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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Gregg Braden, New York Times best-selling author of Deep Truth and The Divine Matrix Breaking the Habit o. Gregg Braden - Awakening the Power of a Modern God - Download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Secret of our Past, the Promise of our Future. "Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds while.

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CIS Seminar International Development I “Fractal Time: The Secret of and a New World Age” Gregg Braden Essay written by: Ann Ruth P. Lamug. Gregg Braden is a New York Times best-selling author and Templeton Prize nominee. Internationally renown as a pioneer in bridging science. resilience from the heart – (pdf book) by gregg braden. Resilience from the HEART – The Power to Thrive in Life's Extremes. In this compelling revised edition of.

The first of these discoveries is of a field of intelligent energy that connects all of creation. And the second is the discovery of an intelligent message that includes the ancient name of God that has now been found encoded into the cells of all life as we know it.

When you take these two discoveries together they offer us an empowering new way of looking at life, the unprece- dented and seemingly out-of-control events taking place in our world today and the undeniable speed of the change in our careers, in our health, our relationships, our families, and our com- munities.

A Brief Overview of Speaking the Lost Language of God Between and the year , scientists documented evidence of a field of energy, a pre- viously undiscovered field of energy, and they said that this field is described in three ways. They said first of all the field is everywhere all of the time. This field is so new that as of yet scientists have not come to a consensus in terms of what this field should be called.

It is this field that carries it into the world beyond our bodies.

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One of the keys to understanding why this field of intelligence, the Mind of God, is so important is because it is now being described as a holographic field. A brief definition of a hologram simply suggests that it is a pattern in nature where every piece of the pattern holds all of the information to reproduce the whole once again.

We work this way in consciousness. Consciousness appears to be holographic in nature. It means that all of us are portions, little pieces, of a greater whole. And what this says to us is that the seemingly insignificant moments in our personal lives become the collective answer to our time in history.

They are a part of the language that is speaking to the field around us. Little changes in our beliefs are mirrored throughout the larger whole. My thinking was that if we could find a principle of unity that transcended the differences that have separated us in the past, if we could find a single principle of unity that included every human on the face of the earth, excluded no one, regardless of their beliefs or their lifestyle, their borders, their bloodlines or their heritage, if we could find that kind of principle, then perhaps we would find a reason to become greater than the differences that led to the great wars of the 20th century, including the Cold War that I was experiencing at the time.

And when we do this, low and behold, the chemical codes of life begin to spell words, and the words begin to spell sentences and the sentences reveal an ancient message in our bodies including the ancient name of God, just as we see it in 2,year-old texts. The implications of this kind of discovery are vast.

So the hidden key is this discovery that allows us to read our biology as a language. We must be willing to cross the traditional boundaries that have separated science and spirituality in the past. Ancient traditions describe creation in their own way through the words and numbers of another time to give meaning to what they experience in their world. We use words and numbers to describe the language of creation through the science that we call the elements and the chemistry as we know them today.

Well, the key to translating these two languages is to find a common denominator that links the two different ways of knowing. When we look at life today, life typically is described through the images of the DNA mole- cule, the long twisted double helix that has become so familiar. And as complex as those letters appear to be, the four letters that are called the DNA basis — the T, the C, the G, and the A that we see in our science and text- books — what we find is that those letters are actually symbols for something much greater, a much greater depth of information.

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The T, for example, stands for the elements hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon — cer- tain numbers of those atoms in the elements of life. The C and the A and the G stand for the same thing. What the DNA mole- cule shows us is that on the deepest levels that all life is simply made of the four elements: hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon.

And this is the way that western science today describes life. Modern science describes life and our universe through word and number as we arrange those elements upon a chart that we call the periodic table of elements.

Every element on our periodic table is described through numbers that describe its atomic mass and atomic weight. So, in this way, modern science describes creation as word and num- ber. Ancient traditions appear to have done the same thing, if we have the wisdom to recognize how they went about it in the past.

Gematria One of the surprises that came to me as I was researching this is that every language, all ancient languages, have what are called hidden or secret number equivalents assigned to every letter of the alphabet.

So every letter has a unique, a precise, a specific number that gives even deeper meaning to what those letters mean when we use them in words and sentences. Many of them have been around for 5, years and they never changed. The rules of gematria allow us to take the science of assigning numbers to let- ters very seriously.

Even though this is an ancient science, to many people the idea that all alphabets are linked to numbers is a new concept. Perhaps the best known of these languages is ancient Hebrew because so many people are studying Kabbalah. Western science describes creation as word and number using the elements of the periodic table and the numbers linked with them.

And now we are talking apples and apples. The question is can we find the common denomina- tor that links our modern way of describing our lives?

Is there a way that we can link the ele- ments of life — carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen — to the ancient way of knowing, to the ancient alphabets? And the answer is that although the words have changed over time, the numbers that describe creation have not.

So when we find the numbers that describe the elements of life, when we find the numbers linked to hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and we can find their equivalents in the ancient alphabets, that is what allows us to replace one for the other.

The bot- tom line to this entire discussion is now that when we substitute in the cells of our bodies, in the DNA of life, the ancient letters for the elements that give us life today, the chemical code of life becomes words and the words become sentences and the sentences carry a message. And that message reveals that literally the ancient name of God exists in every cell of life.

It appears to be intentional. While we have historically looked at cells as membranes that enclose the chromosomes and the long strands of DNA and the genes and the sticky gooey protoplasmic stuff that gives us life, the message in our cells now invites us to view each cell in our bodies is a library.

Scientists estimate that the average human has about 50 trillion cells in a body. Every one of those cells is a library. And now we know that the chromosomes within the library may be viewed as books. And those books are made of long strands of DNA that become chapters.

And those chapters are broken into shorter pieces that we call genes that may now be viewed as paragraphs and sen- tences. And when we begin to view life in this way, we become walking libraries, living libraries of information. It is this information that gives us a reason to think very, very differently about ourselves.

The message in our cells at the very least tells us three things. And the moments we doubt, we need look no further than the message in our cells. We are given the power to become better people, to participate in the events of life, to create a better world.

Early in the 20th century the physicist Max Planck, while receiving his Nobel Prize for his work in quantum theory, made a statement to his colleagues that astounded even the people of his time. This mind is what under- lies the intelligence that we see as the world around us. So let me ask you a question. In your life do you find patterns that recur in your jobs, per- sonal relationships, and in your family? Do you find that your cars break down frequently or very specific things within your cars break down more frequently than you would expect?

Do you find yourself in times of betrayal of trust in relationships, and when you find those happen- ing in one area of life, such as business, do you find that the same thing may be happening with your friendships or with your romance or with your families and friends? Do you find that you have an inordinate number of home maintenance repairs?

Are things always going wrong with your air conditioner or your heater or your gas lines? Do your pets seem to be sick more than they should?

Is it possible that the Mind of God is actually calling to you, patiently awaiting the day that you recognize the language of the messages that are being sent so you can create a life in a world where the pain and the hate and the suffering are a thing of the past? We are communicating with something and that something is returning the energy and communicating back to us. So if we are in fact communicating with the creation, the universe around us, whether our communication is con- scious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional, then the stuff that creation is made of must be communicating back to us, responding to what we become in our lives through the only way that it can — through the rules of the matter and time and space that govern our world, the events of life.

Have you noticed recurring patterns in your life? What are they? What could these patterns be telling you? Physicist John Wheeler was a colleague of Albert Einstein. He had an illness in the year and granted a series of interviews after recovering from his illness. He said that his illness was what he considered to be a wakeup call.

He said for the remainder of his life he was going to dedicate his life to solving what he considered to be the last great mystery. The act of looking is consciousness building and creat- ing.

Seventy-three percent of our universe, for example, is believed to be a dark energy. And this is not matter as we know it.

They should be familiar to you now, from our last segment. They are the elements of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and car- bon. The same four elements that make up our bodies and make up life as we know it. Well, that force we now know is linked to human emotion. On a very practical level, when we change within our bodies, the change is mirrored in the world around us. For example, researchers have found that when stress is relieved within a group in a building, the effects are registered beyond the walls of the building into the commu- nity surrounding the group.

The statistics are showing now that a threshold number of people in a given population is all that it takes to trigger the effects of peace, for example, by experienc- ing peace as a powerful intentional emotion from within.

It was called the window of the experiment, and during that window what was recorded was that terrorist activities dropped to zero, crimes against people declined, emer- gency hospital room visits declined. And when the people stopped feeling peace in their bodies, all of those statistics reversed. So we know that this relationship exists between what is happening inside of our bodies and how it effects the world around us.

Exercise: Test It Out Test this theory for yourself. See if you have the power to create peace in your family. For one day, from the beginning of the day to the end of the day, practice feeling peace. Observe the effect on those around you. Can you tell the difference in their feelings? Does your feeling of peace affect those around you? Time Is on Your Side Traditionally, the thinking has been that there is a lag time between the time we create the emotion inside of our bodies and when that emotion is reflected in our surroundings.

New experiments now are showing a very compelling body of evidence that the feedback may be much quicker than anyone had previously imagined.

One of the places where this kind of evi- dence is showing up is in an amazing series of experiments involving human emotion in droplets of water. What we know is that our world is mostly water. Seventy percent of your body is made of water.

resilience from the heart – (pdf book) by gregg braden

Well in studies performed by Dr. Lee H. Lorenzen and Masaru Emoto began exposing droplets of water to subtle energy, the energy of words that were written, the energy of feelings that were put inside of the body.

So the words actually were written and taped onto vials of very specific kinds of water. And the emotions were both spoken and felt at the same time. The water was frozen to preserve whatever pattern the emotions had placed into the water and individual droplets were then photographed under magnification between and times.

Amazing results were discovered because what they found was that the water actually changed its properties, it changed the physical properties, the structural properties of the crys- tals changed in the presence of human emotion. By over 10, photographs of these water crystals had been produced for study. The droplet was taken from behind the dam. It was dark, it was dirty, and there was no way to find crystal structure.

It went from being amorphous and brown and dirty looking to the beginnings of a crystalline structure and the clarity became greater.

The geometry was more pronounced. Non-crystalline, dark, gloomy looking droplet of water. Now obviously this kind of research is very, very controversial. If in fact we have 50 trillion cells in every human body and every one of those cells is a droplet of water, what are the impli- cations in terms of the way we feel in our lives and the way the water droplets of our body are responding to what we feel?

The Powerful Effects of Prayer One of the experiments that was done was that some of the most contaminated water from the Fujiwara Dam in Japan was brought into the laboratory and after one hour of prayer from one of the local monks, the water changed completely. The crystalline structure was well defined, well formed, the geometry looked almost perfect. The water went from being murky and amorphous to a very, very beautiful structure. After one hour! When we find these kinds of relationships happening, they add to the growing body of evi- dence that the ancients left us — what they call the great spiritual mystery.

The great spiritual mystery simply says that something that we do within our lives triggers a process within our bodies. And that that process interacts with the forces of creation beyond our bodies and affects our physical world. So let me say this again, something that we do within our bodies triggers a process within our bodies that interacts with the forces of creation and affects our physical world.

That interacts with Something we do Triggers a process the forces around in our lives; in our bodies; us and affects our physical world. And by v i rtue of that, the world is mirroring to us the changes that we have felt from within. If we understand this we have the beginnings of a very empowering internal technology. This feedback mechanism works because of a very powerful principle called resonance. We are in resonance with our world.

Think of it like this: just as a radio or a television station may broadcast signals thro u g h o u t the airwaves and have them reflected by satellite dishes miles away, we do the same thing.

Login Register. Through his skillful synthesis of easy-to-understand science and real-life circumstances, Gregg uniquely provides the answer, describing: State-of-the-art discoveries that are the key to embracing big change in a healthy way The three shifts that will transform the way you think of your career, lifestyle, and finances The simple strategies of heart-based resilience that you can learn and use immediately for optimal health in our stressful world A template of strategies for resilient living for your family and community.

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That interacts with Something we do Triggers a process the forces around in our lives. Just as that child tries harder and harder to get the attention of those around him or her.

The world is surviving rather than living. What are your successes.

The second partial rule says that numbers may be reduced until they exist as a single digit. Physics experiments have already demonstrated that at a particle level, everything is connected and infinite, boundaries 3 Location in the Kindle version of the book.

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