the lord commander, who had come to the same conclusion. They kept their thought to themselves, not wishing to undermine the morale of their men, but! Although the number of thralls they fought was staggering, the quality and composition of the force spoke to a token defense.

It implied Asphyxious had already accomplished whatever he had intended. He felt a familiar twinge in the back of his mind and shared a look with Kommander Strakhov, who was organizing his battle-weary assault kommandos. Strakhov yelled for a spyglass from the nearest mortar crew spotter.

He used this to peer across the tumult, then he pushed his way back toward the supreme kommandant. I see him-he's alive! This is our chance! They were clamping it in place and working quickly, but amid the nest of pipes he saw a familiar face: Karchev suddenly looked up, his eyes intense and brooding.

Across such a distance it seemed impossible he could have seen! Karchev seemed to recognize his supreme kommandant and shook his head once in negation to some unasked question.

We cannot leave him , in their hands! A wall of mechanithralls surged down the street toward the bridge to engage their forces and was met by the shriek of incoming mortar fire. Rifles crackled as revenants emerged from a street to their west. He knows his duty. We are being shown him deliberately.

Asphyxious seeks to goad us, likely into an ambush. Even were that not so, even f if we could pring him back, we would not. He was a powerfully builr Khard who held his runed axe in a sure grip.

His companion, an old and battered Juggernaut, came with him. We recovered blood from his warjack frame. The rite to locate him requires both time and concentration, but I can begin when you command. Return to the fight. They will set traps for us in the northern city and melt into the Thornwood. They will vanish into their tunnels, confident we cannot follow. Amid that endless forest they could be anywhere, and it would take an age to root them out.

But so long as Karchev is with them, we wijl find their heart and can reach it overland. Let him do his duty. There was no question Karchev being alive was no mercy, not in Cryx's grasp. Strakhov turned away and summoned his warjacks as he rejoined the battle. The purging of Point Bourne would bring little satisfaction, and! Centuries of mechanikal progress have birthed modern colossals that make their predecessors seem primitive in comparison.

The colossals of the present day utilize sophisticated cortexes and some of the most advanced and experimental weaponry ever seen in the Iron Kingdoms, making these machines powerful weapons in a warcaster's battlegroup. A colossal is a huge-based mm warjack. Its front arc is further divided into two 90 fields of fire. These fields of fire determine which models a colossal can target with its weapons depending on their location.

Weapons located o: Weapons located on a colossal's right side R can target only models in the colossal's right field of fire. Weapons with locations "S" or "-" can target models in either field of fire. If any part of a model's base is on the line separating the left and right fields of fire it is considered to be in both fields of fire. If a ranged or magic attack misses a colossal in melee, that miss is not rerolled against another model.

It misses completely. A colossal can be targeted by combined ranged attacks while it is in melee. If both players have models to predeploy, they predeploy their models in standard deployment order.

If a 'jack marshal reactivates a colossal, the colossal becomes autonomous instead of coming under the 'jack marshal's control. Your opponent can never take control of your colossal by any means. A colossal can never gainAdvance Deployment, Incorporeal, or Stealth. A colossal never suffers the firing in melee penalty when targeting a model it is in melee with.

A colossal cannot gain the aiming bonus while engaged. This includes all power attacks made by a colossal. In addition, it can make two power attacks available only to colossals: A colossal must have at least one non- ' -;t. Its target must be in the Open Fist's field of fire and have a smaller base than the colossal. The colossal makes a melee attack against the target. A colossal must have at least one non-crippled melee weapon to make a sweep power attack. This model makes one melee attack with the weapon against each model in the weapon's field of fire that is within the model's 2" melee range.

When a colossal is damaged, the damage grid to be marked is determined by the origin of the damage suffered.

If the origin of damage is in the colossal's right field of fire, the attack will damage the colossal's right damage grid. If the origin of damage is within the colossal's left field of fire, the attack will damage the colossal's left damage grid.

If the colossal suffers damage from an attack and the attacker is in the colossal's back arc or any part of the attacker's base is directly in front of the colossal, the attacker chooses which Winter Guard..

Butcher damage grid takes the damage. If the origin of damage is in the colossal's back arc or directly in front of the colossal and the source of the damage was not an attack, randomize which damage grid takes the damage. When a colossal suffers damage without a point of origin, such as from a continuous effect, roll a d6 to determine which damage grid takes -the damage.

On a roll of the damage is marked on. On a roll of the damage is marked on the colossal's right damage grid. Once the damage grid taking the damage has been determined, randomize which column takes the damage. If all the damage boxes in column 6 of a colossal's damage grid are filled, continue recording damage in column 1 or the next column that contains an unmarked damage box within that same grid.

If all the damage boxes in a colossal's grid are filled, continue recording damage on the other grid. Roll a d6 to determine where to apply this damage. For example, if the R system is crippled, all weapons located in location R suffer the effects under Crippled Weapon. The Butcher and Winter Guard troop E can attack either or both. These rules feature a new alternating sequence of play that keeps both players involved constantly throughout the game.

Instead of each player taking a turn and moving all his models each round and then waiting while his opponent takes a turn and moves Unbound rounds are divided into several turns in which players alternate activating portions of their armies. In this way, Unbound simulates the ebb and flow of actual battle, giving players ample opportunity to act and react to the fortunes of war. As a result of this alternating sequence of play, some model rules have been modified to integrate better into Unbound games.

A list of these changes can be found in the Unbound Rules Appendix, pp. Unbound has been designed with multiplayer and team play in mind in addition to two-player games. These rules are covered below. What your warnoun does and what types of unit they synergize with is one of the most important parts of building an army and how that army works on the tabletop.

No two warnouns are alike; you might be running exactly the same army list, but if you swap out one warnoun for another, you can completely change the playstyle. Despite their incredible power, however, most games of Warmahordes require you to protect your warnoun rather than throw them into the mix.

This is because they are functionally equivalent to the king in a game of chess: These are the fuel that makes your army work. Focus is the simpler of the two: Alternately, they can keep it for themselves, to cast spells. Focus is awesome and you want as much of it as you can get.

What's worth spending those precious points on? Fury is slightly more complicated, but still not too bad. Warlocks still use fury to cast spells, but they can only generate it themselves by taking damage. But your warbeasts will also generate it as they fight, and your warlock can leach it out of them. This is important, because any warbeast with fury left on it has a chance to flip its shit and just nom the closest unit, whether friendly or enemy, and every warbeast can have only so much fury on it at once before it tops out and needs to remove it to accumulate more.

Your warlock can only handle so much fury per turn, so you need to manage it efficiently to keep your army under control. On the other hand, if you aren't generating enough fury, your warbeasts probably aren't doing the work they need to be, and your warlock might not have enough to fuel their spellcasting. How much can you handle safely? This ranges from 5 abysmally low to 10 stupidly high , with 6 being about average and 8 or higher usually indicating that the warnoun in question is a squishy spell-slinger rather than a frontliner.

Keeping your robots or kaiju inside that bubble is important, since 'jacks without fuel aren't terribly effective and 'beasts without a babysitter can't hulk our and are liable to start devouring friendly infantry.

It's also worth noting that, when building an army list, a warnoun is effectively worth negative points. Your army's warnoun costs nothing themselves, and comes with a few free points to spend on warjacks or warbeasts. Warcasters and warlocks are your generals. Warjacks and warbeasts are their heavy hitters. While there are a few special rules that make the two play a bit differently mostly regarding how they fuel their attacks with focus or fury , they're pretty much identical on the tabletop - save that one is a giant robot and the other is a giant monster.

Meanwhile, warbeasts are huge, hulking mountains of muscle and RAEG , with even the smallest of them capable of reducing a man to paste with one Giant Meaty Fist. They all pack crazy powerful weapons, heavy armor, and huge amounts of health, making them the most powerful individual models in an army that aren't warnouns.

They also come with a slew of special "power attacks" unique to the larger models, which range from body-slamming a fucker across the tabletop to chucking them like a softball over the nearest building. The downsides are that they're usually slower, easier to hit, and less accurate than infantry, and they cost a bundle for a single model, so losing one hurts more.

Both warjacks and warbeasts also rely heavily on their army's warnoun to unlock their maximum potential for murder. They're plenty big and stompy on their own, but in order to do anything more than simply walk around and swing at things with standard attacks, they require outside help.

Warjacks need a warcaster to hand them addtional focus points, which they can then spend to run, charge, make power attacks, make bonus additional standard attacks, or increase the power and accuracy of any attack they make.

Warbeasts can do all of that on their own, but every time they do, they generate a fury point, and the longer that fury sticks around, the more likely that the 'beast will lose its shit and just start snapping necks like Slim Jims. They also have a maximum fury limit, and when they hit it, they can't do any of those awesome things any more, so they need a warlock about to leach all their anger away.

There are also a handful of models other than your warnoun which can control these giant fuckers: Marshals and Journeymen. Marshals are basically just novices who have learned to shout loud enough that their orders will get through their charge's thick goddamn skull. This is roughly analogous to trying to use a computer without a mouse; it can be done, but it's never as easy, efficient, or effective.

It can still be useful, since they take some load off your warnoun, but it's not always what you want. They can control things more efficiently than Marshals, but they're still strictly downgrades from your standard warnouns, so again, it's situational as to whether or not you want them.

They're primarily useful for edge cases, when you absolutely must have another 'jack or 'beast but your warnoun is already run ragged. The final real difference between warjacks, warbeasts, and regular models is the way damage is tracked. Most models just have health boxes to mark as they take damage, but these guys are too beefy for that. Warjacks have a whole grid of damage boxes, while warbeasts have a damage spiral. These really aren't as complicated as they sound: As these fill up, your 'jack or 'beast might get weaker - it's still standing, but it's taken a pounding, and something important is broken.

It might get slower, or weaker in combat, or lose the ability to use focus or fury entirely. It should be noted that in general there are exceptions, of course , Hordes armies tend to have an easier time bringing lots of warbeasts 3 or more compared to Warmachine armies who tend to have fewer warjacks 1 or 2.

For example, if you have a really strong turn but end up generating more FURY than you can leech, you may leave the extra on your beasts because you're hoping you'll get lucky and they won't frenzy, or even if they do frenzy it won't wreck your plans, or you're expecting your enemy to kill one or more of your beasts and take care of that extra FURY for you, or if charging the nearest enemy is your goal.

Roughly equivalent to Titans in 40K, they can be fielded at any point level and are surprisingly well-balanced, since they have about the same defensive stats as a heavy warjack and cost about the same as two of them, but have loads more health and tons more dakka.

Oh yeah, and they have TWO 6-column damage grids to play with, although they generally have less than double the health of a heavy warjack. Gargantuans are the same thing, but for warbeasts. Because of the differences between the Focus and Fury mechanics, colossals are generally seen as mechanically superior, since their resource-manage system benefits from shrinking the number of models the caster has to juggle between.

Basically exactly what you'd expect. Units are groups of infantry which operate as, well, a unit on the tabletop. They range from bog-standard foot soldiers to well-trained and heavily-armored specialists and elite assassins, and everything else besides. Like in Warhammer, most models in a unit only have a single wound and are immediately killed if they take any damage though there are a few elite infantry units whose models have quite a few health boxes.

Unlike in Warhammer, models in a Warmahordes unit act almost as individuals, with the primary restriction on them being that they must stay within a certain distance of the current unit leader, and that the entire unit must run or charge as a group. Other than this, models move on their own and can make attacks individually and are targeted individually in turn.

This removes much of the "shapeless gunblob" that plagues Warhammer. These add a couple more bodies to the unit, as well as an Officer a better leader, usually with some handy buffs accompanying them in the case of UAs or a guy with a better weapon, like the Winter Guard Infantry's RPG dude, in the case of WAs.

Other than their better stats and weaponry, these models work in basically the same way as the rest of the unit members.

Single models which act individually. Like units, this is an extremely broad category that covers everything from dedicated support models to axe-wielding maniacs. They're also usually more durable than standard infantry, with at least five health boxes being the stardard, though not enough that most can survive a direct hit from a warjack or warbeast. Battle Engines are recent additions to the game.

They are big, durable, vehicle-sized models on the same mm base as colossals, built with a certain task in mind, like support or shooting. They cost about as much as a heavy 'jack, and are generally much more specialized and slightly less durable, but don't need to draw from a warcaster's focus to do their thing.

Characters are not a unit type of themselves; rather, they are uniquely named units, solos or warjacks that are exceptional in one way or another.

Warmachine: Colossals

All warcasters are characters, but other characters include talented mercenaries Rutger Shaw, Eyriss , charismatic leaders and their followers Alexia Ciannor and the Risen, Greygore Boomhowler and Co. Characters are unique and you can only take one of a single character in any list, no matter how big the army size; they are typically more expensive than their non-character counterparts, but also have better stat lines, abilities, weapons and skills.

As the story of Warmahordes progresses, so do some of the characters. For example, when War Witch Deneghra was killed, she was resurrected as Wraith Witch Deneghra, and both of these are available as models for use on the tabletop. You can only use one version of any given character in an army. Epic characters are not intended to be more powerful than their previous incarnations, just different.

Of course, there are some power differences, in the same way that some warjacks or warbeasts are simply better than others, but don't think that it's not worth fielding a given character if you aren't going to use their epic version.

Regular and epic versions of characters used to be referred to with the shorthand "pName" for "prime" and "eName" for "epic". However, recently, some characters have gotten up to their third incarnation.

The Privateer Press forumgoers played around with terminology like "lName" for "legendary" or "eeName" for In the grand old wargaming tradition, every model has a points value and opposing armies have to be the same size.

However, the points values of Warmahordes are very small compared to GW properties. The majority of tournaments require you to write two different army lists and choose between them at the start of the game. This allows you to build one list which can cover for the shortcomings of the other. During the game, Warmahordes uses six-sided dice for almost everything. The basic rule is to roll 2d6, add the appropriate stat and bonuses, and compare to the target's defensive stat. There are also ways to add bonus dice, resulting in a 3d6 or even 4d6.

In the case of some truly terrifying attacks 5d6 roll. The system never uses tables or charts, and every unit you purchase comes with its own stat card which contains all relevant rules and statistics needed to use it. As such, Warmahordes players never have to buy a Codex equivalent though these do exist for those who wish to purchase them, in the form of the Forces Of The most obvious way this is enforced is that a charging unit gets a bonus die on its damage rolls, so the player who goes for the jugular first will probably get in a brutal alpha strike.

This does not mean that ranged armies are at a disadvantage, however, as there are plenty of ways to bog down advancing units, and many ranged units bring additional utility to the table in form of special abilities or AOE attacks.

Warmahordes currently has either eleven to thirteen factions across the two games, depending on who you ask. There are five primary factions in Warmachine and four in Hordes, but each game also has a limited release faction in the form of The Convergence of Cyriss for Warmachine and the Grymkin for Hordes. Both also have a catch-all pseudo-faction in the form of Mercenaries and Minions, respectively. These are primarily intended as supplemental models which the primary factions can use to fill strategic holes in their forces' capabilities, but due to popularity among the players, Privateer Press has released rules allowing the Mercenaries and Minions to be fielded as independent forces with their own warnouns leading them.

The nation itself is not unimpeachable or always morally correct, but its characters are clearly protagonists. Even when taking a darker turn, they always have a core of moral fiber, etc. If Han Solo is the most evil member of your crew, you are the good guys. Cygnar is the most advanced human nation; they tend to shoot things with guns, hurt things with lightning, or hurt things by shooting them with lightning guns.

They're made out to be a fairly nice place to live if not for the fact they have some bad blood with Khador. Just to make things all better, Cygnar's the closest to Cryx, who are aiming to exterminate them and everything else on the mainland.

The other factions may not like each other much either, but Cygnar is basically in the middle of them all. Their advanced understanding of magic and mechanics is reflected in that they have most of the best ranged weapons in the game, are best known for their Lightning attack type, and play less aggressively than most other factions though they do still have some powerful melee models, which almost always have ranged attacks as well.

They tend to be more accurate and mobile than the other factions, but don't always hit as hard and are markedly less durable. They aren't helpless in melee, but it isn't their forte.

They, like Khador, are generally considered one of the best factions for starting players. If Cygnar are the good guys, Cryx is unashamedly the faction of bad guys. In a world of moral grays, they paint with the deepest blacks. It's an island nation of zombie pirate demon witch robots that was taken over by a Godzilla sized dragon named Toruk, the father of all dragons.

Toruk wants to rule the world or wreak random destruction, it's a little confusing , and created Cryx as a weapon to use against the dragons that he created since he created them from his own essence, so they're just as fucking arrogant as he is and refuse to submit to his will , and they're the only beings on Immoren that can really threaten him directly.He felt conflicted in a way that was new to him: The downsides are that they're usually slower, easier to hit, and less accurate than infantry, and they cost a bundle for a single model, so losing one hurts more.

Every time this happened she half-expected the mechanism would fail and then the room would explode with power, tearing her asunder. Defensive buffs are also exceptionally common, which makes a Menite army a tough-as-nails brick that's very hard to crack open - so long as its support units are protected. They will turn on us the moment they sense an advantage.

They all pack crazy powerful weapons, heavy armor, and huge amounts of health, making them the most powerful individual models in an army that aren't warnouns. Strakhov turned away and summoned his warjacks as he rejoined the battle.

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