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World of Darkness - Book of the Dead - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. great supplement to the geist's for players and. World of Darkness: Book of the Dead - I'm going to assume you've PDF + Hardcover B&W Book Dark Eras: Three Kingdoms of Darkne. World of Darkness Book of the Dead PDF 04/09/14(Wed) No. My friend couldn't find this online so he bought it and decided to share it with the world.

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World of Darkness: Book of the Dead is a sourcebook for the Chronicles of PDF : $ Chronicles of Darkness books, Next book. World of Darkness - Book of the - - partage de documents - error consolidation - Geist: The Sin-Eaters. Gnome Stew: GMing Geist. With the World of Darkness coming to an end, it's fitting that we look back on all the books ever . Z Succubus Club: Dead Man's Party () . Z Vampire: The Dark Ages Book of Storyteller Secrets ()

With a speed born of fear, she squirmed up the passage and out of the hole.

The light Pain exploded in her skull. Jo swirled the cinnamon stick through her coffee, inhaling the mixed smells with pleasure. My favorite. You remembered. Of course, said Reese, shrugging. He had been waiting outside the coffee shop when she arrived, two cups of coffee and a cinnamon stick resting in a carrier by his boots. Reese was dressed in similar fashion as her. Leather jacket over an old, faded My Chemical Romance concert T-shirt, jeans, and a pair of steel-toed work boots.

Brown hair fell down to cover one of his green eyes and he impatiently pushed it back. It was a gesture so familiar to her that her heart skipped a beat and she remembered why shed loved him.

Then she remembered all the reasons why shed left. His possessiveness.

Geist: the Sin Eaters

His insane jealousies. His violent temper. So, where we headed, Josephine? Only my mother calls me Josephine, she said, smiling at him. It was their old joke.

For use with the World of Darkness Rulebook

The South Ferry subway station below Battery Park. The good city of New York has been kind enough to leave the Gate in place. As if they had a choice, snorted Reese. In , a construction crew working on the subway station found a year-old stone wall. Historians declared it was part of the original gun batteries from the 17th century that gave the park its name. Further excavations revealed four additional walls and an astonishing amount of historical artifacts.

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Not long after the discovery, news came along the Twilight Network that the last of the walls uncovered was an Avernian Gate.

A low place. Reese stepped toward the street and hailed a taxi. Traffic was light and soon enough they stood in front of the stairs leading down to the subway. People passed them without a glance, part of the flow of humanity that pulsed in time to the citys heartbeat.

She could hear the gleeful yells of children playing in the park over the constant drone of honking horns that gave New York its voice. Reese said. Ready as ever, Orpheus, she said and they began the descent. She stumbled away from the hole and into a crowd.

World of Darkness: Reliquary

She bumped into a man who had decorated his shroud with a belt of glistening entrails. He glanced at her and smiled, eyes alight with insanity. His teeth were filed points. Backing away from the specter, she nearly tripped over a woman crawling along the floor, her legs broken and twisted.

No no no no no no no! Do you see? Do you fucking see what youve done! The womans shroud was tatters and she ripped a piece free, frantically scrubbing at the place where Jo was standing.

Now its dirty! I keep scrubbing and scrubbing and it wont come clean. She moaned. What will Ronnie say? What will Ronnie do? Move, you dumb bitch! The shove sent Jo staggering back against a wall and she took in the sight before her.

The walls and floor were covered with raggedly shaped squares of granite, the gray of the stone further darkened by sooty ash. Nailed to the ceiling with yard-long iron spikes were a host of burning figures, the source of light in the hall. As she watched, the figures writhed in agony, sending showers of ash into the crowd like gently falling snow.

The people ghosts seemed barely aware of each other, each individual moving with its own purpose, while avoiding the touch of the others. It was like watching a strange dance. The crowd made little noise beyond the occasional shriek of despair or the whisper of feet sliding across stone. One man repeatedly slashed the air with his hands, as though fighting some invisible enemy. The crowd ducked and swayed out of the reach of his flailings with an odd, unconscious grace.

Another man beat his head against a stone wall, took a step, and repeated the motion, making a slow circuit of the hall. No blood flowed from his wounds.

Others wound their way in and out of the multitude of exits from the hall, leaving from one archway only to reappear in the next. Jo moved cautiously along the wall, doing her best to avoid touching the people ghosts that came near her.

Beyond one of the archway exits she saw the floor angle upward and she moved toward it. She heard the sound over the quiet din of the crowd and whirled round. Something was moving through the crowd, something low to the floor that took care to hide itself behind a screen of moving bodies. Peering through the crowd, she caught a glimpse of something gray and ungainly. She stared. She had forgotten the dance. She paid for her lapse in concentration when a woman walked directly into her as Jo stood, hesitating, in front of the archway.

The woman slapped her and Jos head snapped back with the force of the blow. How dare you stand between me and my goal? After everything Ive done for you! She caught hold of Jos hair and pulled.

You think you want it more than me? Have it then and be damned! She turned and, using Jos hair as a fulcrum, hurled her through the arch. What did you bring? Well, said Jo, setting down her backpack and unzipping it.

I brought red roses to tempt the dead, my first Valentine to open the way and this, of course. She flicked her wrist and the straight-razor appeared in her hand. She heard a quiet hiss from behind her and ignored it. The Harridan Reeses own version of Mr. White never had approved of the memento. Standing before the Gate, Jo sliced the razor across the heel of her palm, wincing at the pain. She smeared her blood on the Valentine Will you be Mine?

She set the Valentine at the base of the Gate and smeared her blood on the wall as well. She felt Mr. White add his its own offering as a trail of plasm mixed with her blood. Blood, plasm, and card were pulled into the wall, like the fingers of a twitching hand vanishing into quicksand. Cracks formed in the wall in zigzag patterns and the entire thing collapsed with something almost like a sigh.

Beyond the hole was darkness that defied the light of the fluorescents. The Gate beckoned. Shall we? Ladies first, said Reese. Stooping to collect a pair of roses, canteen, and flashlight from her backpack, Jo entered through the low place and was almost immediately swallowed by the gloom.

She heard Reese step through the Gate behind her and they set off. Then, The overhead lights in the excavation abruptly, light appeared at the end of the were dim fluorescents, filling the air with a tunnel.

They hurried toward the light and low humming. Inevitably, the bulb nearest just as she stepped out of the tunnel and into the low place flickered, causing the shad- the light, pain exploded in her skull and she ows to jump and dance. The Avernian Gate heard the sharp report of a fired pistol. The looked no different than the other old stone black that followed was darker still. She looked through the hole and saw the familiar setting of the South Ferry subway excavation site.

The voice was coming from a figure standing next to her, just inside the Gate. What looked like a gallon of coffee was spilled on the floor, next to a dozen or so crushed cinnamon sticks. Strange symbols traced in blood surrounded the offerings. My love, it he said. Pain exploded in her head.

The pain in her head subsided, and with it all memory no! She forced herself to remember. You shot me, she whispered. Reese turned his head and in the florescent light of the dig she saw he was wearing a deathmask.

A patrician nose jutted out of the deathmask, grotesquely overstated, over a bushy mustache made of bristling steel wool. Long streaks of crimson ran down from the eyeholes and over the paunchy cheeks. He kept you from me, Reese said.

The Harridan cackled under his words. Dont you see it? This was the only way, the only way we could be together. You killed me, you bastard! I know its hard, he said.

The Harridan squealed with glee. I didnt want to do it, but now we can be together. He raised his right hand and in it she saw a wooden statue carved to represent her. A nude of course. The prick. Jo thought to herself. Its hard? She fought the numbness that threatened to overcome her thoughts. You arrogant motherfucker! Did you really think I left you because of Mr.

I left you because you were a possessive, violent shit! Thats only to be expected. Dont worry. As soon as I bind you to an anchor we can get you out of here and find you a new body.

Then we can be together. He held the statue out in front of him and began to chant in what sounded like Latin. The sound echoed along the tunnel, coming from the darkness behind her.

Jo backed against the rough stone of the tunnel wall, staring into the black. It was closer now. Reese continued to chant and she was certain he hadnt heard the noise.

She felt herself being drawn toward the statue, her essence being absorbed into it. It stopped. The thing was very near.

A giant chitinous claw emerged from the darkness on the end of a ghastly gray limb. The claw snapped around Reeses throat, cutting off the chant. Ichor dripped from claw and limb onto him. Reeses faced grew tight and he dropped the statue to pull ineffectually at the claw. Thou shalt not kill. Jo could hear the Harridan screaming. Thou shalt not wake the dead. Another claw snaked its way out of the gloom and reached inside Reese, passing through his flesh like a stick through water.

Thou shalt not free those that wander these benighted halls.

The claw reemerged holding the squirming form of Reeses soul: a pale ghost clad in a dingy, white shroud. His body stilled as his the things claw had. Another step and she soul was extracted, leaving only the shrewd was staring out of Reeses eyes. Hello dearie, Three sins to repay. Reeses ghost burst into flames. His screams were silenced by a twist of the claw. Jo felt the things attention turn to her.

A quick flash of a piebald, withered crone with clumps of greasy white hair. You have been wronged, yet I may not free you. Only flesh may depart this realm.

The Harridan turned the corners of Jo stepped out of the Gate into the flickerReeses mouth up into a wicked smile. Uning fluorescent light, still accustoming herself certainly, Jo took a step toward the corpse. She reached out a hand to touch the vacant himself? The low face and her fingers slid through flesh like place closed behind her with a groan.

The flesh may depart. Go as my messenger. Tell those who would enter this realm of the wages of sin. All rights reserved. Reproduction without the written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden, except for the purposes of reviews, and for blank character sheets, which may be reproduced for personal use only.

All characters, names, places and text herein are copyrighted by CCP hf. This book uses the supernatural for settings, characters and themes. All mystical and supernatural elements are fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only. Reader discretion is advised. The clock of life stopped a few minutes ago. Well now! Im not The clock ofin life the stopped a few minutes ago. Im not in the Theologys world any more. Theologys a serious a serious thing, hell is Beyond the Bound certainly way down thing, hell is This book isnt just for those who possess Geist: The Sin-Eaters yes, and heavens above.

Arthur Rimbaud, Still, the Underworld is not restricted to the Bound, and the dark depths above. Ecstasy, Hellish Night possess a great deal of crossover potential. So, in an effort to make this book more nightmare, sleep useful to those who do not possess Geist: The Sin-Eaters, weve transcribed of the more critical rules and ideas regarding the Underworld right here, in a nest of flames.

Note, however, that youll find rules specific to multiple types of Arthur Rimbaud, Hellish Night monster in Chapter Two. If you already possess Geist: The Sin-Eaters, then youre already good to go! The map of the Underworld is, in a nutshell, as follows: The walls yield to you. Granite moves with naught but a whisper. Hitting it poses no challenge to the heroes, as it seems to have no instinct to defend itself.

Putting it down for good, however, is a different story. The Flesh Golem is such a mess of redundant organs and black magic that massive wounds just seem to be completely shrugged off, with the monster starting each of its activations fully healed! Its heavy metal mace is capable of causing some serious damage if you don't keep your distance.

Its metal carapace deflects attacks like an armored tank, capping the heroes' attacks to a set number of wounds. Hellephant: Add-on, Retail Box, Roaming Monster — In spite of looking like a dumb brute to many, the Hellephant is actually a powerful sorcerer, using dark magic from a distant land to counter the enchantments heroes might try to use against it. The heroes' attack enchantments triggered by Bams and Diamonds are simply useless against the might of the Hellephant!

And it IS also a powerful brute on top of that. Its horns can gore its prey just as much as its huge axe can cleave them in half.

The Minotaur is a Melee monster, so nothing angers it more than being attacked from a distance. Whenever it is targeted by a Ranged or Magic attack, it immediately moves 2 zones towards its attacker, ignoring any heroes standing in the way! Mummy, Cun-Ha: Kickstarter Exclusive, Roaming Monster — Cun-Ha is a powerful sorcerer, whose magic is so powerful not even death was able to keep it from serving the Darkness.

His Magic attacks can easily bring any hero to their knees, but it's the protective curses he is imbued with that heroes must be extra careful of. Cun-Ha gets extra Defense, and wounds its attackers if his Defense rolls a Bam, and the effect is doubled if it rolls a Diamond! Nightmare, Overseer: Kickstarter Exclusive, Roaming Monster — With its many eyes, the Overseer sees all, and acts as a nightmarish scout for the Darkness.

It brings down its targets either with its razor-sharp pincers, or mind-torturing magic attacks. Hiding in the shadows is useless against the Overseer, as it completely ignores Shadow Mode.

Its influence is so strong that Heroes anywhere in the same tile as the Overseer are simply unable to enter Shadow Mode, being exposed to the forces of Darkness.

This mass of amorphous appendages is able to mimic its enemies in order to defeat them. The Nightmare Thing has no combat stats of its own, instead it gets as many Attack and Defense dice as the best stats among the heroes. Well, a very big and deadly simpleton. It swings its crude weapons and claws with wild abandon, knocking about anything standing on its way. Bam results on its Melee attacks will stun its target, causing it to lose an action next turn. His Melee attacks are as deadly as they can be, rolling almost every attack die in the game!

His two blades allow him to make a second attack during each activation, targeting a different hero standing in the same zone. It wields its spiked club with insidious glee, always looking for the most effective way to break its enemies' body and spirit. Its powerful Melee attacks can generate even more Hits if they roll Bams or Diamonds.

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Ogre Rockbreaker: Kickstarter Exclusive, Roaming Monster — Despite what it's usually called, the Ogre Rockbreaker is not only good at breaking rocks, it fares just as well in breaking skulls. Its Defense is rock-strong, but its Melee attacks are truly devastating. Not only does it roll plenty of dice, but the target automatically loses a couple Defense dice.

Needs a clearer description. Ogre, Shaman: Core Game, Roaming Monster — Attack rolls which include a Diamond result, trigger an immediate attack upon another Hero if available in the targeted zone.

The Ogre Shaman knows how to wield powerful magic against its enemies, and it uses it with all the relentlessness typical of its race. If the Shaman's attack rolls any Diamonds, it immediately executes another attack against another Hero if one is available. This magic barrage can break the spirit of any group of adventurers.

They have all the crushing strength natural to ogres, but having two heads means they're never caught off-guard. They never lose Defense when attacked by a hero in Shadow Mode. To make matters worse, their Boss always make sure their ranks stay strong, being able to add extra Minions to the mob if their Defense rolls a Bam. Orc Flayer: Core Game, Mob — Vicious beasts, whose sole intent is inflicting pain on others by whatever means they can. Their attacks get extra Hits if they roll Bam symbols.

Reptisaurian, Blowgunners: Optional Buy, Minion — Use primitive blowguns loaded with poisonous darts to keep their enemies at bay. In spite of its size, its camouflaging ability allows it to blend to its environment, making it impossible to see it in the darkness unless you're standing right next to it and by then it might be too late. Rangers and magicians will have to wait until this beast is standing in the light to fire against it, otherwise they better draw their swords and hope for the best!

Reptisaurian, Warriors: Optional Buy, Minion — Use their infected blades to make sure their prey is in no shape to fight back. Lev , Not sure if this will occur at all levels. If is attack rolls any Diamonds, all heroes in the targeted zone are stunned. With promises of strength and domination, the primitive bands of Troglodytes have sworn allegiance to the Darkness, taking up arms against those who would oppose it!

Troglodyte, Warrior: SG, Retail Box, Mob — These ruthless warriors will overwhelm the heroes with large numbers and even larger blades! During a Defense roll if a Bam is rolled, the Troll heals 1 Wound. If a Diamond is rolled during defense, the Troll heals all of its wounds.

It swings its heavy club with gruesome results, and when attacked it may heal itself. Bams heal one wound, while Diamonds heal 3 wounds each! What it lacks in intelligence, it makes up for in strength and stamina.

It wields its heavy hammer with little skill, but if it hits you, it's gonna hurt. The real trick, however, is putting the Low Troll down for good. Even when you think you've dealt it the killing blow, the Low Troll just seems to be too dumb to realize it, and keeps fighting anyway.

Whenever it is supposed to be eliminated, you must roll three Yellow dice. If any Bams are rolled, the Low Troll remains in the game with 1 Health! Unicorn, Chromatis the Mad: Kickstarter Exclusive Roaming Monster — As adorable as Chromatis may seem, it is actually an extremely dangerous and unpredictable foe, imbued with mysterious power and a deadly horn.His roomy trunk was filled with quart jars of proof skull cracker.

Beast the saw I And one night. Tony put his hands over his eyes and then beat his fists on the wheel. April 9. The cavern was lit by iridescent blue fungus that grew in clumps on the ceiling, floor, and walls.

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