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Gham Na Karain means Don't Be Sad this is an Urdu translation of famous Arabic book by Dr Aaiz Al Qarni and translated into the Urdu by Gatreef Shehbaz. Resource Hacker book Computer Books, Adobe, Ps, Cob Loaf Koka Shastra Kashmiri Book In Urdu Free Download Download or read online This Book click. Read Online Download Urdu Tutorial Book Resource Hacker free download and online read/pdf computer book dowload.

Resource Hacker Book In Urdu

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Resource Hacker Course Ebook In Urdu - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Dellendo Farquharson · Blue Code Book (part-1). Uploaded by. More: Resource Hacker Urdu Pdf Book Free Download, Free Download Resourse Hacker Urdu Book, Read Online Resource Hacker Urdu. Posts about Urdu Tutorial Book Resource Hacker written by Quran Academy.

Now find version of database. Bt if version is 4,u'll have to guess table's names. Suppose if verson is 5. Now find columns: index. Find admin id, username and pass. H0w to be a g0od hacker? Bhot se methods hen website hacking k. But m0st p0pular ix SQL injection, xss-c00kie Shelling a site via sqli Then try to find the option having names, Mail:mtahirzahid yahoo.

Ap ip hide kelye konsi web ya sofware use krty hain. Apka favorite haking tool konsa hai. Target sites ko hak krny ka best method konsa hai.

Aur ap google index query use krty hain ya target site pr he attack krty hain. Haking kelye Sql Ka knowledge zarori hai ya kam chal jai ga. Site ko hak krty waqat ap uska konsa weak point search krty hain. Or wo hamy web pe control dta hai. Us shell k zariye ham apna deface page upload krte hn, , C Shell upload website k kis hisy ma hoty hn? Php,asp,aspx,perl,cgi,jsp me ye smjho bad programing language use ki jati ha isme.

Com shell4u. Com hacktools. Com u can get free shells 4rm these sites. This is a d3tailed l3cture wd headingss and Questi0ns! C Next! Ab atey hai is fake page ki construction ki taraf.. Constructi0n: Facebook Fake page d0wnload kro g00gle se..

Easily mil jaye ga.. Phr is fake page ko upload kro.. Ab questi0n ye h0ta ha k upload kahan kren? Answ3r: Kisi b free webhosting site 4xample a. Aur ftp server mein jao.. Wahan par index name ki file h0 gi.. L0 gi apka fake page h0 gya tyar N0w questi0n Arise k Ab Isko use kaise krna ha.?? H0w 2 use Fb Fake Page! JB ap free h0sting mein apni site bnao ge.. To jo site link ho ga wo apne victim ko send krna ha.. Agar wo fake page se waqif na hua to wo us mein l0gin kre ga aur uska id and pass ap k pass aa jaye ga..

Victim: Jis ka acount hack krna ha.. N0w questi0n arise k hamein wo pass and i. C next..! Fr0m where u will get the victims paswrd and id?? Usmein victim ka id and paswrd ho ga Introducti0n: Is fake page k zarye hum fb ka acount hack kr skte..

Ye same 2 same facebook l0gin jaisa page h0ga.. Aur kisi ko shak b ni ho ga.. C Next End 76 How 2 make file undetectable using winrar: we will bind 2 files using rar highlight both files n then go 2 add to achive change the name and select "create sfx options" go2 advanced at the top and click on sfx options in the general tab type the name of file u want 2 run after extraction go2 modes tab and select hide all go2 the text and icon tab and change the icone click ok on the advanced windows and ok in main window n enjoy 77 Xss kay script hoty ha bus wo url ma web gay agy lagty jaho or dnn ma ek url or ek java script use hota ha bus.

Cross Site Scripting allows you to insert a malicous code into a web application. It is a vulnerability which is on almost every website you can find on the WWW. In addition I will talk about 2 different ways to use XSS The attacker will include a code into a URL. The XSS will not stay on the page. The attacker will be able to insert a code and it will stay on the website.

Usually the attacker will choose a website with some "input fields", like shoutboxes, blogs and guestbooks Finding XSS vulnerabilities 1. Use"google dorks",like search. Soooo, if you have found a vuln website you could test if it is vuln to XSS.

But as I told you before, javascript isn't the only type of code you could use to execute a XSS. First get a cookielogger.

Okay, now we have the cookielogger. Upload it to your server and also create a log. Make sure that it works! Search a vuln website and insert following code: replace it with your information Code: document.

Mail:mtahirzahid yahoo. But what is if the website hasn't a such store function? Like this: Code: 60,,99,,,? You crypted your malicious code to a "hidden" malicious code :D! Bypassing Filters But what we could do, if a webadmin has blocked some characters?

Hm, we need to find another method Jst like j00mla,w0rdpress,vbulletin Phir upload karden apna shell ya deface. Is mein html upload nahi ho sakti. Jpg hoti hai only. End 79 Dork link hotae hain special web k. Tm koi b dork google mai dalo phr buhat web i ge. Koi b select karo aur url k akr mai number k bd ' dal.

Resource Hacker Course Ebook In Urdu Pdf

Agar mysql not respond jaisa eror iya tou web hack ho sakti hy. Then colum n0 pta kar colum lik kar. Phr union maloom kar.

Pouch le apne hacker se. Yae msg 4wd kar k.

Dorks for webdav: ,,"inurl:. Default username wampp and pass xampp hai. Ye daal k ok karen or us site ka name h4cked rakhden and finish pe click karen.

Phir agar deface page dalna ha to u. Agar apna deface page dekhna ho to www. Phr jo sites ayegi wo kuch is trah hogi Www. Phir url kuch aisi banegi: www. Ab ye karen k site mein jaha aapne Google ka link dia tha, Waha ab apne shell ka link den. Is se site is tarah hojaegi: Mail:mtahirzahid yahoo. Shell ka link php tak hai, Us k baad aapne? Jo bhi krna hai karen. Contents del marden ya apna deface page upload kren.

Rfi remote file inclusion.

Ap server ko bewakof bna kar us mai ek file daltae ho jis se ap b admin wale kam kar sakte ho. Yae fills shell kelatae hain 81 r00t se whm tak acces h0ti ha ap ssl client ya r00tkits ya putty se b login hoskte hen sh client se r00t server ka main chez js par p0ray system par acces milti ha means u can access all h0sted on same server 82 LFI k lye data tamper addon use kya jata he 83 Web par shell upload k bad web par deface page mt dalo.

Error 70 i ya tou vuln nh. Agar nh iya error then tm ne mass deface kardia. Kise server pr kse pr kse pr km hoti hyn. Is tarha ap ek sath itne web hack kardo ge. Waise windows hacking mai maza nh. Yae he kam linux par karne k leyae skills chayae. Wo jitne b auto save pasword hai computer mai nikal k samne la dai ga.

Ap phr net par search karo how to hack id by usb. Wahan ek code hoga wo copy karna note pad mai aur. Bat ke extension mai dal dain usb mai. Bat wali file cmd mai khulti hai.. Bat ke file aur iepass recovery usb mai dalne hoge. Phr jis computer mai usb lagao ge us k auto save pasword tmare pas.. Thanks 85 Wht is banner grabing?

Ap server ke info nikaltae ho. Os version wagaira.. Ap jb server ke info nikal loge tou further exploit kar saktae ho. U need netcat. Phelay port find karo. Netcat se kar saktae ho. But i recomend nmap.

Then port aur ip se karo exploit. Type some thng -v -n ip port 86 PHP ki urdu pdf book download krlo. Sound interesting?

Next Steps and Where to Go From Here

Then an online ethical hacking course is for you. Ethical hacking is sometimes referred to as penetration testing , intrusion testing, or red teaming. There are many types of hackers , and ethical hackers are usually referred to as white hat hackers.

This skill is in high demand and a white hat hacking course can jumpstart your cybersecurity career. This comprehensive course was developed with beginners in mind and contains everything you need to know about ethical hacking and how to secure systems against attacks.

Learning Free Courses In Urdu

It starts with basic terminology and shows you how to install the required software, and how to set up a penetration testing lab. This is a very comprehensive ethical hacking course for absolute beginners with no previous knowledge of hacking or penetration testing.

You will first learn how to set up a testing lab on your own machine , and how to install the Kali Linux operating system.

This course is included as part of the StationX Ethical Hacking bundle. Udemy provides an easily navigable portal to a wide range of ethical hacking courses, free and paid.

Some suggestions to get started:. In this ethical hacking course, you will write a Python script and use it to hack a system affected with Buffer Overflow. The website is well organized with an option to select ethical hacking courses suitable for a specific career path, for example, penetration tester or network engineer, and even create your own syllabus. You can search for courses by skill type, level, or certification. While not everyone is interested in a career in computer programming, everyone who learns some coding principles will be able to contribute to a larger discourse around software development and technology.

If the DigitalOcean Community team can provide additional guidance, feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

Next Steps and Where to Go From Here When you are done with the book, you can take a look at project-based tutorials to put your knowledge into play while creating projects that can help you solve problems. While you are working on these projects, you can continue to refer to the chapters in this book as reference material. Anyone who learns how to code can contribute to an open-source project. Open-source software is software that is freely available to use, redistribute, and modify.

Contributing to open-source projects helps improve software by ensuring that it is representative of the broad base of technology end-users. When users contribute to open-source projects through code, technical documentation, or repository maintenance, their diverse perspectives provide added value to the project and the larger developer community. Download the Complete eBook!Similar vehicles can be found throughout much of Southeast Asia.

PHP code Injection Nw yae symlink ke info the nw use off symlink in hacking. Phir upload karden apna shell ya deface. Is se ap web ka pura data base download kar saktae ho aur hack b.

To be eligible for the course, you need to first obtain CEH certification from EC-Council and must be employed by a government or military agency, or be a contract employee of the US government. Or us dork mai itni vulnrble sites milti nai. Us k sb pwd mil jain ge.

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