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A collection of Sketchup tutorials, videos, tips and tricks to help you become a better 3D modeler in Sketchup. Each tutorial is detailed, step by step to help even . However, in order to import an AutoCAD drawing into SketchUp. , you need There are some great video tutorials online on the Google SketchUp web site. Oct 12, In this SketchUp tutorial for interior design, we learn how to draw a 2D floor plan in SketchUp from a PDF with step by step instructions.

Sketchup Pdf Tutorial

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download and install Sketchup, and learn how to use your mouse (and what kind of the user interface, and learn how to use many of the basic SketchUp tools. Getting Started These tutorials are designed to teach basic navigation and drawing techniques with SketchUp. Click on the image below to get started with an. Note: Click the arrow next to the Learn tab to display several options for learning about . To download a PDF of the Quick Reference card, click the link that.

When you open the PDF in Inkscape, it can only open one page at a time, so you'll have to specify. Sometimes it's faster to extract the page you want as a separate PDF, and then open it in Inkscape. Large files will take some time to open in Inkscape.

When viewing PDFs in your browser, just go to the page you want, right click and select print. Then just make sure you only select the page you're on, select "Save as PDF", and you're all set! Type in a file name and click Save.

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Honestly, I don't even mess with it because I end up having to scale it in Sketchup anyways because I've either selected the wrong unit or the PDF isn't to scale anyways. Just click OK. This is important! If you don't do this, you won't be able to find your file. I've forgotten to select the file type before and it can be very frustrating because it won't show the file even if you're in the right folder.

Navigate to the file you just created, ending in DXF. Click Open. After the import, you'll see a window with a summary of what was imported. Sketchup will ignore text and any raster data. When you click Close, you'll see your imported file converted to Sketchup Edges.

Likely your import will be out of scale, so you'll need to resize it with the tape measure tool. Look back to your PDF and find a dimension between two points.

Now, in Sketchup open the component by double clicking on it with the select tool, then measure those same two points on your model using the tape measure tool. You'll probably notice the measurement that shows up in the VCB is very different from the dimension shown on the PDF Sketchup will ask if you want to resize your component, click Yes.

Your imported file should now be scaled correctly, and you can now begin drawing. LayOut also allows you to arrange the perspective view of you model in a way that helps you communicate different features.

There are many note taking tools, including shape tools, text boxes, dimensions, and some commonly used architectural stamps. But it is packed with a bunch of tools that will make your models look great on paper. SketchUp is a great tool for creating 3D models to be printed on your 3D printer, or uploaded to 3D printing company to have your model shipped to your door.

SketchUp can be enhanced by installing 3rd party extensions. These tutorials will review SketchUp extensions I've found helpful, and show you how to use them. In order to enroll in this course, you first have to create a free MasterSketchUp account.

Already have an account? Log in first , then sign up for this course. Membership is optional, and is not required to view most of the tutorials and videos on our website. Membership is completely free, and no credit card is required.

Sketchup Tutorials

Tutorial Index Jump to the section of interest by clicking one of the links below, or simply scroll down to browse manually. Learn how to use LayOut to create construction documents. I have written two books on SketchUp, you can learn all about them here. Back to Top. New Tutorials The latest tutorials, sorted by date. Speeding up imported geometry. The most likely reason is that your SketchUp window size is larger than your available screen viewing area.

To recover your view of the Measurements box, click the Maximize button in the title bar. On the left side of the status bar, you find buttons to geo-locate , claim credit , and sign in to your Google Account, respectively.

These options help you work with advanced SketchUp features that are beyond the scope of this article. On the right side of the screen, you see a tray of panels, including the Instructor, Materials, Styles, and so on.

Download a series of sketchup tutorials in PDF format

The Default Tray appears when you open SketchUp, but you can close it by clicking the Close button in the upper right of the tray. The Default Tray appears when you open SketchUp, but you can close the Default Tray of panels by click the Close button in the upper right.

The Default Tray appears when you open SketchUp, but you can close any tray by clicking its Close button. To reopen a tray, select it from the Window menu. The Instructor teaches you how to use the currently selected tool. If the Instructor offers more detail that you need, remember that the status bar also offers tips on using the selected tool.

See the Status bar section earlier in this article for details. Here's what the Quick Reference card looks like:. Looking for the LayOut quick reference cards?

Click here. SketchUp creates a backup file the second time you successfully save your SketchUp file and any subsequent saves.

This file is an exact copy of the previously saved version of the file. By default, SketchUp automatically saves your files every five minutes while you're actively working. The auto-save file is kept until you successfully save your original file or specifically confirm that you don't want to save changes.

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If SketchUp crashes while you're working on a model the auto-save file is not deleted. You can recover your work from the point the last auto-save was performed by opening the auto-save file in the same location as your original file. If you've never saved your work the auto-save file is stored in your Documents folder. If SketchUp crashes while you're working on a model, the recovered file is not deleted.Create stunning presentations to visualize your ideas.

I've forgotten to select the file type before and it can be very frustrating because it won't show the file even if you're in the right folder. Sign up for free here. After selecting the required 3D PDF template, clicking Export will open the Export Geometry dialog where a user can select the name and location of the Html5 file. It's the same basic principle.

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