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The Accidental Death of an Anarchist. (). By Dario Fo. Digitalized by. RevSocialist for. SocialistStories. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Let's see: the judge's reasons for adjourning the inquiry into the anarchist's death. .. Ha, and here's the police report into the anarchist group in Rome, the one. also seen as one of the leading, modern political satirists. Accidental Death of an Anarchist is one of his defining plays and its origins are absolutely rooted in the.

Accidental Death Of An Anarchist Pdf

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Fo, Dario - Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Methuen, ).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Barn's next show, Dario Fo's Accidental Death of an Anarchist, will after gaining access to a Milan police station, the scene of the death of a. Sydney Theatre Company, as the premier theatre company in Australia, has been a major force in Australian drama since its establishment in

By showing the audience his 'raw' stupidity, Dario Fo helps the responder to come to the realisation that there are actually people like this in positions of power.

The police's controverting actions are continually presented through the Superintendent-"So he's a This irony creates a humorous side to the critical issue of police corruption while reinforcing the idea that what happened was a serious political amalgamation of lies aimed at hiding the truth behind the anarchist's death.

There were many themes presented in ADOA including that of the abuse of power by the authoritarian. This occurs when a person with a higher status uses the role in a negative way. Abuse of power often occurs for personal gain and achievement. For example, Feletti uses her position as a journalist to gain money and improve her status.

Maniac: "You are a journalist A huge scandal This is exactly the way Fo views journalists. The Maniac in this case is used to point out how far individuals will go for their own benefit.

The Maniac's different disguises are used to emphasize the stupidity of the law and to show that corrupt people are often hidden within respectable government bodies. All right forget it. What about Disguised as the judge Thirty years for you, forty for you, forty for you etc Through the Maniac's exaggerated and comic view of the court system, the responder also becomes aware of the theme stated above aswell as Fo's political message.

ADOA is in itself a farce and is used to present a political view without lecturing the audience. Dario Fo extensively uses techniques such as slapstick and satire to add to the comic effect of the play. In doing so he is more easily able to get his political opinion across to the audience.

Slapstick is successfully used to express real issues such as the anarchist's death. As the audience comes closer to the truth about the death, the slapstick comedy provides a macabre contrast with the underlying seriousness. And subversives. He runs to the door.. He tries to stop him Please! Stop it! One short.

Nobody gives me the run-around! And going on strike! Then you've got trams and subway carriages with their doors shutting all of a sudden. Here we go! He runs to the window.

I know how to make nitroglycerine suppositories I can help you get confessions out of your suspects.. I'll throw myself down the stairwell.

Get out. He does so Medical record. Hepauses to read one of the sheets No. I've only come back to pick up my papers Do what you like.. Have a heart. Can I come in? Don't be angry.. What time is it? He looks at his watch Oh for God's sake! That imbecile has left me so's I don't know if I'm coming or going.. Oh look.? He pulls out a. Get out! Hepicks up morepapers Another charge sheet.

Introduction & Overview of Accidental Death of an Anarchist

I'll just have to help myself. You can stay.. They leave the room. Off you go. He pushes him out of the room. You're free! He tears it up And what did you do? He reads it 'Taking and driving away. You're an arsehole Not talking to me. Don't forget He tears it up Free And throw yourself down the stairs if you want Don't push like that.

Who's this one?

Accidental Death of an Anarchist Summary & Study Guide Description

He reads 'Burglary.. Would these all happen to be charge sheets? How would it be if I put a match to the lot of them. Come on.. Oh come on Too bad. You're going to do time!

He places the sheet in a prominentposition on the desk and then opens the cupboard.. If you ask me.. I'd be very happy to see your boss the Superintendent up to his neck in it. Do me a favour! When did they ever give a damn for public opinion.. Who's calling? Inspector Anghiari. And making rude gestures. Well fancy that.. He holds. Inspector Bertozzo's office. He's suggesting that you'd best keep your heads up!

Where else? I thought as much. That's what you've heard as well? I can't get him for you if you won'ttell me who's calling He moves the phone away slightly and laughs Ha.

And where are you calling from? First it suits them to a T And so would Bertozzo.. Himself in person?! I don't believe it! Oh come on! What a pleasure.. Inspector Defenestra. Of course.. What's that? A High Court judge is being sent up specially from Rome. I'm sorry.. But he and his boss are in deep shit. I mean it sincerely. Vibo Valentia in Calabria Good man. I think we can provide that. I'll tell him straight away. I'll get the stuff to you right away. You sure? Alright then.

You should ask your boss. He listens to the voice on the phone Fine.. And who cares if they flush you down the pan. See you.

Never heard of him? The copy of the judge's reasons for putting the anarchist's inquest on hold You hear that. You didn't like it? In the basement! Judge Malipiero.

You won't blow a fuse if I tell you.. As it happens. What documents? Know him? Of course I know him! His name's Malipiero And the copies of the statements. Anghiari and Bertozzo couldn't give a shit! He lets out a tremendous raspberry Prrruttt. Bertozzo just said something really funny. I'll tell you.. He said. If the judge who's coming is even half as much a stickler for procedure as they say. Let's see now.. He tries this out. A bit of a smoothie.. Very good! He places all the documents in his bag..

He tries it. He goes over to the coat-stand and puts on the black overcoat and the dark hat that are hanging there. Back in character. The right eye closed a bit. My dear Superintendent. Short sharp steps. Just what I was looking for! I think I'd prefer the 'palais glide'. He tries it Not bad! And the 'wobbly knee'? He tries it Or maybe a stiff knee. I've come over all hot flushes! If I manage to persuade them that I really am a High Court judge. Are you looking for someone?

He tries another Arthritic.

How about a twitch? He tries a walk with a slight limp No. He tries it.. I think I'd prefer something different: He doesn't recognise him in this guise All present and correct? Let's see: He goes round pretending to be mad.

I think I've wasted enough time with you. He mimes blowing him kisses.. That's right. This stops him in his tracks Who's that? Who's going round looking for me? A character in a white roll-neck I said. He sees it is empty. He pushes him towards the door.

Get out!!! I've just come back to get my papers A smack in the gob? That's what he said. Would you do me a favour?

Piss off.. No one at all. You're all neurotic in here! First there was that lunatic who's going round looking for you. Running after him Huh. He exits. He is wearing a sports jacket and a roll-neck sweater. The furniture is more or less the same. Inspector Bertozzo. A musical interlude: I toldyou to duck! On the wall at the back ofthe stage hangs a large portrait ofthe Italian President.

This continues for as long as is necessary to change the scene. He said the next time you see me. He speaks to someone outside the door Yes. Scene Two The lights come up. He goes to the door. He falls to the ground. From outside the door we see a rapid movement ofsomebody's arm. After a moment.

At once. I was talking about you just a moment ago. There is also a large window. He is continuously massaging his right.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Richards / Hanna)

Could be. When people keep rubbing their hands like that it's a sure sign of insecurity. He says that he wants to talk with you and the Superintendent. So why do you keep rubbing it? An affectation. I gather you want to see me Or is it a nervous tic? He looks him up and down. Referring to his gesture Impulsive! Tell me the truth -it isn't a tic at all.

He came sweeping in here like he was God Almighty. Losing his temper Right! That'll do! He bangs his fist on the desk.. What d'you mean.. Who is he? I don't know. Do you have problems with women.? You've just given someone a right-hander. I knew a bishop once who used to rub his hand like that. Would you..

Ignoring his reply You should see a psychiatrist. Are you suggesting. A Jesuit.. Who are you? Can I take your hat for you. It's just that you've got the window wide open. Don't you?

Would you mind if we closed it? Yes I would! And so we've caught you on the hop. You're right. Of course. Professor Marco Maria Malipiero. I'd like the truth ACf ONE. But we weren't expecting you so soon. Onc-e again aggressive You see nothing!

Who was it told you that I was supposed to be arriving to take a second look into the business of the anarchist's death? In a tight spot Well.. Pleased to meet you.. He shows him to a chair Sit down.. Does this worry you?

He takes it. I did know. Swallowing nervously Yes. I have a tic too. We too have our informants I get terribly upset when people lie to me.. He removes his hat with studied slowness I hope you don't think I was being rude. Taken aback Oh I see.. And among other things.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Don't put yourself out on my account. He exits Yessir. He also has another. It's a bit more comfortable.. And even if he can't. But it was in this office that the unfortunate business with the anarchist happened. I'm sure it is. But wouldn't it be better if we all went to his office. Flinging his arms open Well.. He goes towards the Would you like me to shut the window? Not at all. I'll have no whispering while I'm here. I'd like to start as soon as possible.. I wonder. Out loud.

I'm sorry. This Inspector Bertozzo that you're so concerned about. Where's he gone? Upstairs to see the Superintendent? He replaces the handset.. It's just that since.. Especially when it comes to punching your colleagues in the face!

But Superintendent. What exactly did you mean by that. I mean. What's more. The statements! He picks up the phone and dials a number Hello. He suddenly ducks beneath the edge ofthe desk I have everything we need here. ACf ONE I'm not at all amused by your insolent style of behaviour.. Just that since be damned! You're getting too damn big for your boots. Pardon my interrupting.

Didn't Bertozzo tell you about the raspberry and his moronic joke about one-storey police stations in Calabria? We don't need it.. Well I suppose we could do without Sit down.. Without raising his eyes from his paperwork No Suddenly changing tone Certainly I'll allow you..

And who's this.. We need to keep on our toes. Having difficulty recovering from the He's a genius. A journalist? Why didn't you tell me Let's just say 'one of the first'! As you wish You should take him to see this friend of mine He hands him a visiting card Professor Antonio Rabbi By the way.

I can assure you.. I'm very glad to hear it. I'm not a journalist.. There won't be any nonsense like that.. I wouldn't insist on the 'first'. I forgot.. Not knowing how to disengage himself Thank you. This young man here. You see.

We'll stick with the 'right at the start' for the moment. He thumbs through his papers Right Stammering Concentration camp.. On the evening of the..? I really don't know He prefers to play his cards openly!

Learn from him! Another generation. I would say! As if we've met before somewhere. Later on. Bandieu says that a 'raptus' is a heightened form. You wouldn't happen to have been in charge of some concentration camp during the War.. One step at a time. Coming to his help His Honour the Judge is here to re-open the inquiry into the case of. Was that what you said? A man like yourself running a concentration camp?

Unheard of! And here we have your precise words. In an unexpected reaction Oh of course.. So we need to find out who or what it was provoked this anxiety, this desperation. I suspect that the best way would be if we do a reconstruction. Superintendent, the stage is yours. Yes, go ahead: I'm sorry, what famous? The one that brought about the 'raptus'. Your honour, there must be a misunderstanding here.

It wasn't me who did the entrance, it was one of my officers Tut, tut, tut, it's not very nice to pass the buck to your subordinates. In fact I find it rather naughty Come on, now, play your part I think I should explain, your Honour, it was just one of those tricks of the trade that the police occasionally use, to put pressure on a subject to confess.

Who asked your opinion? I was speaking with your superior! You should learn some manners.

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From now on, you only speak when spoken to And now, Superintendent, I'd like to see you doing that entrance. Oh alright. It went more or less like this.

Our anarchist suspect was sitting there, right where you're sitting now. My colleague- er, I mean, I- came in somewhat brusquely Well done! And I went for him! Telling them that he is Malipiero, the Maniac asks for the Superintendent, who was involved with the interrogation with Pissani and the Constable.

The Maniac orders the three policemen to re-enact the events of the interrogation; in turn fabricating many of the events, such as changing beating the anarchist to making jokes with him, incorporating new lines into the transcript and even breaking out in song. When the investigation reaches the matter of the fall, the Constable reveals he grabbed the anarchist's shoe, in an attempt to stop him from falling. However, the Maniac notes that witnesses reported that the anarchist had both shoes on.

When Pissani surmises that the anarchist was wearing a galosh , the Superintendent breaks into a rage, making Pissani accidentally reveal that the Superintendent pushed the anarchist out of the window.

The two policemen then realise that the Maniac was listening. The phone in the office suddenly rings, which Pissani answers. He tells them that it is a journalist called Maria Feletti, who the Superintendent agreed to meet to clear rumors about the interrogation, wanting to come up to the office.

As the presence of Judge Malipiero would endanger them, the policemen tell the Maniac to leave for the time being. Instead, the Maniac intends to disguise himself as a forensic expert from Rome , Captain Piccini. The Maniac leaves the office. Feletti nearly exposes the three policemen, until the Maniac reenters, as an extravagantly-dressed amputee.Although they are somewhat befuddled, the two police officers trust in the judge's good intentions.

No, he can't come to the phone, give me the message. All right, then, Inspector, you answer me this time: where did you get the news that the anarchist dancer had confessed? Again slapstick is usedto relieve the audience when the Maniac begins acting like a dog, sniffing at the floor. ACf ONE. Don't you have that problem? It went something like this. Sure I know the judge!

Oh, no, you again? Put it in the drawer.

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