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Savage Worlds - Hellfrost - (H1) Sins of the, , KB. file Savage Worlds - Hellfrost - Land of Fire - A Year to Savage Worlds - Hellfrost - Land of Fire - Realm Guide #14 - The Scorpion Lands of, , MB. Savage Worlds - Hellfrost - Land of. About Land of Fire – The secrets of the sand revealed! Welcome, oh noble stranger, to a land of flying carpets, bound jinn, glittering palaces, scheming wizirs.

Hellfrost Land Of Fire Pdf

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Tales from the Sands is a page adventure pack for Hellfrost: Land of Fire and contains four amazing adventures: The Golden Queen, in. It looks like you are running an ad-blocking script. We've got good news for you! We at The-Eye do not believe in advertisements, thus we do not have any. Get Instant Access to Hellfrost: Land Of Fire (Savage Worlds, Tag) By Paul Wiggy Wade. Williams #3c39ed EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF.

In this introductory adventure an ancient evil awakens by a caravan track near the Pillars of Suleiman.

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Includes eight pre-made characters. Tour 1: Each guide includes NPCs, locations, and more. Tour 2: Three Realm Guides explore the outposts and inhabitants of the frontier -- the Bedu, the Southern Oceans, and the Grazelands. A scenario pack with adventures about a Golden Queen, a Burning Crown, a cult of Giaour, and the last voyage of Sinbad. Tour 3: Tour 4: Tour 5: Long ago, Al-Shirkuh was ruled by monstrous races.

They were defeated, but those who wander here soon realize the Jinn, Scorpionmen, Medusae, and Snakemen are not quite gone. The ancient Kingdom of the Sphinxes survives -- but it hurtles toward calamitous change. Your pledges will also help us to finance the printing and we already have been in discussions with our printer so we know we can complete this project with your help. Triple Ace Games has a great track record of producing high value quality books but we are a small company and with your help we can bring this book to completion much, much faster than normal.

This allows us to pay the writing, editing and artwork for the pre-production costs plus the printing and shipping costs.

What is Hellfrost: Land of Fire?

Please make this project a reality and spread the word! We've put together some really good rewards for your support! We think there is something here for novices to the world of Hellfrost plus plenty of new and exciting rewards for long time players of Hellfrost and fans of Triple Ace Games.

Thank you by name on our website. Thank you by name in the printed book. Unique character designed by author Wiggy.

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All fifty-three Hellfrost Region Guides for the northern continent. You must have a valid GenCon Badge. Does not include travel expenses, accomodation or entry passes to GenCon We know that a lot of our fans are US based so we wanted to make sure you knew the approximate US Dollar value.

Of course exchange rates change so it might not be quite the same when you pledge but it gives you an idea of what the value is. Okay so you've got your reward level planned but you just would like to get that extra dice! Well you can add-on the following items. Just add the appropriate amount to your pledge.

This add-on is for the first 19 Land of Fire Realm Guides. Together, these PDFs contain over , words pages, no art - the core book is around , words of all-new Land of Fire material, including new Edges, Hindrances, and monsters, as well a providing a wealth of new background world information.

Please note the PDFs will be sent one week before each one goes on general release, not as a single bundle. The first PDF will ship in May , and then at the rate of two per month.

These Realm Guides are already written and with the editor. No shipping costs are incurred by taking this add-on.

We will also include any stretch goal items as add-ons and so whatever your pledge level you will have the opportunity to get them. Possible stretch goals include: Land of Fire Encounters Book. Printed Gamesmasters Screen.

Customized Playing Cards. LOF Dice set. Printed version of the first 19 Region Guides. If this stretch goal is announced and reached, anyone who has bought the Realm Guide add-on PDFs will receive a physical copy of the book at no extra charge. Risks and challenges Designing the game and writing the book has been completed so we know what will be going into the final product.

We also have a great deal of experience in the field of games publishing and we think we can deliver this project without problems. However things can go wrong with anything that goes into a manufacturing process.

We have identified that delays in artwork delivery and delays in manufacturing could happen. So we have allowed additional time in our schedule, which enables us to navigate any delay issues.

Land of Fire – Arabian fantasy for Savage Worlds

If all goes to plan we may even be able to deliver the project a little sooner. We understand the printing process as we have printed a good number of books previous to this project and we know how to communicate our ideas to the printer.

We have discussed proofing requirements so we know that when the printing press is started our book will match our specification requirements. Questions about this project?Check out the add-on section below for the latest options. The artwork you can see on this page represents the look of the setting but we have plenty of more work to do on this.

Robin has designed the cover artwork and has made a start on the page layout and design.

List of Savage Worlds books

For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of the book. Tales from the Sands is a page adventure pack for Hellfrost: Throw in a map and you have all the ingredients necessary to play for hours.

We are very close now so please pledge today and help make this project happen! Original electronic Scanned image These products were created by scanning an original printed edition. We have discussed proofing requirements so we know that when the printing press is started our book will match our specification requirements.

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