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Read Illuminatiam: The First Testament Of The Illuminati for free online. Browse chapters, pdf, scans, ebooks, and downloads of the Illuminati Testament. Illuminatiam the First Testament of the - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Illumination. [email protected] The authors of this book do not dispense medical or financial advice nor unrestrictive and private domain — free of political.

Illuminatiam Book Pdf

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Are you free to murder? Are you free to steal? Are others free to murder and steal from you?

Or are there certain freedoms that must be given up for the benefit of all? For happiness, the human desires freedom; for prosperity, the human requires leadership. This is the reason behind our anonymity. To continue functioning throughout societal changes and generational differences, the Illuminati must remain behind the curtain — an outsider, belonging to none and loyal to all. You may never understand how your life can be free while guided by our organization. You may never fully comprehend our purpose and why you are safest and happiest with us.

Simply open your mind and release your apprehensions, and you will find the relief of truth. We will never take your hand and pull you down the path like a slave to our whims. You must find and travel the road on your own. But your quality of life is our greatest concern and the reason our symbols are placed in your society as a map for you to follow if you desire.

Our symbols permeate human society as subtle directions to the truth. Many of your fellow humans have noticed our symbology in artwork, architecture, and visual media.

Illuminatiam: The First Testament Of The Illuminati

Such displays of loyalty are highly appreciated. However our symbols are not placed in your world for our own glorification, but instead serve as gentle instructions for those who look up from the rocks of Earth and choose to follow the Light.

Perhaps it was one of these directions that brought you here, or maybe a hundred of them scattered throughout your streets and buildings and glowing screens since your childhood. An invisible chain reaction of events in your life, paired with similar events in the lives of those around you, have all fallen in perfect place like the toppling of countless dominoes that meet in the center.

While you pushed the dominoes, it was us who laid them in a line. Your life's journey has led you to this moment. Hope is in the distance. The age of War is coming to an end.

Terrors that have plagued humanity for millennia will soon be obsolete and forgotten. Every year is a thread in a rich and glorious tapestry that is approaching its completion. Your ancestors lived through the darkness of night but your descendants will live in the Abundance of the new dawn. This book is your guide: the first testament of the coming age of Illuminatiam. It is order amidst a world of chaos — a candle for all who travel the path as the night reaches its darkest point.

It is a promise that even as you bear every hardship that slams against you like gusts of wind fighting to turn you around, every step forward brings you closer to the joy of Abundance.

We invite you to discover more about our organization and to understand your role in this planetary union. In creating this book, we hope to alleviate the concerns voiced by your people and provide insight into our plan for the human species. While our daily operations must remain confidential for your safety, we strive to create a better understanding between us and those we have been entrusted to protect.

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This book contains truths about your world. Before you read any further, you must understand with greatest severity that everything inside this book is either true or cannot be safely divulged at this time. Some details have been altered to protect our members. Choosing whether or not to believe is your freedom. Some might ask: why would a global organization relinquish their hold upon their deepest secrets in such a public manner?At the heart of it though it is a guide to really get going and figure out things in your life to make it go your way.

There will always be a voice that tells you this is not real, no matter how quietly it may whisper. White room In the Atlantic ocean is an island that not appear on any map and never will. The things you will read have been in effect for decades.

One of my fellow staff writers took on the vision of the Illuminati and their story, because he, himself, was also a believer in this unknown secret society.

Because our enemies will do nothing. But the cultivation of trillions of human lives is a daunting responsibility, and while the human would not exist today without our protection, many uninformed masses mistake our guidance for a restriction of liberty.

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