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Media type, Print (Hardcover, Paperback) & audio book. Pages, ISBN · Preceded by, The Vampire Lestat. Followed by, The Tale of the Body Thief. The Queen of the Damned () is a horror novel by American writer Anne Rice, the third in. The Queen of the Damned book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Librarian's note: An alternate cover edition can be foun. Compre o livro Queen of the Damned na confira as ofertas para livros The Queen of the Damned (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 3) e mais.

Queen Of The Damned Book

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Compre o livro The Queen of the Damned na confira as ofertas para The Queen of the Damned (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 3) e mais. The plot of The Queen of the Damned is extensive and complex. The first part of the book tracks several different people over the same period of several days. The Queen of the Damned (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 3) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible.

This includes stories of Enkil and Akasha, known as the Mother and Father vampires.

The mortal humans love him and think he is a human pretending to be a vampire, as a gimmick to sell albums. Most other vampires are threatened by his audacity. They've sent out the call to ambush and dismember Lestat at his live concert.

The Queen, Akasha, has slept, unmoving, at her husband's side for as long as any vampire can remember. Now, she's suddenly awakened, drunk the last of her husband's blood, escaped her secret crypt and gone out into the world. She burns coven houses and vampires, as she goes. The vampires who have not yet been killed, including many of Lestat's old friends from the previous novels, are drawn through fear, curiosity or love of Lestat to San Francisco for the concert.

At the same time, all vampires around the world, and even some mortal acolytes, have begun having vivid tragic dreams about an ancient pair of red-haired twin sisters. A mortal woman, Jesse Reese, has come to suspect that her red-haired Aunt Maharet is not human and may be the same kind of creature as Lestat.

She, too, makes her way to the concert. There, she is killed by an angry vampire and turned into a vampire by Maharet, who is indeed a vampire. That night, Akasha burns all the vampires who have come to do Lestat harm. She then grabs Lestat and takes him away with her.

All the surviving vampires gather at Maharet's home in Sonoma to decide what they should do. Once there, it becomes clear that Akasha has spared them, because they are beloved by Lestat. It is also clear that Maharet is one of the red-haired twins from the visions and that it is her sister, Mekare, who has risen from sleep and is sending the visions to the others.

They do not know how to stop Akasha, because she holds the original spirit and creator of vampires in her body. If she dies, all other vampires will also die.

Meanwhile, Akasha reveals her plan to Lestat, even as she drugs him into a love trance with her own ancient blood. She has realized during all her years asleep and listening to mortal thoughts that the only answer for true world peace is to kill all males and let women rule the world.

Lestat tries to argue, but she is too strong for him. They make their way to Sonoma so that Akasha can convince the other vampires to join them or, failing that, kill them. Akasha was once the queen of the Nile she has a bit in common with the Egyptian goddess Isis , and it's unwise to rile her now that she's had 60 centuries of practice being undead. She is so peeved about male violence that she might just have to kill most of them. And she has her eye on handsome Lestat with other ideas as well.

If you felt that the previous books in the series weren't gory and erotic enough, this one should quench your thirst though it may cause you to omit organ meats from your diet. It also boasts God's plenty of absorbing lore that enriches the tale that went before, including the back-story of the boy in Interview with the Vampire and the ancient fellowship of the Talamasca, which snoops on paranormal phenomena.

Mostly, the book spins the complex yarn of Akasha's eerie, brooding brood and her nemeses, the terrifying sisters Maharet and Mekare. In one sense, Queen of the Damned is the ultimate multigenerational saga. When we emerge from its folds, there's good news on the last page: Akasha has a marvelously devious plan to "save" mankind and destroy Lestat--in this extraordinarily sensual novel of the complex, erotic, electrifying world of the undead.

The Queen Of The Damned

Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Tente novamente mais tarde. I read the Vampire Chronicles when I was 12, and I've found that re-reading them again at 40 was well worth it. Anne Rice is a lovely storyteller.

I love the historical aspects to her immortals. I do, however, wish Ms. Rice had given more cultural diversity to the historical context, because these are all immortals of a clearly Euro-Christian paradigm. I, for one, would have learned far more of the world around me if I had the gift of immortality.

See a Problem?

When, for instance, Makare lands in the "New World," her twin laments that she would have experienced unprecedented loneliness due to the false, Euro-centric idea that man somehow didn't exist in Peru a coup!

In reality, Native South Americans were alive and well. Maharet also speaks of Jesus in the singular way Christians do, even though she was a "witch" from ancient Egyptian times, and would logically not have been a Christian.

The Bible plays far too much of a role in these stories, holding these immortal characters hostage with archaic ideas of sin and evil, and imprisoning them in limited existential understanding. It seems difficult to believe that every single vampire we are introduced to is of Caucasian origin, has no real cultural understanding beyond the Euro-Christian, Bible tormented view, and after hundreds of years, learned nothing outside of those very limited paradigms.

If you were immortal, would you not travel and learn something beyond being a white European? Anne Rice also tends to portray other cultures as being "ignorant," or somehow easy to control and dupe. The " ideal" beauty and intellect clearly belongs to the blonde haired, blue eyed archetype that, after awhile, indicated that, perhaps, Ms. Rice may do well to broaden her own cultural paradigm when portraying the immortal life experience. I just don't believe one who has conceivably lived to experience history firsthand would continually be so limited in worldviews.

Other than these aspects of the writing I didn't pick up at the age of 12, I greatly enjoyed reading these books again at Margaret A. Author name Boudica Foster.

Queen of the Damned

I had the opportunity to read through all three of the Vampire Chronicles recently in the Kindle Format. To her credit, Anne Rice deserves the praise she has received for her writing style. She is descriptive, she does her research and she knows, for the most part, the locations and histories she writes about.

She gives just enough fact to tie the reader to the story, but injects some very imaginable fiction that puts her out in front of the pack of vampire writers. This book, however, has a plot that left me His chance comes when he rescues a wi The Vampire Chronicles: Book 2 9. The Vampire Chronicles: Book 3 9. But her mon The Vampire Chronicles: Book 4 9. Yet Lestat - hero, rock star, incorrigible s The Vampire Chronicles: Book 5 7.

Satan has come to New Orleans with anThat said if you were to read it as a standalone I think it would still be quite understandable. The second part of the book takes place at Lestat's concert. Eventually this spirit inflicts such torment on Akasha and Enkil that they again demand advice and help from the two witches.

At the same time, all vampires around the world, and even some mortal acolytes, have begun having vivid tragic dreams about an ancient pair of red-haired twin sisters. The spell from Vampire Lestat and Interview with the Vampire is easily strong enough to pull the reader through the rough spots—and besides, there's always another installment to look forward to.

Now, she's suddenly awakened, drunk the last of her husband's blood, escaped her secret crypt and gone out into the world.

The others state that they will not join her, and before she can make good on her promise to destroy them, Mekare bursts in and kills her, severing her head with a swift movement of her hand. Maharet and Mekare. Marius informs his rescuers that Akasha has been awakened by Lestat, or rather his rock music , for he has joined a rock band of mortals whose names are Alex, Larry and Tough Cookie. Related Titles.

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