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from Stand Up for Your Life In this book I'll take you on a journey that will provide you with new self- As we go through the program outlined in this book. Stand Up! and millions of other books are available for instant access. view .. The first is with yourself: “Preparing emotionally for the fight of your life,” then. In this book I' ll offer you a step-by-step plan to unlock and use your greatest potential. As you Where do you begin when you decide to stand up for your life ?.

Stand Up For Your Life Book

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On this inspirational, informative, and highly entertaining program, Cheryl teaches you that there are several steps that will lead you to a life of. This book shows you how to be a more confident, assertive individual. It teaches you the necessary skills to be decisive and in control of your life. With the. A list of books on stand-up comedy which inspired Indian-stand-up life of one of the most multi-faceted and prolific comics of our times.

But we will get there only if we stop trying to be perfect and start being prepared to fail. I could see how I'm stacking the deck against myself without even knowing it.

I read it before a salary negotiation, and as a result, I upped my initial asking number and they gave it to me! It allows for a plan that can be modified to fit any individual.

In it, Nathaniel Branden -- a pioneer in the self-esteem movement -- answers four questions: What is self-esteem? Why is it important? What can we do to raise our levels of self-esteem? And what role do others play in influencing our self-esteem? He also addresses six self-esteem cornerstones in turn: the practices of living consciously, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-assertiveness, purposefulness and integrity.

Branden outlines steps for success in each of these areas, and he cautions that the task of sustaining them falls on each individual. It put into perspective that self-esteem isn't the prize at the end of treatment or work -- it's the actual work you do. Yes, you probably do. Yep, even if you're a dude. Maybe especially if you're a dude.

And if you're a male comedian with little interest in exploring women's comedy, consider that half of your audience is female, as well as a rapidly growing number of your bookers, promoters, collaborators, and co-workers.

Barry is extremely likable, even when complaining, and his stories from his extensive tours are filled with tips on how to handle shows, travel, and keep your spirits up night after night. You'll learn valuable information about booking gigs, finding a place to stay, and getting paid, all while getting to laugh at him describing road meals and bombs.

Written by television writer John Vorhaus, The Comic Toolbox is angled toward writing stories and scripts, not stand-up comedy. But it still contains dozens of pearls of wisdom that can easily translate to the stool and stage. Think about your bits as story or scenes you'll be surprised by how often that's really what they are and almost all of the content is both applicable and helpful. The book is also filled with examples of comic situations and storylines from movies, so it's a treasure trove of film recommendations that can help you learn even more about humor.

Many of these book delve into that big question: Sigmund Freud thought a lot about it, and decided that it's because joking allows us to talk about our unconscious desires in ways that we normally can't.

No, this isn't the best theory on jokes out there, or the most clearly and succinctly explained.

Indian Comedians Tell You The Must- Read Books On Stand-up Comedy

But it's super interesting and different, an it's an important slice of joke theory history. Former SNL writer Jack Handey is one of the best joke writers who ever lived, and his only novel, The Stench of Honolulu , is dense with one-liners, callbacks, and runs. I love to read a few random pages of this book before I get down to my own writing, since Handey's timing and pacing and voice is so inspiring and strong. Another exercise I do with the book?

Sitting down and typing out a page of it word for word. I swear it works to teach you joke structure! I also have every other book that Handey has written in my library. Lindy West's book has the best breakdown of when rape jokes can be funny. Shrill is best known as a super-popular comedy series on Hulu these days, but it all started as a book of essays by writer and comedian Lindy West.

Take Time for Your Life

They are, as far as I'm concerned, required reading for anyone who steps on stage, no matter their gender. Her main point about offensive comedy is too complex to cover in a short book review, but it's extremely smart, thoughtful, and foolproof. The television series , while fictionalized, is also hilarious. From probably the most famous and successful comedy nerd out there comes a very big and long book of interviews with famous comedians: Sick In The Head.

Like Mike Sacks' books, they offer mountains of advice, ideas, and theories from the people we look up to most, intertwined with stories from their lives and careers.

These interviews can be seriously inspiring in moments when you feel like giving up, and they can be hugely insightful if you're stuck on a project or suffering from writer's block. Apatow also has another book called I Found This Funny , which is a super-diverse compilation of short pieces of humor that he's liked over the years. This slim volume explores concepts about humor through math as well as how we can apply formulas to funny things.

If you're not a complete geek, you can skip this one, but if you're interested in thinking about some of the more quantitative aspects of jokes and humor, you'll appreciate what it has to say.

But also like Toolbox , it contains tons of lessons about what makes things funny and how to develop those ideas into full-fledged narratives. Kaplan is a long-time teacher of comedy, and it shows in this book, which is structured well and filled with examples from real scripts. It can get a tiny bit repetitive at times, but as long as you're comfortable skimming through fluff every now and then, it's a worthwhile read and a resource that you'll return to while you write.

Why is it important for everyone of all genders to read?

Because it clearly outlines the barriers and challenges that women have faced in comedy as well as covering how far we still have to go, and that's important for all comics to thoroughly understand. Filled with amazing insights, fun trivia, and hundreds of great anecdotes, this is a lesson in history and feminism and comedy and work, all at once. In pages, author Kliph Nesteroff takes us from Vaudeville to SNL , offering all of the biggest stories and events from the very best comedians.

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It's a great overview of how comedy developed over the last hundred years, and a good map to see where we might go next. It's not quite as engaging as the other comedy histories I listed, and at times it feels like a parade of straight white men which This alone has been a huge help. There is a very valuable discussion to help me manage them as well as get my siblings more involved.

For somebody like myself, who has had long standing issues with assertiveness, this book does a good job of making me feel better about myself, my self-worth, and empowers me to stand-up for who I am and what I deserve. Mar 31, Anne rated it it was amazing. Extremely helpful. Clear guidelines.

Easy to follow and understand.

Insightful information. Practical suggestions. Realistic tools to help you develop effective assertiveness in verbal and nonverbal communication. May 30, Kendel Christensen added it.

Quick read for the basics A simple but powerful introduction to asserting yourself. The emphasis on mindset and relationship with oneself was particularly illuminating.

Jan 05, Paul Preston rated it really liked it. This book was filled with a lot of good information that everyone already knows. Some of us just need the push and reminders that we are worthy of respect and this book brings how to get that to light.

Definitely needs to be read again.

Aug 19, Aliya rated it liked it. Really liked the assertive person's bill of rights, but they are excerpted from another website. Original content is helpful too. Apr 01, Layla A. The first chapter of this book was good. The Bill of Rights was useful. Other than that though, the book was not that great. The body language tips are general ones you read about everywhere. The other chapters we're all examples of situations and how you could react to them assertively.

While a few examples are helpful to let you know what to do in a real life situation, most of the chapters in this book were examples. The book hadn't much substance. May 31, BookChick rated it it was amazing.

Modeling behavior helps me to learn and she gives example responses for various situations to get you started which I am grateful for. I also found great benefit in the affirmations as well. If you struggle in this area this is the perfect book for you!

Oct 25, Justin Sanders rated it really liked it. The premise of the book is ok but it does not seem to get down to the raw nature that is needed when being assertive. This is for tame situations and does not dig into when things go red and you really have to be an assertive savage.

I did take away a few key concepts like body language and taking time before directly responding. Its just not directly more on the charged end on the spectrum. I will have to keep searching. Jan 16, Ray Watson rated it it was amazing. I have been told to speak up and stop mumbling for years. This book has given me to the necessary tools to speak up for myself and to say what I want to say unapologetically.

This book transformed my life. I highly recommend. Dec 25, Katarina rated it liked it Shelves: I tend to be shy and passive when it comes to conflict, so I thought this book would be helpful.

And indeed, it was. However, some chapters were less interesting or applicable for me. Still, I learned some good lessons. Jun 17, Crystal Star rated it it was amazing. Listened to this on Audible.

Informative and empowering. Helpful to those who struggle with passivity, and want to become more respectfully assertive.

Assertiveness: How to Stand Up for Yourself and Still Win the Respect of Others

This is a book that one can return to several times to allow the concepts to sink in. People are encouraged to observe, practice, and keep trying until one improves. There is a learning curve, but can be mastered in time. We are all worth it!

Jan 20, Yvonne M Wilt rated it it was amazing.What was the best advice in this book? As you complete an exercise, you might schedule dinner with a good friend, buy yourself a small gift, or enjoy some down time.

Celebrate your success!

How do we deal with the complicated feelings of envy and joy or the fear of being left behind? Please note that Hay House, Inc. I've read most of Cheryl Richardson's books and everyone of them has been helpful and great to read.

Richardson is in person, as she practices her smack down techniques on unwitting fans at book signings and Hay House events.

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