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Chapter 23 - Ten Steps to Networking Nirvana with Windows Server Index Please note that although all Windows operating systems are all similarly. Windows Server for quite some time and you want to cover only the topics that are required for the exam, you can skip this chapter. Note, however, that. Welcome to my Windows Server tutorial website! Here you will find visual, step-by-step guides that can help you on your Windows Server journey.

Server 2003 Notes Pdf

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Yes, it's a Server book—but it's also basically Mastering Windows Note By the way, if you've never worked with IP, don't worry too much about. Apr 14, The Windows server must have Service Pack 2. . Note: If you had a previous version of Windows Server installed on the server. Apr 26, Note: SCW can only be used with Windows Server with SP1. For more information about IP spoofing, see the PDF version of the.

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No compatibility with older versions! This chapter includes information on installing the Windows Server drivers on your server. You can also download the Tools and Drivers CD from the downloads link at:. This document does not provide comprehensive instructions for installing the Windows operating system, but this section provides guidelines for the tasks involved in the OS installation and the installation methods available.

Install your server hardware and configure the service processor. Prepare your system for operating system installation. The product notes contain late-breaking news about the Windows OS software and patches. Choose an installation method and locate the installation instructions. Operating System Installation Methods.

Install the system-specific drivers from the Tools and Drivers CD. Install the system-specific drivers needed to run the Windows operating system on the Sun Fire X M2 server. Run Windows Update to make sure that you have the latest Microsoft Windows features.

How To Install and Configure DNS Server in Windows Server 2003

See the following list of installation methods to determine the type of installation that you want to do and the information source for the installation. See the instructions for basic installation in Installing Windows Server R2 at: This method includes using a remote networked system to install the operating system onto the Sun Fire X M2 server.

The CD or DVD drive of the remote system virtual cdrom is used to access the operating system media, and all output of the Sun Fire X M2 server is displayed on the remote system remote console. Type your user name and password at the login screen.

As the system is restarting, go back to the Remote Console screen and press F2 when the Sun Microsystems splash screen appears. Note - Make sure that the hard disk is still listed in the boot order.

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All Rights Reserved. To run Windows update, follow the instructions at the Windows Update download site:. Support for Citrix MetaFrame. Activity

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